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Situation update from Sisterhood of the Rose group in Beihai, China

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Below is a situation update from Sisterhood of the Rose group in Beihai, China in relation to the coronavirus outbreak:

Every city in the country is already in a curfew, which has effectively prevented the spread of the virus. Our province is one of the best in the country in terms of both the speed of response to the outbreak and the supply chain. Thank you to everyone who has united against the disaster, whether China or abroad.

Electricity and gas supply are all normal, and food reserves are being continuously transported from the national reserve to the stores. Our lives are quite safe, and political worries have disappeared. Faced with difficulties, the whole country has never been so united and stable-yes, this is better than usual!

I think the measures we have taken are very effective. Some of our companies have even started to resume work. We are optimistic that the epidemic will end soon. Here I hope that all teams around the world can follow the measures taken by our country, that is, avoid as much as possible gathering with other people, stay at home and not go out, call on migrants to isolate themselves, and wear masks outside their homes. This is especially true for countries that have been severely affected, such as Italy, South Korea, and Japan. I think in the fight against viruses, SOTR teams around the world should contribute their own strength.

May the goddess bless Wuhan,

bless China,

and bless us all.

SOTR CC Branch. Beihai

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chris al
chris al
26. Feb. 2020

Thank you!

Gefällt mir


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