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Age of Aquarius Final Activation Dec.21 - global meditation / Promo video by Sisterhood of the Rose

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Is 20 minutes of your time worth helping to change our world for the better? Join the Age of Aquarius Final Activation global synchronized meditation on December 21 during the powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 6:22pm UTC (1:22pm New York/7:22pm Paris). For more time zones, visit:

A playlist of the 20-minute guided meditation has been created in many languages. Click here to find one in your language:

For more information, visit:

Let’s unify our consciousness to lead us into the Age of Aquarius where ALL people can live a life of peace, happiness, joy, and abundance!

Please spread the PROMOTIONAL VIDEO below, conceived by Sisterhood of the Rose, to help get AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE participating in the #AgeOfAquarius Final Activation #Meditation on December 21 at 6:22pm UTC (1:22pm New York/7:22pm Paris) so we can CHANGE OUR WORLD!

Promo Video link:

Help Change the World on December 21!

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