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Below is a user guide for Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network Forum:


New Member registration


1. From the front page (Home | Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network) hover/select Groups then click Sign Up from the top menu bar.


2. Enter your details and the reasons why you would like to join the Network. Please note that your application may be rejected if your answers to these questions are not satisfactory. You may also select the option to subscribe to the newsletter.


3. After clicking "JOIN THE NETWORK", a message like the one below will appear. This means that your application is successful and will be reviewed by the Admin team. Currently, email notification is not supported, so you will not be notified until your application is approved.


5. You can now go back to the Sign Up page, or Forum page and click the Login/Sign up at the top right corner of the page. Then, click LOG IN on top of the page.


6. Enter your login details on the next screen.


How to use the Forum?


There are 6 categories in the Forum. Each of them has specific purposes.

  1. General Discussions - share your stories, ideas of anchoring Goddess energy in daily life, meditations, and others.

  2. Creativity - Feel free to share your Goddess creations here.

  3. Hymns - A place for sharing Goddess music.

  4. Records - Discussing the Goddess memoirs and Goddess mysteries.

  5. Healing - Discussing healing methods and journeys.

  6. Sexuality - Discussing sexuality, erotica, healing, and care.​

To create a new post, click Create New Post and then Start a Discussion

Then write your post, include a nice title at the top. Then click Next.


Then select a Category where your post should be located.

You may also Like or Comment on other posts.



Q: What is the difference between the Forum & the Physical Group Area?

A: Members of physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups have access to an exclusive networking platform to securely share personal content without the fear of censorship. The Forum is for all members of physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups as well as members of the online community to start and join organized discussions ranging from a variety of topics, listed above, without the fear of censorship.

Q: What is the difference between members & subscribers of Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network website?

A: Members are users of the forum, and subscribers are those who will receive an email when a newsletter is published, however they can not use the forum. A person can be member and/or subscriber of the SotR PN website.

How to use the Forum?
How to sign up?

4. You will receive an email if your membership request was approved. Please allow up to 3 days for notification. If you have not been notified within 3 days please email

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