Global Sisterhood of the Rose groups interview series: #2 Iran, Hamadan SotR group

Updated: Apr 1

Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network has started a new initiative to do an online interview with the individual Sisterhood of the Rose group around the world.

The second group that we conducted the interview with is the Iran, Hamadan group, leading by Jalal Faraji.

If you are interested in answering the following questions, please send your answers to

Q1: What inspired you or your group to be formed?

This was the first time that I was bringing my friends together in energy and spiritual terms to accomplish something important. I remember that over the past few years, I had been offered, repeatedly and differently, the opportunity to get my friends to do things in my field of study, to do small-scale public works or even to have a fun trip. But before forming the Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) group in Iran, I had no specific experience of spiritual activities, and I must say that it was a very rewarding and sweet experience for me. From the day I found out that the Earth and all the earth's creatures have been in the darkness for thousands of years, and since I realized the existence of a profound energy imbalance on the surface of the planet, and I also found out that the dark forces have installed a patriarchal identity in the Earth by various tools and tricks, and severely suppressed feminine energies in both men and women, I decided to do something. Meanwhile, I shocked by all of these manipulations. Then after getting acquainted with the SotR Group website, I decided to do my first act of bringing my friends together for the sake of spirituality and love. I will never forget this unique experience.

Q2: Did your group face any challenges when forming and how did you overcome them?

In the early days, I was almost certain that I would face many difficulties in forming this group. The country in which I currently live is a non-democratic religious country, and any taken action that is contrary to the mental and intellectual rules of the authorities and rulers of the country, in many cases will face an undemocratic and anti-freedom, against the individual free will attitudes. Because the official anti-religious belief in Iran is considered a crime and has grave consequences, I knew I had to be extremely cautious. Two months before the group was officially formed, I had encountered the news in the official media as well as in the social media. The news was that, in the town where I live, the military arrested a group of women who had come together to meditate in a house and were not treated properly. Media leaks had also suggested in the minds of the audience that the group intended to promote a deviant mindset and religion, but I was pretty sure that was not the case. The news text was in my mind, and I knew that I didn't have enough freedom to do the Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) meditations in my country. Another problem I encountered was finding people in the city where I live to have a good understanding of the situation, understanding the importance of anchoring the energies of the Goddess, and then balancing and strengthening the energy grid on the p