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About the purpose and energy of Sisterhood of the Rose physical groups

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Greetings beloveds! ❤

The text below is talking about the purpose and energy of the Sisterhood of the Rose. It is an article written by Daniela Ferron Carneiro, our sister from Brazilian Sisterhood of the Rose. This is her blog:

Using opportunity of the energies of the Ascension Conference, which will be held by CoBra ( on ​​the 3rd and 4th of December 2022 in Paris, she decided to start a series of posts about the Sisterhood of the Rose with purpose of help with the reactivation of the physical groups of the Sisterhood of the Rose in Brazil.

As Cobra said, one of the main objectives of the Ascension Conference will be to assist in the strengthening and reactivation of Sisterhood of the Rose and other Light groups, so that the planetary transition process can continue to unfold in the most harmonious way possible.

Daniela quotes at the beginning Isis Astara.

Isis Astara was a high priestess of the Goddess and Cobra's soulmate who passed away in year 2018 after being tormented by brutal attacks of the archons and cabal. She was and still is the main force behind initiations of the Sisterhood of the Rose groups worldwide.

I would like to thank Daniela for her beautiful Goddess presence and all her work, for her deep dedication to the Sisterhood of the Rose and to the divine feminine. She wrote down her article in Portuguese. I've translated it to English. I find it as a precious jewel revealing the essence of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Here is her article:

The Energy of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the importance of the Sisterhood's physical groups

“Through the Sisterhood of the Rose, Goddess Energy returns to Earth. It is true unity consciousness without competition, without comparing yourself to any other living being. It is part of the presence of Soul within matter. It's all about unconditional love, respect, understanding. We are all facets of a single, beautiful, shining diamond.”

- Isis Astara.

In the Sisterhood of the Rose there is no room for competition. When members of the Sisterhood come together in a physical encounter, they come together in a Sacred Circle where everyone is equally important. Everyone in the circle is an important part of the Whole, everyone is part of the Oneness, carrying within themselves the Sacred Energy that is part of each and every one of us and that Unites us as a sacred Mandala.

The Sisterhood's primary mission is to transmit Goddess Energy to Earth. Anchoring and sustaining this energy through physical encounters, anchoring and sustaining this energy in our everyday lives, anchoring and sustaining this energy on the planet in our daily lives, our affairs, our relationships with each other. Bringing the Goddess energy, the Soul energy, the Consciousness of Love back to the planet.

The physical meetings of the Sisterhood of the Rose are a sacred moment, a moment where we gather to anchor energies of Unconditional Love, Peace, Calm, Benevolence, Acceptance, Compassion, Divine Grace. Energies of Love, Unity and Divine Consciousness.

We anchor this energy directly into the planet, into the heart of Mother Earth and into the Planetary Energy Grid as a whole.

These sacred energies, anchored by the Sisterhood of the Rose, are the sacred energies of the Goddess, of the Feminine principle of Creation, and they act as a true balm for the planet, especially in this moment of transition that we are living together.

The energies of Love, Receptivity, Calm and Unity anchored and radiated by the Sisterhood of the Rose help to maintain the planet's harmony in this moment of profound transformations. They help to stabilize the planetary light grid, they help in the transmutation of dense energies, they help in the reunion of Souls within the families of Souls.

The Sisterhood of the Rose's work of anchoring and sustaining the Goddess energy on the planet helps to make these sacred energies available to all living beings that are here on Earth, to society and to the planet as a whole.

When a Sisterhood of the Rose group comes together regularly through physical gatherings, it becomes a temple of the Goddess, a sacred space dedicated to anchoring pure Goddess Energy on the planet. It becomes a Goddess Vortex, a Living Temple of the Goddess, continually anchoring energies of Love, Peace and Oneness into the planetary energy grid.

It is up to each one of us, as active members of the Sisterhood of the Rose, living and breathing here on the planet, to nurture this sacred energy within each one of us, and to care for our face-to-face meetings and our relationships with other members of the Sisterhood, always trying to act and speak with respect, with love, with conscience.

Allowing in this way that the sacred energy of our Souls, our pure divine essence, manifests itself through our Being, our actions and our words, making room for the Consciousness of the Love of the Goddess to illuminate our conscience, our thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Mutual respect, cooperation between members and hearts open to Love are fundamental so that the physical groups of the Sisterhood of the Rose can flow in a divine way, allowing meetings to be carried out with Love and Harmony, and that in this way they can transform into this sacred space dedicated to the Goddess, that living temple that you are destined to be.

By acting in this way and working together, we can then fulfill our sacred purpose here on Earth: to anchor Goddess Love and Consciousness on the planet and thereby assist in the manifestation of a New Dawn upon Earth.

With love,

Daniela Ferron Carneiro



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