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House of the Divine Light Foundation/HU video

Greetings dear ones!

House of the Divine Light Foundation in Hungary, in Domonyvölgy, just released their video about the opening celebration of the Foundation.

The center has been opened recently together with beautiful Goddess Atargatis Temple, hosting many sacred masculine and sacred feminine events, hosting also Sisterhood of the Rose weekly gatherings, bringing unity and healing to community and to the world.

As Mimi expressed it, the work, that Hungarian teams have been doing, it’s really going to set the tone for a new vibrational frequency of the Goddess energy across the planet and ripple it through the vortexes, that are already here and assist in liberating the planet and assist in raising the vibration of humanity. They are pioneers in working and doing something that is extremely important.

Hungarian team: "We are proud to announce that we have released our wonderful presentation film, which was shot during the opening of the foundation! Many thanks for your professional work Zoltán Imre Szabó and Gilbert Taylor!

So enjoy it and we look forward to seeing you all in Domonyvölgy!"

Here you may watch the video presentation:

Goddess Blessings and Victory of the Light!

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Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for taking the lead!

Me gusta


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