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Reports and experiences with the opening of the center and temple of Atargatis in Hungary

Dear ones,

on September 23rd 2023 the Grand Opening and celebration of a new center in Hungary took place:

To present to public more closely the occurrence, I've gathered testimonies of people who were attending, organizing or co-creating the event. In the Temple of Goddess Atargatis, which energetically presents central part of the center, initiations and ceremonies were held.

I wish you to enjoy the reading and beautiful pictures and feel the uplifting energies manifested there.

First testimonial is from Kata Nagy, who founded together with Andrea Takács the House of the Divine Light .

"The opening of the centre and the temple was an even bigger success than expected.

Defying the weather reports, many people visited us not only from Hungary, but also from Egypt, China, England, America, Germany and Switzerland. The day was spent in a fantastic atmosphere, with colourful programmes, dancing, singing, meditation, presentations and ceremonies.

On the opening day, Natali Horváth held a fantastic ceremony in the temple of Atargatis, where the participants experienced various activations and releases, and then the next day, our wonderful sister Mimi Hambas held a very special initiation and ceremony for our brothers and sisters from abroad, which also included extraordinary experiences and messages. The change and shift that was brought about was felt almost immediately and has been felt ever since.

The centre and the temple are filled with wonderful joy and energy and will be open to all visitors from mid-October! We welcome visitors with a variety of treatments, workshops, ceremonies and a wonderful advanced technology tool called the Orynoco, donated to our foundation by two wonderful souls Cat and Malcom Bosher.

We welcome you all to come and experience this wonderful place and its energy for yourself!

More information will be coming soon on our website and facebook page and we are already preparing for the spring of 2024, when we want to organise an international event for all of you, together!"

Kata Nagy


"The ceremony in the temple was beautiful. Natalie, the priestess, brought a rose essence mix and put it into a tea, and everyone drunk a little cup of tea at the beginning. It was very delicious and we came into a higher state. Then she invoked 13 rose lineage leaders, we really could feel the presence of them! A little later she invoked the goddesses and the strongest connection we felt with Atargatis. Also crystal beings were in the room to feel. It was for me kind of activation and blessing.

The whole event was really beautiful as we danced together and connected with each other through our hearts."

Eszter Györi


"Hello Friends,

I was invited by the Hungarian team to join the Temple of Atargatis Celebration & Opening on Sept. 23,2023. The property is located within the Goddess Vortex. They’ve created a stunning Goddess Temple dedicated to Atargatis. It is beaming with beautiful spirits of the land and water.

The celebration event was incredible. Many people enjoyed the blessings, community & energies created together with song, dance and meditation, etc.

A few days later, a small group of 12 of us, key Hungarian team members, friends from Egypt, England and other places, gathered inside the Temple altar room to activate the property and heal the Goddess vortex from the unfortunate collapse years ago.

I led the activation by creating sacred space, and connecting with Goddess Isis for direction. Goddess Isis, Hathor, Sehkmet, Kuan Yin, Osiris, the Galactics and others joined us to heal the vortex. These powerful beings came through with incredible intensity! They blessed us, as well as the vortex with Goddess light and Divine Masculine codes and other important frequencies. The ceremony was not planned ahead, I simply listened to my guides and held space to allow the healing energies to come in and do their work. Each of us had deep & powerful heart-opening experiences. This activation rippled through to other key vortices across the planet.

As awakened beings, it is our mission to create communities for Lightworkers/Lightwarriors to gather, heal and connect for the purpose of empowering the network of light on Earth. It is of CRITICAL importance for everyone to do their inner-work to release fear, anger, negative patterns that created deep wounds. Rather than attacking each other when one doesn’t feel good, ask for assistance or advice to help clear or understand what you are experiencing.

In Hungary, I witnessed firsthand a beautiful group of awakened and mentally clear people work together efficiently to create an important planetary stronghold of the Goddess. They treat each other with respect & love, not ego or attack energy. This IS the blueprint for the New Paradigm for the Lightworker teams/communities and SOTR groups worldwide. If we want a better world, we must begin with ourselves and change internally what does not serve. This is the key to expressing and relating with others through the heart center. Unity comes through love, grace and understanding.

Thank you to the Hungarian team for your dedication and accomplishments.

With Love & deep gratitude,

Victory of the Light!"

Mimi Hambas


"On the 23rd of September I was among the few helpers and the many participants who attended the House of the Divine Light grand opening. It was a full day experience filled with a lot of anticipation on both sides. I was only a minor helper who arrived just a day before the actual event but there has been a constant preparation for this coming together for 3 months before the actual date. Nevertheless there was a huge momentum being built in the last day so that everything would be ready.

