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SOTR live International Meditation gatherings in year 2023

Updated: Jan 9

Greetings dear ones!

I'm guided to do the SOTR Live International Meditation Gatherings on Zoom also in the future. We already started and have had our first gathering yesterday. And once more the energy of the Goddess and my guides came through to encourage me and others to renew and refresh our gatherings.

I would like to offer 3 possible appointed times for our gatherings. You may join at any of these given days.

A) Every Saturday at 7 PM UTC

B) Every Tuesday at 7 PM UTC

C) Every 14 days - The day and hour up to your choice – every suggestion is welcome!

During these meditation gatherings we will be anchoring the energy of the Goddess through our physical bodies and through the whole sacred circle of us who will gather with this purpose. We will connect to the planetary Light grid and to our starry brothers and sisters on Lightships and elsewhere above and to our Light family below the surface of our planet, in the Resistance Movement. After being deeply connected and grounded into the energies of divine feminine we will replenish our group container and bring Her energy every time with new and fresh power into our common group field strengthening it and bringing it to its full power. Then we will spread Her energy gradually outwards, throughout the whole planet and beyond in service of the whole humanity.

What we need is a committed group of committed, dedicated Light workers and Light warriors with integrity. It doesn’t matter if you choose A), B) or C) option, what matters is that once you choose the group you participate regularly as it is very important that we consistently hold the Light.

When having chosen the group or having made a proposal under C) please write me or pm me.

For more information you are also invited to join our SOTR Telegram group here:

and group for SOTR live International Meditation gatherings on MESSENGER ( pm me for joining the last one), where we are posting links to our gatherings on ZOOM each time one day before when the gathering is taking place.

Goddess Blessings!

Mea Maa


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