Age of Aquarius Activation Interview with Cobra by the Sisterhood of the Rose

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Sisterhood of the Rose organized an interview with Cobra about the importance of the upcoming Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 on June 29th/30th at 5:48 AM UTC.

You can listen to this interview on YouTube here:

Below is the transcript of the interview with Cobra by Sisterhood of the Rose:

Debra: Hello, my name is Debra and I'm a leader with the Sisterhood of the Rose. Today I have the pleasure of speaking again with Cobra. Cobra is the chief intel provider for the Resistance Movement, where he offers important planetary and galactic information at his blog, Welcome Cobra and thank you for doing this interview!

Cobra: Thank you for the invitation.

Debra: It's always so wonderful to speak to you. We have many things to discuss today, and I'd like to start by talking about the importance of the upcoming Age of Aquarius Activation Part Two Meditation that will take place on June 29th or 30th, depending on your time zone. So let's start by talking about the Age of Aquarius timeline. The Age of Aquarius timeline stargate opened up on January 12th with the Saturn Pluto conjunction. Then the turning point is coming up on June 30th with the Jupiter Pluto conjunction, and then it will close on December 21st with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. Can you tell us what exactly is a timeline stargate and how can we connect with it dur ng our mass meditation on June 30th? Why is this turning point such a powerful activation point?

Cobra: This timeline stargate is a multidimensional doorway which is shifting the evolution of this planet from the old timeline, which we have all experienced in the new Age of Aquarius timeline. So we're actually transiting between two different timelines, different evolutionary patterns. And this year 2020 is the year when this transition is happening on higher levels and it starts to manifest towards the physical. The purpose of this stargate is to shift the course, the current evolution, on this planet. And the turning point on June 30th is actually the critical moment where we start to manifest this new timeline. It's not manifested yet; we are shifting towards it. Of course, as you can see we are still in this old paradigm, the planet is still experiencing the last moments, the last phases of decay of the old society. But this moment of June 30th, we can actually plant the seed. We can start triggering the change and this can start manifesting in the second part of this stargate, in the second part of this year.

Debra: So it's almost like a new beginning, an opportunity for a new beginning?

Cobra: It's an opportunity to seed the seeds of the new beginning. The new beginning will not manifest yet, but we can start triggering it. We can start visualizing it. It’s actually a trigger; it's like when you light a fire, the first spark which lights a fire. This is June 30th.

Debra: Oh, interesting. How is it related to the first Age of Aquarius meditation that we did in January of 2020?

Cobra: The first Age of Aquarius meditation actually introduced this new timeline. And as we have all experienced, it triggered drastic reaction of the dark forces because they realize they're losing the game and that's why they have attacked with many weapons, with many different cards they have up their sleeve, and it was quite a challenging time. But the result, the end result of that as you can already see, is a big transformation of human society. A new consciousness is being born among the masses. Before it was just a small percentage of humanity that was aware of what's going on, but now this is becoming common knowledge.

Debra: Right. So after this meditation on June 30th, how can we prevent the cabal from acting out again, as we experienced in the first half of this year?

Cobra: We cannot prevent it, but we can make it less. If we are aware of what's going on, we need to be aware that we are still in a war. This is war of two different timelines. The positive timelines we are manifesting and the old timeline that is dying. It's a very chaotic time. But the more light we anchor, the more light we hold, the smoother the transition will be – and our meditations can make this transition much, much smoother than it would be otherwise.

Debra: Is this timeline and meditation also related to the interdimensional portal which began to reverse the trend of the Draco invasion in 1996, that portal that opened up on August 11th of 1999?

Cobra: They are connected of course, because what the dark forces did in this year is actually a repeat, an attempt to repeat, the invasion that happened in 1996. Of course they have much less resources now, so their attempt is seriously much smaller, much milder than what happened in ‘96 and it lasted much less and they're exhausting their resources. And the timeline that started in 1999 is assisting in its overall transition, because this year 2020 is just one step towards the final liberation. It's one step in the huge Ascension doorway, which opened in 1975 and closes in 2025. So it's a 50 year transition period, but this year 2020 is one of the most important years in that overall transition. So we need to do whatever we can to anchor as much light as possible to have the most possible positive outcome of this transition.

