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ATTENTION Physical Groups: Important Sisterhood of the Rose Survey--Please Respond by Feb 28th

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Goddess Blessings dear Ones! Please attend to this time-is-of-the-essence post, and share it! It’s a call to all the physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups who have been anchoring Goddess energies and sharing Goddess teachings around the world! Please answer this short survey by February 28th. It is meant only for the groups that have been meeting (even if you took a hiatus due to the recent global situation.) This will assist both your group and our website team to operate well and to better serve. We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter! Again, this survey is for existing groups only. Any new groups that would like to be listed should continue to contact us via email. And for new groups forming, below, I include two videos that will help! In our survey: there is a form to fill in your information. In some cases, you might be a contact person for more than one physical group. If this is the case, please complete the survey for each physical group you are taking this responsibility for. In other words, if the same contact person is responsible for multiple groups, she/he needs to fill in a form for each group. We are also requesting alternate contacts, as our team receives too many messages from sisters and brothers who have tried and been unable to connect with the information on our global groups list. Here is the link to the survey: Much LOVE and GRATITUDE for your cooperation in this! Beloveds, now more than ever it is so important for physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups to meet regularly to anchor Goddess energies. More and more people are awakening and want to connect to Goddess, and we are all here to help one another to do so. To begin… just begin! You can start working with even just one other person! To have your group listed on the global groups list, you must have at least 3 members meeting weekly. Please see Jagruthi’s beautiful video here, it tells how to form physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups and the requirements to form Sisterhood of the Rose Groups in your area You may also enjoy and share this Goddess Calling to Unite video, meant to help you anchor divine feminine energies on Gaia— it is a Sisterhood of the Rose meditation/invocation to create a Goddess circle to unite in oneness! There is also a playlist for the Goddess Calling to Unite in multiple languages: Thank you dear Ones! Please do share this post far and wide so that all groups are aware and can help our website team and and help connect interested new members with groups in their areas! Sending so much LOVE and LIGHT to you all! Zeeva Amrita 🌹💜🌹



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