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Proposal to the self healing work for Sisterhood of the Rose groups

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


This is a proposition to all Sisterhood of the Rose groups to search for self healing tools. One of those tools is presented further in text and it is offering healing practices only for women.

You may read following in the March interview with Cobra:

Patrick: "What should the Sisterhood of the Rose groups do in the Bubble Elevation phase? Do Light Forces have any new instructions?"

Cobra: "They would need to continue with instructions they have been receiving for the last two years. It is important for people in the Sisterhood of the Rose groups to anchor pure Goddess energy as much as possible. That means also doing self-healing work, working on themselves, removing their belief systems, patterns and blockages, clearing their implants, anchoring Goddess energy. I have given all those meditations which the Sisterhood of the Rose groups can do. They can of course listen to their own guidance as well."

One of the possibilities for the self-healing work is to join the Tantra Woman Adventure group, which has been now prolonged with a second week of free practice offerings from Tantra Woman facilitators. You may join the group by clicking on this link:

And by entering the group you can also access the videos of the previous practices. All of the practices will be added as FB lives and they will happen every day at 9 GMT/10 CET/11 EET

and the website here:

Goddess Blessings 💖



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