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Ten years of the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network, May 2014 - 2024

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the existence of the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network, as we may read in Cobra’s post from May 27th 2014 here:

and 12 years since the Return of the Goddess activation at the Venus transit, a rare cosmic event when planet Venus passed in front of the solar disk on June 5th/6th 2012 (next Venus transit will be in about 100 years):

At the moment we have 105 active Sisterhood of the Rose physical groups worldwide:

You may read encouraging words about doing your life mission, which may certainly be the creation of the Sisterhood of the Rose group and Goddess Temple in your part of the world, in a story of a Light worker here:

Light worker Story 4

— Gather the Strength of Members in Physical Meetings, We Are One

“In the past seven years, we have held nearly 300 SOTR physical gatherings. If there is no SOTR group in your local area, we encourage you to form one and stick to this mission. In order to anchor Goddess energy, it is important to gather the strength of team members in weekly physical meetings. You can find more information on the website of SOTR planetary network:

1. Did you have any special experiences in your childhood?

When I was about one year old, I felt that the world was strange, and it was strange to see that my parents needed to open their mouth to speak, and they needed to eat. When I was six years old, I dreamed about my past life for the first time. In that dream, I was a European woman brushing hair in front of a mirror. I looked into the mirror and thought “who is she”? Suddenly I realized that it was myself, and I woke up in shock. I also like mirrors when I grow up, because mirrors can convey information across time and space, and mirrors are both entrances and exits.


2. What about your awakening experience, why did you want to explore the truth, and did you have any special feeling when you saw Cobra’s message. Compared with various channeled messages why do you think Cobra’s message/intel from the Resistance Movement is more trustworthy?

In February 2016, I dreamed about flying out of the Earth during a nap. I saw the moon and other planets, which shocked me again. From that day on, I continued to have dreams of aliens, ufos, white dragons, angels, dolphins, galactic wars etc...All these things led me to explore spirituality. In 2018, I came across Cobra’s message for the first time; it was exactly what I was looking for because it precisely matched what I saw in my dreams.


3. After your awakening, did you receive support or experience interference from your family, if it’s interference, how do you cope with it?

I have not experienced interference from my family, because I have been good to them, so my family members trust me and give me a lot of freedom to do what I want.


4. What types of Light work do you mostly do and from your experience, is there anything that deeply impresses you?

My work include organizing a local Sisterhood of the Rose (SOTR) group, sharing truth, burying cintamani stones and building Goddess temple. Throughout these years, two things impressed me the most. Firstly, I dreamed of being on the mother ship of Ashtar Command after the first SOTR gathering, and secondly, I dreamed of Goddess Isis after the second SOTR gathering.


5. Do you have a clear understanding of your talents and energy characteristics, combined with your interest, what kind of work do you think you are suitable for, and what contribute to your happiness the most?

My energy is Goddess energy and my talent is organizing activities. I am very happy to get together with soul family members and to work for the Light together.


6. Did you experience any major setback after awakening? If so, how did you overcome it and what are the reasons that made you continue to work for the Light?

I have not experienced major setbacks after awakening. I have been relatively lucky and realized many of my dreams, so everything goes rather smoothly. The only interference now is the difficulty I encounter when sharing truth in my country.


7. Have you met any soul family members and/or soul mates after awakening? If so, do you think meeting them changes you and what have you learnt from the relationship?

I was lucky enough to organize the local Sisterhood of the Rose activities soon after my awakening. As a result of this, I am able to meet many soul family members. Through the interaction with soul family members I can see my shortcomings more clearly and transform them. And meeting a soul mate is like looking right into a mirror, enabling me to see my shadows more directly so that I can learn to transform them.


8. How do you balance your material life and spirituality, do you have any advice?

I set three goals for myself since the day of awakening: 1. Establish a local SOTR group, 2. Share truth and 3. Purchase gold and/or silver on a monthly basis. Since we are still living in the physical world, money is very important to us, and we need to balance it well. You can find out more about your interests, learn more about yourself, then perhaps you can turn your hobbies into a career.


9. Do you think self-healing is important after awakening? Please share some lessons, feelings or short stories if you like.

Healing is very important. You can take some time to meditate each day, go into the nature, go see some flowers, climb mountains, go near the water, feel the wind, feel the nature, feel the soil. Don’t focus on the cell phone too much and do not social only on your phone. Go meet some like-minded people in real life is also good for you to learn and heal.


10. If you could share a message with everyone, what would you say?

An' Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will;That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do ye miracles of one only thing;We are ONE.”

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