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Support for Cobra and an Invitation to Sisterhood of the Rose groups

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

We all know how difficult it is to live on this planet, in this matrix reality, to cope with every day life and with all the negativity and distortions happening around us, being faced with people's weird behaviors and hostile actions.

We know also that Cobra's engagement and accordingly his responsibility in the planetary liberation process is huge. Therefore the extent of impact of all negativity is also much greater for him; as in the most recent example, becoming the target of distorted and evil deeds of some individuals, as he mentioned in his post from May 19th 2020:

Sisterhood of the Rose supports Cobra on his mission. We respect and honor him as a noble soul with an intricate and delicate mission to which he has committed. We send him loving, healing Goddess energies from our hearts, to provide him with all necessary strength and ability to continue with his mission on this planet successfully, with grace and ease.

We invite you to join us in sending loving Light and support to Cobra. We invite Sisterhood of the Rose groups and individuals worldwide to envision Cobra in pink egg imbued with loving, caring energy of the Goddess, the energy of Love, compassion, healing and renewal. You may do this visualization-meditation for a few minutes at a time and as often as you feel guided.

We are adding a link to testimonies written by three women, so you may read more in detail about Cobra and support for him. We would like to express gratitude to these women for stepping forward in support of and to honor Cobra:




"There is nothing more powerful than a humble person with a warrior spirit driven by a higher purpose."

In our estimation, this quote describes Cobra very well. It popped up in a synchronistic way and has been one of the triggers for this article.

In loving appreciation,

Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network admin team