Debra: Absolutely! And I want to speak to you a little bit later about that Ascension doorway. But I'd like to speak a little bit more about these meditations that are taking place this month, as well as the last ones that we've done. So you've said that critical mass is needed for breakthrough and fundamental shift of timelines, and that first the effects will be small and barely noticeable, but that the change of direction in this river of planetary events will be quite significant and can actually determine how things will develop. So I'd like to ask you what changes were produced as a result of us achieving critical mass on January 12th and then achieving the big numbers, over one million, for the April 4th meditation of this year?

Cobra: Our meditation on January 12th was, although we barely reached a critical mass, it was very successful. Many dark scenarios which were planned have been prevented. War with Iran has been prevented. There were other plans the dark forces had for other military conflicts and wars that have been prevented. A drastic stock market crash has been prevented because the dark forces were planning to introduce digital currency. They were planning to introduce 5G networks in the first part of this year. And none of that has happened on a global scale. So those things have been prevented. And our meditation on April 4th has slowed the spread of the coronavirus. Without that meditation, we would be in a completely different situation regarding the virus on the planet. It would have been much worse. So those meditations have prevented many negative scenarios. I know people are complaining that we didn't achieve more, but what we have achieved, if we take all situations into account, we have achieved dramatic improvement of what could otherwise happen.

Debra: Right, I know people were a little frustrated. So rather than seeing things externally, it’s what didn't happen, what was prevented, and that is a super big positive on what these [meditations] can prevent. So definitely more motivation to participate in the upcoming meditation! So in the meditation instructions, you ask us to visualize erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all of humanity, and then to visualize the soft pink light of the goddess, embracing all beings on planet Earth and healing their emotional bodies. Do we need to heal our emotional bodies before we can receive abundance? And what would be the best technique for healing our emotional body specifically to allow us to accept abundance into our hologram?

Cobra: Both processes are taking place simultaneously at the same time. So as this new timeline will begin to be anchored, there will be new avenues of abundance available to humanity. When the control of the dark forces cracks, much abundance will be released. And of course the process of healing the emotional body is taking place at the same time. Emotional bodies have been wounded dramatically, especially in the last two decades. People have experienced a lot of trauma as a result of the dark control. And now as the cosmic energies will begin to enter the quarantine more and more, many healing energies will come, especially angelic beings will start to contact human race again. They will start to contact beings and healing them. One of the most important aspects of emotional healing is to invoke healing angels to assist in the healing process. And the Pleiadians are also developing a protocol for emotional healing. That protocol will be ready in a few weeks, and when it is ready, I can release that on my blog and people can use that protocol. The Pleiadians will start to help with emotional healing of lightworkers and lightwarriors, because many are quite tired and traumatized by the war that's taking place.

Debra: We very much look forward to those protocols when you can release those, so that's great news! So if we, or I should say when we, reach critical mass at the moment of this Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 meditation, how will it create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide?

Cobra: This time when we reach the critical mass, there will be a flash of energy coming from the Source through the galactic core, through the solar system, and into the planetary energy grid, which will make the intervention of the light forces so much easier. So one part of the matrix will be deconstructed and it will be much easier for the light forces to enter with their energies into the energy field of the planet. And as I was speaking before about the emotional healing, emotional healing will become easier, and this is one of the critical aspects of the transition that needs to happen.

Debra: Wow, that's definitely motivation to do the meditations. It's been suggested that to build maximum momentum with our mass meditations during this month of June, we can create a continuous tsunami wave of light with one million or more meditating on June 14th, on June 21st during the Ring of Fire solar eclipse when the Earth aligns with the galactic center, and then again on June 30th. This would be the first because there would be no long gaps in times in between each meditation. So what is your feeling about what this continuous wave of light could accomplish in terms of accelerating planetary liberation and the long-awaited release of prosperity funds and off-world technologies?

Cobra: The light forces have communicated to me that we have this meditation on June 14th, which is Pluto Eris square; we are meditating for peace because that is a challenging aspect which might trigger certain tensions which need to be resolved. And meditation for peace will ease those tensions and make things a little bit more calm and balanced. And the light forces also communicated that on the moment of the solar eclipse on June 21st, this will be a booster meditation like we did last time. We will have a booster meditation which will allow us to gather the required critical mass. So when the eclipse happens, we will be meditating to reach the critical mass. It's like a rocket, which has the first stage and the second stage. So we will be launching up; first we have this peace meditation, we have to calm the situation, we have to stabilize the grid, and then we have a lift up on June 21st at the moment of the eclipse. And then we have the second stage on June 30th when we reach the orbit. So we are going to correct the veil with this meditational structure. I will release all details about that with all instructions in my next blog post in a few days.

