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New Age Movement

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Greetings everybody !

I would like to say a few words explaining the so called "controversy" of New Age Movement and of key people in that movement, which has been mentioned by some people.

Theosophy, Blavatsky, Bailey, new age movement & every original spiritual teaching from the past is genuine. New Age Movement being arranged by the dark forces is a pure lie, a mental indoctrination put into the minds of people through the mind programing. You need to know that every spiritual teaching and awakening has been highjacked by the forces of darkness trying to annihilate, "expose" and discriminate their bearers, their messengers, without exception. New Age Movement which hasn't had one single representative but many of them, has been "exposed", ridiculed and smeared as a movement, although the movement itself has been a huge intervention of the forces of Light on the surface of this planet. Without New Age Movement the Earth&humanity would already be destroyed and would exist no more. Also Cobra has been steadily exposed to the slander and the dark forces have done everything possible to stop him (including killing his soul mate!) and to stop people engaged in liberation process, debilitating mass meditations, turning people away from doing them and turning people against each other, infusing the community with malevolent energies of harassment and constant quarrels.

But here we are. We are still persisting and holding the Light in all determination and confidence because the Light will be victorious, because WE ARE THE LIGHT!

Victory of the Light!

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Mark Jeron
Mark Jeron
May 22, 2022

Thank You for this recent post. I appreciate you. I have just completed the goddess meditation. It was wonderful.

Thank You,



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