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Kundalini, Sexual Energy and Removing Blockages

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

written by Mea Maa

Dear ones,

I've noticed there are some misunderstandings in our community about sexual energy and its role in human life, human evolution, and especially in soul family connections.

There are two extremes for men: some men tend to focus only on the sexual chakra, while others completely deny their sexuality.

It is not all about sexual energy.

It is about knowing the nature of the human body itself.

It is about raising the kundalini, the life force which is dormant in most people on the planet Earth:

It is about connecting the sexual energy with the heart.

It is about raising that energy up along the spine, up the basic central nadi of shushumna through all chakras. And once the rough sexual energy of the second chakra has risen to the heart chakra it becomes refined and exalts its vibration.

From there, it can be brought right up to the crown chakra where it can be joined with universal cosmic energy and the person experiences enlightenment and higher realms of consciousness.

When we speak of and focus on only our sexual energy, without bringing in the larger picture and divine purpose regarding soul family relationships and reunion, we miss the essential.

On the other side, for women: sexuality is a key for healing women, as the second chakra is normally the most often blocked among chakras in women. When you raise your kundalini force it stumbles upon these blockages hidden in our sexual chakra. To evolve, we absolutely need to raise our kundalini up our vertebral canal and go through the cleansing process, removing all blockages on all our chakras, to finally unite with cosmic energy coming down into our crown chakra.

You may read more about kundalini, sexual energy and removing blockages in this article which is quite good:

Goddess Blessings,

Mea Maa

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Sylvia Marton
Sylvia Marton
Feb 05, 2019

✨🙏🌹Maya Fiennes 👍🌹



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