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Healing the split between sexual and heart energy

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

~ Pondering on Valentine's Day ~

I’m writing this on Valentine’s day. The hour has just shown 11:11 pm. There were many wishes around for Valentine's today. And what has been clearly envisaged is that there is a split between the heart and sexual energy. Most of the wishes pertained to the heart Love and there has also been some pointing at erotic Love, the Aphrodite’s Eros, the sexual passion. People are showing some confusion about what we actually celebrate on this day: is this heart Love, being loving and caring or rather the sexual passion? I’ve decided to write a bit about this split to bring some clarity to this subject.

Why would two different things even exist, the sexual Love and the heart Love, the intimacy and the romance?

The fact is that we are conditioned through the etheric implants in our bodies. We accepted these implants by agreeing with the implantation process, which was orchestrated by the dark forces at the time of Atlantis many millennia ago. These implants and their interactions actually created the society in which we are living today. They caused the soul fragmentation, the emergence of personality. One of these implants is located just above our navel and its purpose is to divide our heart from our sexual chakra:

As a consequence we make a distinction between sexual and loving, caring energy. At the beginning, we as sovereign beings before entering the quarantine, we didn't feel this distinction, this gap between these two energies. We didn't feel our sexual energy, our sensuality as something separate from our heart Love. It was the same thing, the same energy flowing through us, emanating from our One Heart and being harmoniously circulated through all chakras. Our sexual and sensual energy flew naturally, it was refined, sublime and merged within our heart.

The gap between sexual and heart energy became very deep and strong and we condemned the sexual energy. The sexual energy was restricted to be felt only in a few cases, few opportunities. It was allowed to be felt only for reproduction, in a monogamous partnership, behind the walls of the bedroom. It became something shameful, even something dirty. It came to be considered as an aberration, as something low, something inappropriate and not spiritual.

And it is still like this today. For example, it is natural for women to feel the sexual energy during breastfeeding but the society program does not allow women to feel it. Even today, women are still condemned for feeling their sexual energy. This split can be healed only through deep inner work, allowing the sexual energy to be expressed through us and connected to the heart energy.

Aside from these implants the gap between the sexual and heart energy has been steadily maintained and deepened through the archon’s activity in the Earth quarantine. As we can read in Cobra's article about the sexual energy the key task for women is to work with their sexual energy as this energy has been violently suppressed by the archons with their systematic trauma-based programming of women by brutal rapes during the first two Kurgan invasions, the first one happening around 5000 years ago and the second one happening 1700 years ago and then additionally by the Inquisition in the middle ages.

Quoting Cobra: “the main key for planetary healing is women allowing themselves to feel and express their sexual energy. Many times it does not need to be expressed through a sexual union, it can be expressed through a sensual touch. Or through dance.”

As a first step to heal this split, two tools were introduced to be performed by Sisterhood of the Rose groups, the first one being the Merging the Heart & Sexual Energy Meditation and the second one being Healing Sexual Programming Meditation:

Besides these meditations I’m encouraging the Sisterhood of the Rose groups to do further work necessary to heal this split according to their inner guidance. I’m inviting Sisterhood of the Rose Priestesses to come forward and engage in this endeavor and share your propositions, tools and experiences. You can send email at

Goddess Blessings

Mea Maa,

Sisterhood of the Rose PN team



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