Global Sisterhood of the Rose groups interview series: #1 Denver/Aurora, Colorado SotR group

Updated: Apr 1

Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network has started a new initiative to do an online interview with the individual Sisterhood of the Rose group around the world.

The first group that we conducted the interview with is the Denver/Aurora, Colorado SotR group, leading by Debra.

If you are interested in answering the following questions, please send your answers to

Q1: What inspired you or your group to be formed?

I have created several women’s and spiritual groups over the years, so when I saw Cobra’s post encouraging the formation of Sisterhood of the Rose groups to bring in more Goddess energy to the planet, it spoke to me immediately. I’ve always felt very connected to the Goddess; in fact, if I ever needed a costume (like at Halloween, for instance), my go-to choice has always been to be some type of Goddess! I’ve been a passionate advocate for women’s and girls’ empowerment (it is the work I have done for many years), yet recently I have been concerned how the female empowerment movement has turned a negative direction with messaging that does not support the beauty and power of the divine feminine, but instead tries to take the feminine out of women/girls by encouraging them to be more masculine. As we can clearly see in most Hollywood productions these days, females are shown as being “powerful” by being portrayed as tough, hard, uncompassionate, and warlike—and society (especially our young girls) is being programmed to think this is “empowerment”. So I felt it was extremely important to start a SotR group to anchor as much Goddess energy as possible into our planet at this pivotal time, to become a conduit for the love, nurturing, compassion, kindness, care, healing, wisdom, peace, harmony, beauty, and STRENGTH of the divine feminine.

Q2: Did your group face any challenges when forming and how did you overcome them?

Forming the group was easy, as there were five of us that I was already gathering together periodically for meditation, discussion, support, etc., so we simply morphed into a SotR group and met regularly, incorporating the Goddess meditations and vortex into our gatherings. The challenges came later. When two of the participants moved out of state, the three of us continued. But eventually, I really wanted the group to grow, so I invited others I knew and posted my group on the SotR website list and made a few positive connections that way (including bringing in our first male member, who brought an amazing energy to the group!). I officially “relaunched” the group, providing everyone with a “Welcome” goodie bag of rose-related items and a calendar of meeting dates and important astrological times when we might do additional gatherings. We had a strong consistent group of 5-10 participants attending regularly, but then we started to face challenges—people moving out of the area, personal/work conflicts, and some negative feelings between