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Global Sisterhood of the Rose groups interview series: #2 Iran, Hamadan SotR group

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network has started a new initiative to do an online interview with the individual Sisterhood of the Rose group around the world.

The second group that we conducted the interview with is the Iran, Hamadan group, leading by Jalal Faraji.

If you are interested in answering the following questions, please send your answers to

Q1: What inspired you or your group to be formed?

This was the first time that I was bringing my friends together in energy and spiritual terms to accomplish something important. I remember that over the past few years, I had been offered, repeatedly and differently, the opportunity to get my friends to do things in my field of study, to do small-scale public works or even to have a fun trip. But before forming the Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) group in Iran, I had no specific experience of spiritual activities, and I must say that it was a very rewarding and sweet experience for me. From the day I found out that the Earth and all the earth's creatures have been in the darkness for thousands of years, and since I realized the existence of a profound energy imbalance on the surface of the planet, and I also found out that the dark forces have installed a patriarchal identity in the Earth by various tools and tricks, and severely suppressed feminine energies in both men and women, I decided to do something. Meanwhile, I shocked by all of these manipulations. Then after getting acquainted with the SotR Group website, I decided to do my first act of bringing my friends together for the sake of spirituality and love. I will never forget this unique experience.

Q2: Did your group face any challenges when forming and how did you overcome them?

In the early days, I was almost certain that I would face many difficulties in forming this group. The country in which I currently live is a non-democratic religious country, and any taken action that is contrary to the mental and intellectual rules of the authorities and rulers of the country, in many cases will face an undemocratic and anti-freedom, against the individual free will attitudes. Because the official anti-religious belief in Iran is considered a crime and has grave consequences, I knew I had to be extremely cautious. Two months before the group was officially formed, I had encountered the news in the official media as well as in the social media. The news was that, in the town where I live, the military arrested a group of women who had come together to meditate in a house and were not treated properly. Media leaks had also suggested in the minds of the audience that the group intended to promote a deviant mindset and religion, but I was pretty sure that was not the case. The news text was in my mind, and I knew that I didn't have enough freedom to do the Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) meditations in my country. Another problem I encountered was finding people in the city where I live to have a good understanding of the situation, understanding the importance of anchoring the energies of the Goddess, and then balancing and strengthening the energy grid on the planet and create the Vortex of the Goddess in SotR group and attend meditation sessions regularly. After a short while, the light and energy of the Goddess guided me and I was able to find those members. At first, I was able to tell them the basics and the importance of forming SotR groups around the globe for them. Fortunately, my teammates were high-potential people who were able to understand the current position of the Earth very well and helped me form this group with great interest and enthusiasm.

Q3: What activities do you do when you meet every week?

In the early days, we were five people, including four women and one man, who met weekly at one of the member's house at a predetermined time, and at first, we talked about personal matters. According to our Iranian culture, we spent the early few minutes of our visit with friendly conversation and simple jokes. In the meantime, we waited for the rest of our friends to come to the meeting, and most of the time we met at the appointed time. We used to prepare the environment for the temple of the Goddess before doing meditations. The host provided us with incense and candles, and we sat on the floor together preparing ourselves for the Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) meditations. At these meetings, we always did all four meditations. At the end of each meditation, we would ask each other about the feelings we had during and after the meditation. My friends often felt light during meditation, saw different colors, and even sometimes actually felt the presence of the Goddess. There were also times when our friends felt pleasure, energetic and happy for a few days after doing these meditations and were interested in doing them twice a week. Unfortunately, we did not have access to the Cintamani stone to use in our meditations, but we often used beautiful and relaxing music and mantras in our meditations. All the members while doing meditation were trying to imagine that they were in a sacred temple of the Goddess and they considered their attendance at the meetings very valuable. They also believed that they must have a mission to accomplish it effectively. They believed that one of their missions was to anchor the Goddess energy to balance the energy grid of the Earth and to create the Goddess vortex to prepare the conditions for the presence of the Goddess.

Q4: Do you find it difficult to get local people to join your group?

Yes, I do. I knew from the beginning, and I had rightly guessed that finding friends who would live with me and understand the conditions of the Earth would be difficult. I also believed that expanding this group could be one of my major challenges, because, in my place, there are many concerns, including making a living, the influence of religion and superstition on the subconscious level, religious determinism and government pressure, which are not allowed me to easily talk about what Cobra was posted on his blog, and I have often had the experience that many people, upon hearing these words, found me to be illusive and superstitious, but I was never really disappointed, and I have increased my efforts, and I believe that I can invite more people into true awareness and light through newer ways, and dispel them the false light. I also had this problem of attracting more people to the Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) group, and still have, but recently with the creation of a page on Instagram to introduce the SotR group, I have achieved success and I have been able to introduce these spiritual concepts to more people.

Q5: Do you have any connections with other local groups if there are any?

I just found out that in my city, there is another group that is serving the light in this regard, and they have formed a Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) group. I became very happy to hear this news and I know a member of that group on social media. I am very hopeful to be able to form a spiritual bond with that group soon, and serve together in the light, and do the SotR Meditations together. I also hope that the number of these groups and the quality of meditations will increase exponentially in my country.

Q6: What do you want to share with people reading this on the Sisterhood of the Rose planetary network website?

I would love to have a brief and friendly conversation with two groups of people who read this interview. Firstly, I speak with the lightworkers who have been able to become members of one of the Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) groups around the planet. While thanking all of these groups for their efforts to liberate the planet, I recommend that they strive to live in the city and country in which they describe the purpose and motivation of these groups to finally reach out to others to increase the number of these groups, because all members of the SotR groups are aware of the immense importance of forming these groups, and according to Cobra as he mentioned, as I remember, “what the SotR groups are doing across the globe now is the utmost important thing that is being done to liberate the planet and should never be overlooked”. And secondly, to those who have not yet joined any of this groups in their country or place of residence, I would like to ask them to email one of these groups’ members in their country and ask them about the necessity of participating in this meetings and help them with the formation of as many SotR Groups as possible, and I must say it to the loved ones that the Gaia extremely needs our efforts, spreading the awareness, and anchoring the energy of the Goddess, and also the presence of the Goddess to enable itself to end the process of the planet liberation with more speed and accuracy in peace, justice and calmness.

Victory of the Light

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