Notes (Part 1) from the Soul Family conference hosted by Cobra, March 16th-17th 2019 in Budapest

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Disclaimer: these are personal notes, not Cobra’s exact words. Some parts may match well, others not so much.

Notes have been approved by Cobra

The Goddess Spiral Meditation by Isis Astara

Close your eyes and watch your breath. As you breathe in, breathe brilliant white light into your being, as you breathe out, radiate this brilliant white light into your surroundings. …

The layers of implants

We received the first implant when we first entered the quarantine Earth:

- it disconnected us from the Source

- it disconnected us from our inner Light

- it split our personality

- everyone is schizophrenic

This 1st implant caused primary personality split between our own true self, our inner presence, and an artificial self. All believe systems are based on this first split. The matrix exists on the basis of this primary split.

You have to connect with who you are – this is everyone’s primary mission. As you connect with your true self, you begin to collapse the matrix.

The second implant programming, which came immediately after first one, was the split between the man and woman. It manifests itself in different ways. It has created human society the way it exists now. Almost everything you have heard and seen is a lie. It is a prison for the mind, body and soul created by the archons.

We are deconstructing this prison by liberating our minds and hearts. The Archons developed a quite sophisticated program. There are tools for liberating ourselves from the matrix. It is challenging, but rewarding, it is possible to achieve this. As sovereign individuals we will begin to create a liberated society. Everything you see, read and experience is a very tiny part of our reality. For example, there are 250 billion stars in our galaxy, but we are only able to see a very small number of them, a tiny spot of the galaxy.

----- Q & A ------

Question: “How do you know that the fallen angels exist?”

Answer: “One part of the expression of connection with your higher self is knowing. You just “know”. Archons were angelic beings who decided….. and have lost their connection with Source.

A question about different universes.

Answer: This cosmos is experiencing the shift of the cosmic cycle. There used to exist many universes before, but they coalesced into one.

A question about necessary coexistence of Light and darkness.

Answer: Light is unconditional. It does not need to exist together with darkness.

Question: The use of free will.

Answer: You can use your free will to the extent of how much you are connected with your will, but you still have the freedom of choice and you can use your freedom of choice to increase your free will. There is a sphere of availability – a sphere of reality, which you can use for manifestation. There are no limits to this process.

Question: Light & Love.

Answer: Light and Love are two aspects of the same energy which has created this universe.

What we created on the 21st of January this year was the most successful achievement so far. This energy, which is coming now, is the answer to calls of many people. This new cosmic energy will transmute everything. One aspect of this energy is the tachyon energy. Tachyons were the first particles created in this universe. They are not susceptible to the electromagnetic force, to the nuclear force…. They change the quantum structure, the structure of matter on the basic plane and connect it with Source.

Cintamani stones will bring the soul families together around the planet.


Soul Family

The key is to create a new society. Soul Families have the same origins, a similar energy structure. Soul Family members are connected on the soul level. The Soul Family connection is the key for manifesting a harmonic society. In the year of 1997, there were fights, conflicts and dramas within the Resistance Movement. Then the Soul Family resonance was created. They took 4 or 5 years to completely transform their society. Now there are no problems with internal communication and relationships, as they follow the Soul Family guidelines.

The basic understanding of connection is completely distorted on the surface of the planet. The Matrix movie shows that every individual on the surface is the agent of the matrix. People have internalized their enslavement.

It takes a lot of courage and a lot of will to break free from the matrix. You may: be born and stay in the matrix and remain depressed, having an unhappy, empty life... which is in a way comfortable, convenient and safe - or you can break through the matrix. The matrix, the artificial intelligence, will react. Friends, children, even your husband/wife, will try to stop you, because they are still a part of the matrix. Every time you do things outside of the matrix parameters, you contribute to the breakthrough. The sphere of availability becomes larger. Options and possibilities expand each time. You conquer your fears and move forward.

This way we become the breakaway civilization. We create the Bubbles of Heaven, a new reality here and now, the Islands of Light.