Debra: Okay, great! So it really is very beneficial to have these other smaller meditations prior to a mass meditation, and to have as many people participate in all of them.

Cobra: Yes, of course.

Debra: Can you explain the importance of invoking the violet flame as our protection during the meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation?

Cobra: So now that the situation, the energy situation in the solar system is getting better, we are using the violet flame. Violet flame is actually a vortex of angelic energy that clears all negativity from our energy field. And at the same time protects us from any negativity that might otherwise enter our energy fields, because people have been attacked during the past meditations and otherwise, and we need to ensure more protection. And now this protection is more available. So we can take advantage of that and use the violet flame to clear and protect our energy fields before the meditation, during the meditation, and after the meditation.

Debra: Absolutely. In astrology, Jupiter Pluto conjunction symbolizes great societal and spiritual reform, which will bring an abundance of spiritual and material wealth to humanity. Is this Age of Aquarius Activation [meditation] related to the Silver Trigger meditation that we did last November 11, 2019? And with Mercury being conjunct the sun on June 30th, does this influence finances?

Cobra: I would say this will be one step towards the final opening of the doorway towards abundance. It's not yet the final step, we're not there yet completely, but definitely with this push, we are getting closer.

Debra: Okay. And you talked earlier about this turning point. What is the difference in the energies in this first half of the timeline stargate between the opening of the timeline in January and the mid-point on June 30th, and then the second half between June 30th and December 21st?

Cobra: The first part was in a way more challenging because the first aspect we had was Saturn Pluto conjunction, and this is quite a challenging aspect. And the second aspect is quite beneficial; Jupiter Pluto conjunction is much more positive. So in the second part of this transition, we will experience a little bit less challenging time. There will still be challenges, the war is far from over, but we might experience also a little bit more of a support, a little bit more of an inspiration as the situation improves slowly. I would also need to say that the situation, the surface of the planet, will only get better just before the Event. People are expecting big changes to happen any moment, but I would say big changes on the physical plane are only possible just before the Event, when the critical mass of power is lost by the dark. So as long as they control the surface population, we cannot expect big breakthroughs. But just before the Event, or quite close towards the Event, we will have a cascade of events that will surely and quickly move towards liberation. But at the same time on the energy planes, on the nonphysical planes, we might experience positive breakthroughs even before that.

Debra: Okay, good. I'm glad you addressed that because I've had a lot of people that wanted me to ask you how much longer will this madness go on and all of that. What can we expect might happen when the Age of Aquarius timeline stargate closes on December 21st?

Cobra: This is something that I cannot talk about at this moment yet.

Debra: Okay, we'll look forward to hearing more about that in the future. If it's true that our level of consciousness individually and collectively determines the manifestation we create during mass meditations, have our previous meditations raised our frequency to a point where we will manifest something much better at this critical midpoint on June 30th? And how much has the actions of the cabal and dark forces, with their coronavirus and the riots and all of that, lowered our level of collective consciousness, and what can lightworkers do to counteract this?

Cobra: This is about five questions. Can we go one by one?

Debra: Sure, absolutely. So, have these previous meditations we've done raised the frequency to a point where we'll be able to manifest something much better on June 30th? I know you already mentioned that.

Cobra: I have answered this question. People are waiting for the big breakthrough, which is not happening yet. This work continues unfortunately; I know everybody's very tired, me included. I would say that this meditation is one big step closer to the final breakthrough. And from this point now on, breakthroughs on energy planes are possible, but I'm not expecting yet any breakthroughs on the physical plane for this meditation.

Debra: Okay. And, you know we've all had, the entire world has had, a challenging couple of months, so that was the second part of the question—have these actions of the dark forces lowered the level of collective consciousness in terms of moving forward and what can lightworkers do to counteract this?

Cobra: Actually, no, because as a result of the actions of the dark forces, many people have awakened. Many people have seen what's going on that were dormant before. So actually the collective consciousness of the planet of humanity has raised as a result of the dark action. So it was like a brutal waking call, I would say. So it will be much easier for the light forces at the time of the Event to carry out certain actions which were quite problematic before. There were certain problems how to deal with certain situations and those problems have been resolved as a result of this.

Debra: Wonderful, that is good news. Some are finding that by consciously expanding their personal energy field prior to a mass meditation, they are able to add much more light to the unified field of meditators. So if more people did this, especially in this month of June, would the overall light quotient be much greater in the effect of the meditation, much more powerful?

