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The Importance of Creating Physical Sisterhood of the Rose Groups and How-To Form Them

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Goddess Blessings dear Ones! Here is a beautiful video from our sister Jagruthi in India, reminding all of requirements for physical groups. While some groups have many members, all you need to begin (to be listed on the website's international groups list) is 3 members who meet regularly! So BEGIN!

We all understand that the recent years of lockdowns made it difficult to meet in physical groups once a week--although many groups kept meeting virtually and our work as Sisterhood of the Rose has never ceased! It is time for old groups who lost momentum to regain it and for new groups to form! We give thanks to Jagruthi for this beautiful video. Our social media groups and site admin team are all working to assist our growth! It is TIME! RISE GODDESSES RISE! Gather and BE LOVE! I LOVE YOU! Zeeva Amrita 🌹💜🌹


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