Entry protocols of the Resistance Movement

Nobody on the surface is ready. Some of the protocols will be included in this workshop. They will prepare you to meet with those beings. The same applies for the Pleiadians – meeting them means cultural shock for the surface population. People will start freaking out. Reading about those beings is one thing, interacting with them and being integrated into their society is another.

One needs to face certain realities at the Event:

1) To realize how one has been misled, how one has been manipulated (that’s the easiest part)

2) To realize and be presented with different extraterrestrial races: religion, belief systems, etc., shocking dark deeds from the amount of hidden suffering they’ve created

3) To come face to face with one’s sexual energy – that’s the hardest challenge. This is the basis of the matrix, the manipulation of sexual energy.

The process is theoretical, energetical and practical.

The key for stabilizing this process is to start bringing the Soul Families together. Many Cintamani stones were positioned strategically across the energy grid to be stabilized. This has been achieved to the point that Soul Family gatherings can actually happen around the world, so that the Event can happen as smooth as possible and that the grid remains stable at the time of the Event.


The time period from 2012 to 2019 represents the 1st phase of the transition process. There was an intense clearing of the planetary darkness. Many conflicts were created among the planetary Lightworkers. Such conflicts are not possible within a Soul Family, if you are aware of the Soul Family connections.

You move beyond conflicts. Within a Soul Family, everyone is your soul brother and soul sister. You treat them as your soul brothers or soul sisters and not as 3D human beings. The underlying basis is connecting from soul to soul. On the surface, people tend to commit with others on a personal level, labeling people through the mind. We need to learn how to use the mind in a way… The way society has been teaching you is not correct way. Those outer concepts are 80% incorrect, wrong information for the mind to process. This is the source of many conflicts.

You proceed on a soul level and now we are taking a quantum leap, the most advanced part of the population.

Before this planet was occupied, everybody was living in a community as one being. There was no concept of biological family, but rather a tribe, where Soul Family was present on an unconscious level. The dark forces created biological families as a closed system. The 2nd law of thermodynamics says that entropy in a closed system will always increase. The dark forces have used this to control the surface population.

Start connecting in order to interface with people outside your family. It is time to connect consciously with your Soul Family, this is the foundation of society. After the Event there will be transformations within families and changes within existing relationships.

Guidance for those drastic changes: Whatever is true, will remain. Whatever is false, will fall away. Everything based on the illusion will fall apart and everything that is true, will remain.

----- Q & A ------

Question: The Robert Monroe institute. Are you familiar with it?

Answer: Yes.

Question: The Resistance Movement. Wouldn’t it be better to assist rather than resisting?

Answer: Thank God that we have the Resistance resisting from demolishing the planet, preventing the atomic war… – it’s the positive polarity to resist the negativity.

Question: Soul families and reality from the soul level…

Answer: Being able to relate with the traumatized part is not primal… There needs to be a critical mass of self-awareness – this is what we are heading towards. The Soul Families are interlocking amongst themselves, it is a network of Light. It is a universal cosmic network of Light.

Question: Inner Earth society – do you have connection with them?

Answer: Yes.


The connection with the Resistance Movement:

1) The information about Soul Families shared at present

2) The actual operations for the planetary liberation, which is the undisclosed part. It has been discovered that sharing those information is not creating a positive outcome regarding the surface population.

Soul Families – continuation

Soul Families: same origins, members are connected on the soul level.

Soul mates: a stronger connection among Soul Family members, they are deeply connected on the soul level, incarnated in different polarities, there is a strong magnetic attraction between them, which comes from the 6th dimension. There are two basic reactions to this energy:

1) feeling a strong connection, coming together, going through a strong purification process

2) starting to flow away – mirroring their programs

In the first case the strongest possible healing occurs. It influences the planetary situation, it is the most powerful force on the surface of the planet. The dark forces are disturbing, stopping soul mates from meeting each other, even creating car accidents. If a meeting is successful, they can kill one. We are creating a new reality in a war zone. When soul mates meet each other, there is a conscious transformation on the soul level.

In the second case, unhealthy psychological dynamics take place. When you are running away, feeling very uncomfortable, stop - take a look inside and transform yourself (techniques).

