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Updated: Mar 6

Note on March 6th 2024: Your applications are still being accepted, regardless of deadline in text below

"We all look forward to 2024 with great hopes. Communities, Soul Families and Sisterhood of the Rose groups are coming more and more to the forefront to step into their divinity and mission. In order to strengthen this and the sacred unity among us, we are guided to organizing an international gathering, which we hope will bring together many of our Sisters and Brothers from all over the world.

The date is: 22-23d of June, 2024.

Location: House of the Divine Light Foundation, Domonyvölgy, Hungary

We would like to organize the 2-day program together with the leaders and members of the international Sisterhood of the Rose groups.

Therefore, We are looking for all those who would like to participate...:

- actively in the organization process and the preparation of the programs

-who would like to hold a presentation/workshop/meditation/ music and dance performance related to the program

-who would like to exhibit/sell their Goddess inspired handicrafts, clothes, oils, crystals, sacred objects etc.

- who would like to offer holistic, alternative therapy to participants and have their own small tent for this purpose.

Deadline for applications is March 1.

Please send your applications to:

We will be able to answer registered mail after this date.

The event will be held in English (possibly with Hungarian interpretation)

Tickets for the event will be free of charge for the participants, (registration is required for participation))but it will be possible to purchase a donation ticket if someone wishes to support the Foundation, as we will need to hire technical equipment for the programme and so on.

Registration for participants from the 1st of April:

Accommodation is recommended to look for and book as soon as you can in Domonyvölgy (the nearest is: or Gödöllő.)

The programme of the event will be announced in early April 2024.

We welcome your applications and looking forward to see you all!

Nagy Katalin"


What will be taking place during this event please.?

You haven't listed anything about what we can expect to gain by attending.?

Will there be meals provided and if so is there an extra charge for these.?

Will there be an opportunity to bring our own food to ensure no allergic reactions taking place, leading to the emergency service being called..?

I hope you have taken this into consideration when planning any such events around the world...

Mea Maa
Mea Maa
Mar 05
Replying to

This is a co-creative event by Sisterhood of the Rose physical groups facilitators and members. The program is being in process of creation, the schedule and content will be known by April. Surely there will be meals provided and you can bring also your food of course. More to come, stay in tune.



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