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Calling All Sisterhood of the Rose Groups to join "Blessings of Al Nilam" meditation campaign

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Greetings, dear ones!

Everybody is heartily invited to take part in the "Blessings of Al Nilam" meditations to counteract and neutralize the evil actions of child abusers worldwide and to purify the darkness and primary anomaly which surfaced due to their actions against the Goddess energy. The campaign starts on Thursday, August 15th 2019 and finishes on Friday, 17th January 2020.

Here is the link to the original post for this meditation campaign organized by WLMM where you will find all needed instructions:

Sisterhood of the Rose physical groups are by this invited to engage in those endeavors doing Buddhic columns meditations together for chosen locations.

Victory of the Light!

Below I'm reposting article 74 of Therese Zumi Sumner from her blog in support of this campaign and also as an invitation to SotR groups and Light workers worldwide:

A Storm is Brewing ~ 3

Where do all the missing children, adolescents and older young men and women disappear to? Here below is the answer. How can you help? Very important meditation begins tomorrow 15th August 2019

14th August 2019

By Therese Zumi Sumner

Amazingly my friends at We Love Mass Meditations went out with the following appeal for help about the same time that I posted my article about the numbers of missing children yesterday! {Article 73} This strengthens my trust in that my article was indeed timely and important.  

Here are some lines from their info in the above link:

“In a period of 4 months between April to July this year, we had a major Buddhic Columns campaign in which we built Buddhic Columns upon members of Black Nobility families.

Last month, we also had a short meditation campaign with a focus on some of the most dangerous child abusers or paedophiles on the planet.

The aim of these meditations is to neutralize the actions of these people against the Goddess energy, and to purify the darkness and primary anomaly they have attracted due to their actions.

It is also important to note that much of this child abuse takes place in the private properties belonging to these families, especially those that are not accessible to public.

This also applies to mind control programming which takes place in military bases and other locations which may not be accessible by the public.

To neutralize the dark energy and primary anomaly at these locations, we are going to organize another meditation campaign to build a Buddic Column on each of the location listed on the following page.

Same as the previous Buddhic Column meditation campaign, this one is also time sensitive. It will begin on Thursday, August 15th, 2019 and finish on Friday, 17th January 2020. More locations may be added in future and a separate announcement will be made.

The time of this meditation is at 3:45 PM UTC every day.

TZ again; So, I could not of course avoid looking at the list of locations linked here above. I have also taken the time this morning to break down the 156 long locations / photographs into the following lists which I felt was necessary to corroborate the article I published yesterday. I had no clue then that our Cobra friends at ‘WLMM’ had plans for this or that Cobra had suggested to them that they continue with these meditations.

Whether or not you intend to take part in the daily Buddhic Column meditations (or choose the particular locations that you absolutely want to be a part of cleansing) I suggest that you see this list of places.

Mind Control Programming Sites

The daily meditations (ONE for each location) which begin tomorrow august 15th start with the known mind programming sites.  There are no less than 71 Mind Programming Sites listed!

USA = 60 locations

Germany = 3

Canada = 3

England = 3

Switzerland = 2

Then there are 85 other locations directly involved.

Locations of Black Nobility Families

Italy = 24 Locations

England = 14

Scotland = 8

Germany = 6

Austria = 6

USA = 5

Netherlands = 4

Czech = 3

Belgium = 2

Spain = 2

Luxemburg = 2

France = 2

Switzerland = 1

Croatia = 1

Northern Ireland =1

Plus, the following locations, The White House, Guantanamo Bay, The Vatican (2)

Because there are so many sites for these meditations and we can only focus on 1 daily this means that the timeframe for these lists to be covered are from tomorrow the 15th August until 17th January.

If the Event takes place during this timeframe, and we all hope that that is the case, then the work will be completed at the time of The Event.

Calling All Sisterhood of the Rose Groups

I feel guided to suggest to all lightworker groups that unite to meditate at this point in time  and not in least the Sisterhood of the Rose groups might consider speeding up this process by choosing locations that you might have in your vicinity and maybe arranging to gather and do the Buddhic Column together for these locations.

Everything that you and I do on every level to spread the Light at this time is speeding up the Event. With these meditations you are supporting the Light Forces in their ongoing work.

The Light forces are now starting to remove child abuse networks with full force.”

Namaste Therese Z

1 comentario

These groups use children for the following purposes:

*As "Manchurian Candidates" to spread fear around the world for the false "terrorist agenda(s)". In reality, it's part of the US plan to control your planet through fear.


*For organ harvesting

*For unholy sexual practises to gain power

And, last...but certainly not least:

*As food. read that right. These beings consume both fear and flesh.

Their end will be too horrific to observe. In the end, they will consume themselves, until nothing is left.

I can only tell you of the physical side of the consequences of child abuse. Where I come from, any human from Earth would be immediately quarantined in a City we have built…

Me gusta


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