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HOUSE OF THE DIVINE LIGHT, Project of our Hungarian Team

Updated: Sep 7

Greetings dear ones!

We have amazing news from our Hungarian team.

We are sending Light and absolute support to this excellent and beautiful project which aims to build a center in Hungary, within the outstandingly important Goddess Vortex of Gödöllő. Everybody is invited to support and co-create.

Here reposting Nagy Katalin's post about this project, called HOUSE OF THE DIVINE LIGHT :

Dear Ones! We have come to a magnificent milestone in our mission, and we are more than happy to share the details with you, at the link below:

We hope to see you soon!

in Hungarian:

Kedvesek! Küldetésünk egy csodálatos állomásához érkeztünk, aminek részleteit szeretettel osztjuk meg veletek, az alábbi linken, (angol és magyar nyelven):

Reméljük, hogy hamarosan találkozunk!


Victory of the Light!

Goddess Blessings!


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