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Goddess Temple project

Greetings everyone!

As we read in the Cobra's post from January 24th 2023

the Light forces have communicated that the Goddess Temples need to be recreated again on the surface of this planet after more than 1500 years of suppression and that this sacred task has been given to the Sisterhood of the Rose.

These temples will bring new, fresh cosmic Goddess energy into the planetary Light grid and will assist the planetary transition. They are meant to be indoor public spaces open to the general public at least a few hours weekly. It can be your private space dedicated to this purpose, bigger than 10 square meters. The Goddess energy will be maintained and brought to the people by regular activities in the temple through meditations, dance, readings, music and any other activity anchoring the presence of divine feminine.

Temple of Love Versailles

To inspire and bring the reactivation and rebuilding of the Goddess Temples closer to you I'm publishing here some existing Goddess Temples around the world:

  • Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Somerset, England

"The Glastonbury Goddess Temple is a modern-day Goddess loving community organization, dedicated to the worship of the indigenous British Goddess in all of Her many manifesting forms. Living here on the sacred Isle of Avalon, the Glastonbury Goddess community have been re-experiencing and re-imagining the Divine Feminine since the 1980s.

We believe that we are the first formally recognized public indigenous British Goddess Temple in Europe for perhaps 1,500 years and maybe ever."

Glastonbury Goddess Temple is also hosting other Goddess Temples opening up around the world on their site. Five of them are located in England, one in Wales, one in Austria/Vienna, two in Italy, in Rome and Turin and two in USA, one in California and the other one in Oregon. So all together 12 Goddess Temples:

  • The Goddess Temple of Orange County, California

Their vision:

Do you believe in reverence for all life?

We do.

… in the Power of Woman to lead the world to goodness?

We do.

… that women find strength, not in more screen time, online classes, webinars and Facebook groups, but rather in regularly coming together physically, in the real world, to gain Shakti strength together …

to create joyful, juicy, woman-serving sacred ceremony and ritual together …

… to teach one another, to help one another remember ancient Woman’s wisdom?

We do.