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Seeing with the heart - Invitation to Divine Love & Light Festival

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


The Divine Love & Light Festival theme is Co-Creation

The last remnants of darkness are finally leaving our beautiful planet, our Divine Mother, Earth. We have started to move into the New Golden Age. After all these millennia of being kept in the dark it is time to rise up into the Light like a phoenix from the ashes. We will rebuild our systems and our society based on equality, love and respect. This will take a conscious effort, an effort to be made by each and every one of us living here. We will leave our old Matrix ways behind, and become more loving and compassionate towards each other, the planet and ourselves. You may think: Great! But what does that look and feel like…? And more importantly perhaps: how are we going to achieve that? This is the topic we are going to explore during our Divine Love & Light Festival in May 2019.

To co-create is the answer

How are we going to rebuild? Simple really. We will have our New Golden Age when we co-create it together. And this requires some changing in our thinking and being … We will have to get used to creating things in a way everybodyis happy. Everybody, and this includes Mother Earth. We co-create when:

  • All involved in the process are engaging with each other from the heart. When we look with your eyes and see with our heart.

  • Everybody’s ideas and proposals are heard and understood by all

  • All the contributions are explored as a potential piece of the puzzle

  • The integrated decision reflects (some of) everybody’s input

How many of our current systems were created this way?

Little piece of Heaven

What would it feel like to live in a society where everyone is happy? To be in a place and time where you just experience peace, freedom and harmony? To feel One with All? To be in Heaven? This is what we aim to create during the Divine Love & Light Festival in May 2019 with help of all the participants. We are now in the phase of gathering input to create a programme where we can explore what Heaven on Earth looks like and how to co-create this together. We aim to create a little piece of Heaven during the Festival.

From Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 1943

The programme overview

During the Festival we want to explore what co-creating Heaven on Earth looks like and explore it in terms of visuals, forms, sound, speech and movement. We envisage realising this by providing space and time for workshops. These workshops are created and supported by a participant of the Festival, for other participants of the Festival and they will be organised in parallel. People are free to choose which workshop to attend at what moment. Next to this also opportunities regarding healing will be provided.

Divine Love & Light Festival 17-20 May 2019 Programme Overview

We start the day at 10 AM except for the registration day then we start at 9 AM. We begin each day with a plenary session and to settle in we will do a meditation together. At the end of each day we come together again to exchange our experiences. We close each day at 6 PM. The last afternoon of the Festival we would like to bring it all together and share the ‘creations’. This might be paintings, poems, songs, music and dances for instance. We will also review the ideas and learning from all the co-creating we did together and discuss all that we noticed in the context of creating Heaven on Earth explored during the Festival.

International Sisterhood of the Rose

As you can see in the programme overview above, during the Festival on Sunday the 19thof May we are also making room for an international gathering of the Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR), which will take place in conjunction to the workshops. Festival participants will have the option to either attend the SotR meeting or take part in de workshops planned that day. Also people not attending the Festival are welcome to join this gathering. More information on this international SotR meeting that will be supported by the French Sisterhood of the Rose Occitanie will follow soon.

Want to be there?

Participants are already enrolling in a nice and steady flow. We still have some room left, but before long we expect the Festival to be fully booked. In case you are interested to join in our celebrations or attend the international Sisterhood of the Rose gathering, please reserve your place as soon as possible. To register please send an email to: and kindly provide us with your first and last name, gender, nationality and country of residence. After registration more detailed information on the Festival location, travel to the location and the accommodation options around the location shall be provided.

Much love & Light, Fons, Michel, Veronica and Jacqueline



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