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Sisterhood of the Rose Goddess Festival in Europe

Updated: Sep 7

First Sisterhood of the Rose Goddess Festival in Europe will be held on 8.8.2022 in Hungary! Welcome!

Here is the information by Réder Ágnes:

Goddess Festival coming up 2022 August 8th, from 11 am, in the new room of Csány roses in Horton (5 km from Csány).

If you would like to come, you can find details in this Telegram group:

Kenta Hayashi comes to Hungary with his wife Kaori, who have been holding Goddess Festivals all over Japan for several years, and this time they are coming overseas to Europe for the first time.

Contributions as donations are approx 4000 HUF. The amount of the tickets will cover the travel expenses of the performers, the amount of which will probably be higher than the current amount, so if you have the opportunity, please contribute a little more to the expenses. Helping our fellows with this, who find it difficult to pay HUF 4,000 but feel the call to be at the festival.

Bring food and drink and a rose!

Please let us know your intention to participate as soon as possible!

Creating a Rainbow Bridge between Overseas and Japanese Lightworkers connecting us, the connection between our groups deepens and expands, and the Light Grid further strengthens with the physical encounters of soul families. We hope that the number of lightworkers from Japan will grow, our international relations will expand, and we can provide stronger support to each other!

By holding the Goddess Festival in Europe, this Festival will soon be held in other European countries as well (in Slovenia and Armenia already for sure) and spread all over the world.

The Goddess Festival has the same purpose as the Order of the Rose. Anchoring the Goddess energy and supporting the liberation of the Sacred Feminine which will accelerate the liberation of Earth. AND THAT IS WHAT IT IS.

PROGRAM ~ KB. 5 hours long

Commandments 12 21, Commandments 771 Cosmic Central Race Meditation Statement on the termination of contracts with dark forces Violet Flame Meditation Light breathing meditation (beginning meditation of Cobra conferences) Meditation for the opening of the temple of the goddess 3 Goddess Meditations (Return of Goddess, Goddess Vortex and Sexual Healing Meditation) 432Hz Live Tachyon Healing (Combined with Light Mandala) Unity work (Yaaaaa mantra and touch, Sufi greeting, Sea of Love ~ from the material of Cobra conferences) Belly dance show 444Hz Tachyon Dance Live (dance together)

Everyone is welcome with love

The Victory of the Goddess!

The Victory of the Lights!

A taste of Kenta KENTA HAYASHI - YouTube lista 444Hz KENTA HAYASHI Live Loop [Heaven] at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'16 432Hz Healing Frequency Positive Vibrations Music for Meditations / Deeply Relaxing by KENTA HAYASHI Light Mandala Astral Star x Tachyon Musician KENTA HAYASHI 432Hz Live Healing Set 444Hz Live Looping [Indigo Blue] by Tachyon Musician KENTA HAYASHI 444Hz Kenta Hayashi - "Min Min" | live at Buddy Sound Studio The Music of KENTA HAYASHI - a.k.a. 444Hz Loop Pedal Ninja - Live [Cosmos] Official Film by FILMSCO

Hungarian Sisterhood of the Rose Facebook group:

Goddess Festival in Japan


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