Sacred Sexuality for Women: Interview with Michal Greenberg

Greetings dear Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network! May Goddess bless you all! We’ve just experienced the first of 2021’s three SuperMoons, in Scorpio, with all that Scorpionic intensity and transformation~~ are you feeling your own emotions intensified? So is everyone else, so be ready for their intensity too! At this time, we all see and feel many old traumas coming to Light. Now is a wonderful time to let them go free and be free of them! Our Sisterhood of the Rose team is grateful and excited to bring a new program to our Sisterhood~~ this interview on Sacred Sexuality for Women with Michal Greenberg! We’ll be feeling the effects of this Full Moon for some days but we now have much longer than the next waning weeks of this moon cycle for releasing what no longer serves us well! Pluto just turned retrograde, so for the next five or six months, we’ll find ourselves remembering, looking back, reviewing ground we already covered on our path of transformation. This means long-lasting issues can come up--face them with LOVE, Beloveds, and release, release, release. When I say long-lasting issues, I don’t only mean in this lifetime: they can also be past-life issues, generational traumas, and we all (or most of us) know that all humanity has experienced more than 5000 years of systematic trauma-based programming. We have the energetic support to heal these traumas coming to Light NOW. The energetic flow of our NOW is such that many things can be let go~~ for real transformation to flow. Bathe deeply in your own depths, your tides can be powerful and strong. Remember. Allow yourself to honor what you feel, what you felt, and wash away what no longer serves you, things that now can be purged. Remember that Scorpio is not just the Scorpion ~~ its higher aspects are the Eagle and the Phoenix! Release dear Ones. Allow yourself to FLY and TRANSFORM. Goddess is sending you the Divine Feminine gifts of Kindness, Compassion, and Love! Plenty for you, yourself, and more than enough for you to share with others. This is a good Full Moon for emotional catharsis. Be compassionate and kind, shine LOVE to those who are having a tough time going through it. Some of you may want to be alone with all this intensity. Be compassionate, kind, and shine LOVE to your SELF. Our Sisterhood of the Rose team is grateful and excited to bring this new program to our Sisterhood~~ Sacred Sexuality for Women with Michal Greenberg!

For more information about the 3 months program and the price go to Michal's link:

We believe this program can greatly benefit and unite our groups that are now meeting all over the world to heal and anchor Goddess energy! Sexual energy is connected to one of the deepest Goddess mysteries. Back in May 2014, when Cobra (our messenger from the Resistance) brought those of us online the request ‘from the Light Forces that women and men with inner connection with the Goddess begin to gather in groups to reactivate the Sisterhood of the Rose’ he also stressed the importance for ‘doing self-healing work, working on themselves, removing their belief systems, patterns and blockages.’ Scorpionic energy can be a powerful wave. Be brave, dear Sisters~~that’s what it takes to ride the path of recovery from trauma. Choose to heal yourselves so we can help heal others and our beloved planet. Solve et Coagula * Amor Vincit Omnia * Victory of the Light! I LOVE YOU! ~~Zeeva Amrita

Michal Greenberg

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Interview transcripts:

Zeeva Amrita: Greetings and Goddess Bless. I am Zeeva Amrita from Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network. Today I have the honor and great pleasure of introducing you to Michal Greenberg. Michal is a Sister, a Mother, a Healer, and a Counselor for more than 20 years and she is bringing to Sisterhood of the Rose a program for our physical groups that meet and I'm very excited to be bringing this because we in the Sisterhood of the Rose are here to raise up the Divine Feminine Goddess energies and to help heal the world. In order to help heal the world, we must heal ourselves and the program that Michal specializes in, is a program about sacred sexuality for women.

There's a lot of talks online about sacred sexuality and tantra and there's so much misunderstanding and mis-information and that's why we at Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network are loving this opportunity to bring this to our Sisterhood of the Rose groups who've been having meetings in your physical locales and really learn this and heal yourselves in a good way.

Welcome Michal.

Michal: Thank you. I'm so excited and happy to be here. Zeeva Amrita: Before we start I'd like to ask you to share a little bit about yourself. Can you give us also a brief explanation about what sacred sexuality is? Michal: Yes. Okay first Michal is a Hebrew name. I come from Israel and was born in Tel Aviv. And in the last 12 years, I'm living in Germany.

My journey of personal transformation: I started 20 years ago when I received the Reiki initiation. And then like it was the first time I was realizing: oh, wow, there is much more than the physical body and I feel the energies and through my hands and flowing in my body. And parallel to this I was in my second year in Tel Aviv University. I wanted to be a teacher for children, but then I realized like discovering that our human nature and what I'm seeing with myself, it's much beyond what I'm receiving the knowledge I'm receiving it University. Then I just quit and I said, okay, I don't want to be a teacher but I went to learn a private course from a professor for learning disabilities; how imbalances in the senses can give and make some learning disabilities and there I was learning that everything is a spectrum. Our nerve system seeing hearing tasting touching. Everything is a spectrum and it's also changing with our moods if you are tired and so on.