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Invitation to Pleasure as Prayer Summit starting on June 20th 2020

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Greetings dear Sisterhood of the Rose 💗

Dear facilitators and members of the Sisterhood of the Rose groups, dear all ! 💖🌹💖

I'm inviting you to join free online series of PLEASURE AS PRAYER SUMMIT beginning next Saturday, June 20th.

Here is the opportunity for you to extend your knowledge and to take steps towards much more embodying the Goddess presence and serving with more integrity and proficiency in your, our community!

The Summit has been organized by Aimee Murphy, a women's wellness advocate, pelvic floor care practitioner, massage therapist, professional cuddler and Moon dancer to remember together the sacred connection between women's health, sexuality and spirituality.

She interviewed over 30 well-known experts, joining in a discussion that will support you in gaining perspective as we come together to reclaim our birthright to pleasure!

These are people who have overcome incredible challenges and have made it their life’s mission to help others do the same. You will feel inspired and fully equipped to engage your health, sexuality and spirituality with a greater sense of purpose and joy.

Among them you will be able to listen also to Leyolah Antara in a direct and candid interview where she talked about sacred sexuality, soul mate relationships and the difference between white tantra and red tantra.

Pleasure is innocent, pleasure is pure life force energy. It is our birthright to feeling good. The mystics, the medicine women, the priestesses knew and served this purpose.

Now it is on us to reaffirm this life energy, to become priestesses of the Rose, who nourish and inspire in serving the world.

Aimee says, all are welcome to partake in these potent teachings.

You may participate in the PLEASURE AS PRAYER Telesummit by signing up for FREE here:

Goddess Blessings 💗

Mea Maa

Sisterhood of the Rose admin team



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