On the planetary level, we have the Goddess leyline going through…, Stonehenge, Paris, Long Island. The Syrian pentagram, Versailles and Long Island are the entry points for the Goddess energy to reach the planet, these entry points are controlled by the dark forces. … The dark forces are engineering dramas, pain within soul mate connections, then they send that energy through those leylines in order to start wars in Iraq, Syria. They have been directing this negative energy in the area of Middle East for the past 7000 years.

Atargatis is a mermaid Goddess from Syria, embodying the energy of divine grace.

The reverse of a coin of Demetrius III depicts fish-bodied Atargatis, veiled, holding the egg, flanked by barley stalks.

… The reverse of a coin from Cyrrhestica depicts Atargatis riding a lion, wearing a mural crown, and holding a sceptre.

They are suppressing this entry point by not allowing peace in that part of the world, or else the energy of divine grace would come therein.

The planetary energy grid is a structure, which is surrounding you all the time. The AI control system, the scalar technology, is here to control the kundalini force. Kundalini is a battery, the source of life that generates your light body.

Creating wars is a very simple process. First they suppress the sexual energy and create frustration in the male energy field. ...

Soul mates can create heaven on Earth, a vortex field which is the most powerful force, transforming the energy field of the planet. This is a part of the mysteries of the Goddess.

Twin souls (twin flames)

This connection is deeper, there are two bodies of opposite polarities. As one soul we split in two polarities when descending into to the physical plane, split occurred between 6th and 5th dimension.

Twin souls meet extremely rarely on the surface of the planet. It is a very strong energy, when they met, everything surfaces at once.

The dark forces are promoting twin souls fantasies, a matrix program which they use usually on women (Hollywood) by projecting twin soul expectations, all yearning and aspirations into one single man. This is the basis of marriage.

Twin Soul Meditation

- Visualize your Twin Soul, your ideal mate, sitting in front of you.

- Visualize her/him in all details.

- Connect your base chakra with the base chakra of your Twin Soul with a red energy thread.

- Connect your sacral chakra with the sacral chakra of your Twin Soul with an orange energy thread.

- Connect your solar plexus chakra with the solar plexus chakra of your Twin Soul with a yellow energy thread.

- Connect your heart chakra with the heart chakra of your Twin Soul with a green energy thread.

- Connect your throat chakra with the throat chakra of your Twin Soul with a light blue energy thread.

- Connect your third eye chakra with the third eye chakra of your Twin Soul with an indigo energy thread.

- Connect your crown chakra with the crown chakra of your Twin Soul with a light violet energy thread.

- Breathe in and out and maintain the energy flow.

- Then start breathing on the level of the heart chakra as if you were breathing together, connecting your breath on that level.

- Visualize a triangle with the base at the level of each of your heart chakras and with the top of triangle in the middle of each of you at the level of the soul star chakra, about 30 centimeters above your heads.

Doing this meditation once a week will accelerate your ascension process.

The purpose is putting all your relationships into perspective in a balanced and enlightened way.

----- Q & A ------

Question: Connecting with your twin soul.

Answer: Through the heart or through the one eye (between the pineal and pituitary gland in our head).

Question: Untersberg.

Answer: It is a special interdimensional portal, where the secret space program started in 1919. After the Event there will be some special…

New Relationships

New Relationships are an interconnected hologram, the fabric of Light in the universe. One part of the plan is to manifest this network in the form of Islands of Light, connecting Light bodies and soul consciousness.

The key for New Relationships is creating your light body. The soul enters and activates light body for transcending space and time. The Light permeating all aspects of your being creates a toroidal energy field, a vortex, which is connected to the planetary and cosmic energy grid.

The Light force, the kundalini, has been suppressed by all matrix programs. When you deactivate them, your kundalini rises and you become a catalyst for the evolution, you begin to see everything from the soul perspective. You can perceive (from) a higher purpose and you receive guidance.

One of the basic principles of the… is to be yourself. This means not hiding your true intentions, beliefs and feelings. This means putting down your masks. The key to becoming a part of your soul family, is to be honest. When you start being you, the reality around you arranges. It is about manifesting resonance with who you are. If there are parts of you unexpressed, you will