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Global Sisterhood of the Rose groups interview series: #4 Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network has started a new initiative to do an online interview with the individual Sisterhood of the Rose group around the world.

The fourth group that we conducted the interview with is the group in Davao city, Mindanao, Philippines, leading by Tina Suelto.

If you are interested in answering the following questions, please send your answers to

Q1: What inspired you or your group to be formed?

Our friends and family attends similar personal development workshops and do volunteer groups with different organizations. One time, someone suggested just to meet once a week and assign someone to talk about something inspiring or whatever they want to share to the group. That was some 5 to 6 years ago. Eventually, it evolved to having a study group for A course in Miracles. We have been meeting once a week with no fail. Except for holidays. Our group is open, no membership fees and anyone can jump in anytime they feel to. By end of Year 2016, we created a team called Mystique Angels (theres 5 of us) which became the core organizer of such gatherings. We carry the space for the weekly study group. By year 2018 we have been doing once a month healing session for the community. And added weekly sunya meditation gatherings as well. We do meditations, discussions, exhibits, anything we can think of to spread love and light to our community. Most of the ones in our group are also leaders of their own communities as well. 

Q2: Did your group face any challenges when forming and how did you overcome them? 

Yes, people come and go. There were people who did not sit well with each other, and eventually they just stop coming. But, we did not let that stop us. Our mission was far greater than the need to look good, or cater to certain issues created by people's expectations. What helped us was our own focus on our inner work, as long as we are not harming anyone, and we are authentic with ourselves and how we carry the space and check in with what feels light for us. 

Q3: What activities do you do when you meet every week?

Every tuesdays we hold a study group. Thursdays we have our weekly sunya meditation and tai chi practice. Saturdays we are also available for private sessions. 

Once a month we have healing sessions, and group sunya meditations. We also participate and call in on anyone via welovemassmeditations also. 

Quarterly, we either hold exhibits, bazaars, workshops, festivals. Or any large gathering we are inspired to work on. 

Q4: Do you find it difficult to get local people to join your group?

Not really. Because, most of us knew each other from different groups and organizations. Although, at the beginning sometimes only 2 of us will be present at the meeting. Regardless, of the number it never fazed us. We just kept on. Sometimes, theres 5. But, for the past year we always have around 10 to 25 max in our weekly meetings. 

Q5: Do you have any connections with other local groups if there are any?

Yes, we have.most of the ones attending our gatherings are also leaders of their own respective communities. 

Q6: What do you want to share with people reading this on the Sisterhood of the Rose planetary network website?

Its lovely to connect with each other at this point of time. We are blessed to be part of the group and to be part of something bigger. And, what we really noticed is, the group will really depend on the space of the core. In our team we emphasize to find their own truth within. And to also have mastery on self,so one can face the larger part of mission. Enjoy your gatherings, incorporate fun, lightness and laughter. And to truly see eachone of the team as a co-creator of the group. We also emphasize allowance with each other,where we honor and give space to what each one is going through. 

Thank you for embracing us and welcoming us to be a part of the sisterhood.

Victory of the Light



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