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Mercury Stations Direct! And Jan 21-22 New Moon and Year of Rabbit! Whee!

Goddess Blessings Dear Ones! Mercury has stationed direct! I’d say sweet relief—but let’s take some deep breaths. Mercury is now standing still and won’t start moving forward til Jan. 22nd. So hang in there as these next few days are pivotal. As this shift happens, changes are being triggered, pivotal events will happen, and the next few days will see us getting more accustomed to this shift in energy. There are lot of conflicting energies right now. Ground. Balance. Breathe. Stay calm as we are all re-orienting ourselves towards our goals!

 In just a few days, on the 22nd, Mercury passes the point were it began its retrograde and things will feel like they’re getting back to ‘normal.’ Mercury is also trining Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. AND it's in direct quincunx with Mars—who just went direct a few days ago! We may feel frustrated and like the last few weeks have been stymied in our goals—but please watch out for allowing these frustrated energies to allow misplaced aggression to sabotage your own well-being, relationships and lower your frequency! 

 The tension between Mercury and Mars might has us feeling agitated and extremely impatient! We may have trouble focusing. Be mindful of your words and actions—always of course—but especially these next few days! Use the skills you have to remain calm and as clear as you can in your communications. Be patient with yourself and others!

 As if these challenges aren’t enough, Mercury has just stationed direct in a Grand Cardinal Cross— squaring both Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Aries, who wants autonomy and does not wish to submit to authority, and Ceres in Libra—who wants harmonious collaboration and partnership. We are also assisted by Mercury’s loose opposition to Pallas Athena in Cancer, who strengthens our emotional intelligence, and inspires our awareness of our own soul fulfillment and the real importance of LOVE and strengthening loving connections to our fellow humans.

 When Mercury begins to move again, we will be into the New Moon in Aquarius—depending where you are in the world it will be Jan 21-22. We are leaving the year of the Yang Water Tiger and into the year of the Yin Water Rabbit. We have all been a little more ferocious this last year, but now we are moving into a much gentler energetic expression. Rest. Recharge. Slow down and let us focus on what's really important: after all… Rabbit brings Hope, Peace, and Harmony. And THAT is what WE--here as Sisterhood of the Rose--are here to do! I LOVE YOU ALL! Zeeva Amrita 🌹💜🌹


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