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New Atlantis Workshop on April 4th, 2024 in Sedona, Arizona by Cobra

Greetings Family of the Light,

I invite you all to a special gathering in Sedona, Arizona on April 4th, 2024. The New Atlantis workshop and Ray Initiations by Cobra.

This event will be a one day workshop (with Ray Initiations at the end of the day) which will help to prepare the energy field of the New Atlantis for the eclipse which will be occurring four days after. Sedona is one of the most important vortexes in Arizona and Arizona is a focal point for the Galactic Wave of Love. In 1996 the Sedona vortex fell to the dark. It is time now that the Light returns there to melt away all curses and blockages throughout that sacred land.

Please consider joining us for this special occasion. Together we may ensure that the cosmic waves of Amor touch down on this planet in the most divinely graceful way possible, for the highest purpose. For the Highest good of all.

The New Atlantis is destined to rise in the Highest Light *

And so it is.

~ ~ ~

For tickets & ray initiation purchases please email Patrick for payment details:

Venmo, Zelle, Wise, SWIFT Bank Transfer (international only) ACH Bank Transfer (domestic only)

A lunch buffet may be available (vegetarian/vegan friendly). Further information on that as well as venue location can be provided to those interested in attending.

Amor Vincit Omnia!

Patrick Schulte




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