The organizers made preparations physically, meticulously preparing the venue, cleaning everything, refurnishing certain parts of the houses and most of all creating a Goddess Temple that is truly worthy of visiting with esthetic design, beautiful serene atmosphere and soft energies. They also tried to create a full day programme which catered to different kind of people with activities like performances, chanting, concerts, meditations and group dance. Also, vendors, craftsmen and craftswomen were invited to sell their gorgeous handmade products while a buffet served to provide healthy food.

On the energy plane, there were also many rituals which meant to anchor a peaceful and loving atmosphere where people could gather, rejuvenate and connect. Because of the weather forecast that had predicted a stormy day, the organizers and helpers like myself had spent extra energy work on creating a mild and sunny day, and that is what we got. A comfortable day with even temperature mostly with gentle sun and very little rain towards the very end of the day. And even that was refreshing and enjoyable.

All of you who were not able to participate may see from the glowing faces of the people, all dressed in white creating a serene ambiance that most everyone had a good time and that this event just like many other that are planned for the future are meant to bring people who resonate together.

So we gathered, the people came, old good friends met and new connections were forged in the blink of an eye. One of the first activities was a profound group chanting around the sacred lake of the venue with the intention of fine tuning the frequency of the place, making it ready for all the great events to come. Later we could hear inspiring words of male and female presenters sharing insights about the current evolutionary shift we and the planet is going through, about the divine feminine and masculine and about our roles in this process. In the meantime you could also try advanced healing technologies and alternative healers offered their services to those interested. And then there were great musicians bringing the uplifting vibes and a group dance event where we celebrated life, love and each other with the totality of our beings.

One of the longest and most anticipated part of the day was the activation of the Goddess Temple itself where the appointed priestess was guiding about 20-30 people through a deep and intensive inner journey, channelling multidimensional positive beings and blessing the temple with different benevolent frequencies. I could see many hearts touched and eyes crying from joy after the songs of the amazing singers, the temple initiation ceremony and the dance celebration. Most people if not everyone experienced a deep oneness with the others. One of the last thing people could do was sending their wishes out to the world by lightning a floating lantern on the lake which was followed by the very last musical performance where even though there were only a few dozen people left, the spirit was still just as alive and happy as in the beginning. I so loved and enjoyed the shamanic style of the performer, talking about the elements and seasons in life, reaching back to the natural cycles of nature and implementing them in her music to an audience of the current world.

These gatherings and events are always about the community for me. They are about connecting, reconnecting and feeling the confirmation that life is the best when we who resonate come together and create precious moments with our laughter, tears, dances, songs and vulnerability. I am grateful for this day, for the people involved in making possible that such a center and Goddess temple has opened its doors and I hope to spend many, many more amazing blessed hours with all of you in the future!"



"Dear ones,

I was at the opening of the goddess temple in Hungary. This project of all its aspects: the place, the temple, the foundation are all PURE BLESSING for our planet.

I experienced it while I was there.

On 24.09.2023, we made an initiation in the temple. It reached into far-away dimensions. Mimi guided it beautifully and carried our group energies so gracefully.

At one point, our open-heart energies were so deep and encompassing that we came into tears from the Love and the high energies that were purged upon us from above.

I experienced a very ancient sacred reality that is back to our planet."

Michal Greenberg


"My experience during the initiation was celestial. The ceremony took place in the Temple of Atargatis, a very energetically powerful space which marked the core sacred atmosphere of our group’s meditation there.

As we sat in a sacred circle, we have put out our intentions of fully connecting ourselves with the Light Beings, while invoking not only the Violet Flame, but multiple Goddesses that have descended to us and their almost physical presence could have been felt very palpably.

An outstanding point of the initiation for me was the when we visualized a blue crystal and held it to our hearts, I felt an amazing release there, which transitions into its full bloom at the end of the meditation, when Mimi held the sacred Ankh to our forehead. That was a very calming feeling.

Above all, the sensation that was the absolute best during the meditation was a deep feeling of interconnectedness, which I felt between the Light workers present and in general, for a clear, bright vision and for each other’s support on the road towards this dream, as after all, we are doing this together."

Sarolta Nagy


I would like to thank all for answering my call and sharing their precious experiences and reports at the opening event and ceremonies in Temple of Atargatis.

Goddess Blessings,

Mea Maa

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Dear Sisters and All of the Center and Temple of Atargatis.

Thank you for sharing your reports and beautiful photos with us.

Continuous blessings in all your undertakings.

Greetings with Love from Brazil (Brigitte)



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