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Sisterhood of the Rose Gatherings for United States of America

Dear Sister of the Rose,

I am contacting you with regards to the Sisterhood of the Rose and the importance of the Rise of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Goddess Light in the United States of America.

Can you feel the Light entering?


As you may know, the United States is destined to become the new Atlantis.

We are reaching a significant point where our light is truly needed to help anchor the Divine Feminine energy of the Goddess  in this nation as we hold the sacred blessings of the heart of the Goddess for all those around us.


The new Cosmic Cycle is upon us and we are met with Great Light, that will beam through from the Galactic Central Sun, through our planetary Gates on the Earthly plane and through all beings of Light, towards the core of our planet.

During the next upcoming months and years, an invitation is sent to you dear sisters, to gather  together with the Goddess, and to hold sacred circles of Unconditional love and light in your communities, to bring flowers, candles, sacred crystals, oils, blessings from the elements and the mother earth, divine guidance from your hearts and sacred wisdom you have held within.

To gather as One in Sacred Ceremonies and to collectively birth into existence, for the Goddess to flourish, for the Divine Feminine to be nurtured and held in the highest light, for the love of the nature of the Goddess to be fully restored throughout the United States of America and also the planet and within all inhabitants of this realm.

Each one of you have created a sacred space for sisters together and it is now time to reach out to one another, to hold the hands of the sisters around you and to rise together in sacred circles, to bless each other with love and kindness, to honor one another and to gently remind one other that we are here as a blessing, to collectively bring forth the Return of the Goddess.

It is very important for all Sisterhood of the Rose groups in the United States to have constant weekly/monthly meetings together and to hold the light together, to start anchoring light from the Galactic Central Sun within your Wombs, together as One.

Now is the time dear Sister.

Please look into the upcoming and important astrological dates and please initiate meetings during those critical moments.


Now is the momemt to rise sister, to stand in your Power and your Light, 

and to bring forth all that you have embodied with the guidance of the Goddess within.

The beauty, the light, the inner truth, the embodiment of the Goddess in her true nature as she is within you,

The Goddess is all around us,

she is in the Water,

she is in the Air,

she is in the Earth,

she is in the fire of our sacred hearts,

she is in the animals,

she is in the eyes of another and

she brings life to all things.

The Goddess is within us, feel her essence and now she is with you throughout your and day she's guiding you in every moment.

Remember dear one, remember dear sister!

Please take a moment to initiate the Goddess within you Now. [ You may practice this with your circles]


Close your eyes take 3 deep breaths

Concentrate on your breath.

Feel the light of your heart. Radiant, Strong and Filled with Love.


Now close your eyes and place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your womb.

Feel yourself becoming centered and grounded.

Breathe in and out.

You are safe protected nurtured in a space of Unconditional Love, Peace, Joy and Pure light.

Now, focus on the mind,  lower the mind to the womb.

Breathe in and out.

Focus on the senses, and lower the senses to your womb.

Breathe in and out.

Feel the heart, lower your heart to your womb.

Breathe in and out.

In this moment visualize spiral Galaxy radiating pure unconditional love and  Goddess light.

See yourself entering into the center of this spiraling goddess Galaxy.

Breathe in and out.

Feel yourself connecting to the goddess within the core of your being.

Feel your whole body radiating the light of the Goddess.

Here you feel safe, Pure unconditional Love,  Divine Peace, Joy, Compassion, Beauty, Creativity, and Divine Healing.

Connect with the Heart, bring the Heart back up.

Connect with the Senses, bring the Senses back up.

Connect with the Mind, bring the Mind back up.

Connect to the Higher Soul and the Higher presence of your being.

Merge your higher self with your Physical Self, Plasma self, Mental self, Astral Self,  Etheric self, Emotional self and all the many parts of your being.

Feel yourself Embodied in the true nature of your Higher Soul Self/I AM Presence.

Breathe in and out.

Feel yourself radiating the divine feminine and divine masculine within.  Balanced in sacred harmony.

Feel your body filled with Soft Gentle Glittering Stars as you are radiating Shimmering Rainbow Light.

Thank you for creating a temple of divine light.

The Goddess is present and she's here now.

And so it is.

Please continue anchoring the the Light via the Goddess meditations in your sacred circles:

Please continue to activate the Goddess Vortex meditation in your area as much as possible.

If you are so guided, please gather online meetings for sisters all over the states and let us gather and unite as One.


In Sacred Light and Gratitude.

Goddess Blessings,


Maria Nesa

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bonjour à toutes et à tous.

Je suis Margaret-Marie,

Depuis le début d'année, j'entends que je dois faire des cercles de la Déesse en ligne car je n'ai pas la possibilté d'avoir un lieu et je sais que beaucoup de personnes sont loin les unes des autres. J'ai déjà proposée un cercle en ligne et dimanche j'organise un cercle en ligne. L'intention est d'aider aussi la méditation pour l'éclispe solaire du 8/4/24. Tout ce que nous pouvons faire pour ancrer plus d'énergie de la Déesse en nous et sur cette Planète est toujours bienvenue. Voci le lien pour venir nous rejoindre. Ce cercle est en français car je vis en France.

Hello everyone.

Since the beginning of the year,…



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