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Call from the Goddess to Unite in Mass Meditation ~ A letter to the Sisterhood of the Rose groups ~

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

In Atlantis, priestesses of the Goddess were gathering in circles of twelve to anchor the energies of peace and harmony. They were called the Sisterhood of the Rose. They later reemerged in ancient Egypt as priestesses of Isis, with the rose being a sacred symbol of the Goddess Isis. In the time of the Crusades, the Sisterhood of the Rose was the feminine counterpart to the Templars. During World War 2, they tried to influence some of the top Nazis, sometimes successfully persuading them to more peaceful ways, and thus saving many lives.

In our present time over 200 Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) groups are anchoring the energy of the Goddess worldwide. Divine feminine energy is spreading throughout the world to bring Peace, Love, Harmony and Unity back to the planet. Revival and reactivation of the Sisterhood of the Rose is entering in a new phase.

Meditation is one of the main activities of today’s Sisterhood of the Rose groups locally and globally, and SotR groups are also participating in worldwide synchronized mass meditations organized by The Portal and We Love Mass Meditation blogs.

Now, in these turbulent times, when we are witnessing the old world falling apart and the new emerging, the Sisterhood of the Rose has a significant role to play on a worldwide scale. We have never had such a substantial and major task in the world history. Our task now is to bring unity into a divided and compartmentalized world community. This is a calling of the Goddess to unite!

Unity can be reached only through the magnetism of the Goddess energy.

People are suffering because of the separation and constant infighting in their communities. They are suffering in their hearts. Only divine feminine energy can bring us together again. Only Goddess can unite warring and wearing people through her magnetic energy. There is unprecedented beauty and relief in her magnetism. There is stunning wealth, an elixir of eternal youth in her magnetism. If one would just allow, allow her to enter in his heart. If one would just call her.

We are addressing spiritual leaders, to open their hearts and minds to the magnetism of the Goddess, to open their hearts and minds to her pure magnetic essence which unites and heals!

If you are inspired and guided so, I encourage you to write your personal letter as member of the Sisterhood of the Rose PN to one or many spiritual leaders with the invitation to join us in our upcoming mass meditation - Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation on April 5th 2020 at 2:45 AM UTC.

Here is link to an open letter to the spiritual leaders:

Victory of the Goddess!

Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network



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