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Global Sisterhood of the Rose groups interview series: #3 Monterrey, Mexico

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network has started a new initiative to do an online interview with the individual Sisterhood of the Rose group around the world.

The third group that we conducted the interview with is the group in Monterrey, Mexico, leading by María Treviño.

If you are interested in answering the following questions, please send your answers to

Q1: What inspired you or your group to be formed?

I have always had a lot of devotion to the Divine Mother, Mother Mary and I have feeled her protection, love and presence near to me, she has given me messages trough my dreams, and this comes from my mother and grandmothers too. When I received the information about the invitation to form groups of the SOTR around the world, to extend and anchor the Mother's energy, I felt inspired to form a group. I know about the meditation power and I have been practicing meditation for twelve years, and this is why I invited some friends who practice meditation to form the group and I began to record meditations with the Goddess and to share them through a WhatsApp group. That's how we began. I received the invitation through a Facebook page named "Adoninas", I never eared about Cobra before, and that's why I form the group with the only purpose of help in the Planetary Ascension, inspired by my divine mother and her great love. I'm a lightworker and before SOTR I have formed another spiritual group to help to awake consciousness. I know that in past lifes I was priestess, this has been revealed to me in dreams. In this life I'm also [a] priestess and I can't reveal more about it. After that, I opened a Facebook SOTR group and a Youtube channel to upload meditations.

Q2: Did your group face any challenges when forming and how did you overcome them?

I never really had any challenges. Everything was given perfect. More ahead when Mea Maa contact me by Facebook I began to receive information about SOTR Planetary [Network].

Q3: What activities do you do when you meet every week?

We practice two or three meditations, one of them with the Goddess, another to send light to the Mother Earth and another to have connection to our inner being, after that we talk about our experiences. We also gather to celebrate every equinox and solstice and it is a special celebration with a thanksgiving ceremony to the Mother Earth and almost always we go to a forest or someplace to be in contact with nature. We always have beautiful experiences when the Divine Mother manifests itself.

Q4: Do you find it difficult to get local people to join your group?

No, I have not had any difficulty getting people to join my group and since it was included in the list of groups, some people who live in Monterrey have contacted me by email and they have joined my group.

Q5: Do you have any connections with other local groups if there are any?

Yes, we have.

Q6: What do you want to share with people reading this on the Sisterhood of the Rose planetary network website?

We have to be conscious about the importance of having contact with our inner supreme being and spiritual guides, because they will tell us what to do in any moment. It's important to feel the love of the Goddess, because that's what is going to inspire us to be loving and compassionate, and motivate us to help in various ways. This Goddess love energy is what is going to bring the positive changes to our planet. Meditation is a very important tool to achieve our goals. Blessings, love and light.

Victory of the Light

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