Cobra: Yes, of course.

Debra: Are we broadcasting a mirror of our own frequency out into the universe? And if so, how will this impact the effectiveness of our mass meditation?

Cobra: Again, we can use this time. We have powerful configurations coming June 14, June 21, and June 30, and you can use all these to boost up our vibration and expand our energy field individually and collectively to prepare for the main meditation activation on June 30th.

Debra: You said before for the mass meditation on April 4th that people are now more open for unusual solutions and more open to the higher connection with spirit. Mars-conjunct-Neptune right now is said to be an excellent moment for taking spiritual action. So after one million meditators participated in the meditation on April 4th, how did this affect the quantum field? Are more people likely to continue to be interested in doing mass meditations, like this one we have coming up on June 30th and spreading the word to others as a result?

Cobra: Meditation that we had on April 4th was a very unusual situation because there was a global situation with the coronavirus, and this is why we had so many people meditating. Right now this aspect between Mars and Neptune is actually bringing confusion in the field, which will last for a few days and will not affect the energy field greatly. It will just be a moment of purification of spiritual illusions that needs to happen before we can get to the next point.

Debra: On June 30th, Mars will be in Aries and square to the position of the big bunch of planets that were conjunct in Capricorn in January 11th and 12th. Does this mean war is possibly likely to break out and would America be involved, especially with the solar eclipse happening in Cancer on the June 21st solstice and America being born in the sign of cancer?

Cobra: I would not worry that much about the position of Mars around June 30th. It's not that challenging. There might be minor moments of tension like we have almost every day now. So I'm not expecting anything drastic on those days regarding that.

Debra: Okay, good. How can we use our consciousness to direct the river of free will on the planet at the midpoint of this timeline stargate? Are the critical moments actually before the meditation, when we spread the word and encourage others to participate, or is the critical moment during the meditation itself, when we use our freewill to help the light forces gain the upper hand over the dark forces when it comes to removal of toplet bombs and other quantum technologies that the dark are using to counteract the progress of the light forces?

Cobra: It's actually both. It's important to spread the word, it's important to make sure we reach the critical mass, and when the moment of the meditation happens, it's important to be in that collective field of our collective decision. Because we are making a conscious choice, a free will choice, that we want the Age of Aquarius, we were born for the Age of Aquarius. We are not born for this nonsense we're experiencing now. We were born for the Age of Aquarius.

Debra: We all completely agree with that! In one of the scientific studies you quoted about the effect of mass meditations on our reality, John Hagelin, PhD, said that, “The key idea is that all of existence emanates out of a field of universal consciousness called the Unified Field or Superstring Field. Simply put, consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe, and since all levels of reality arise out of consciousness, all levels of reality are affected by their frequency of vibration of the superstrings within this field of consciousness.” How does this relate to astrological opportunities available to us on June 30th?

Cobra: You can see that astrological configurations are interference patterns in this quantum field. Each planet emanates not just the electromagnetic field, but it emanates a quantum field, which has certain properties. And when those fields interact, they create an interference pattern and certain astrological configurations have very favorable interference patterns, which influence the form of field. And if we utilize that, and empower that with our collective decision, we can have far-reaching results. So there is a precise science to this, and this is it. This is why meditations are done at exact moments, over very precise wording, with very precise instructions, with laser-like focus to really have the maximum effect on human consciousness and on the affairs of the planet.

Debra: Dr. Haglin also said that previously we believed we were living in an inert universe, a universe of dead matter, but now we know the universe is overwhelmingly conscious at its basis. How can we use our meditations to shift and awaken the people who have been mind-programmed into believing that the universe is dead and that the consciousness has no effect on planetary timelines?

Cobra: We are not awakening people with this meditation. We are shifting the timeline. So it's like I said before, redirecting the flow of the river. And when the river flows in different directions, this, as a consequence, will trigger a mass awakening in its own time.

Debra: So we just allow people to awaken at their own pace.

Cobra: Yes, yes. We just create conditions, or we help co-create conditions, that will create a space for that awakening.

Debra: How can tired and exhausted lightworkers tap into the power of their consciousness to heal their bodies and their finances once they tap into the knowledge that we really do live in a universe of thought, not a universe of dead matter?

Cobra: By utilizing the law of manifestation. I was speaking about law of manifestation a few times; also on my conferences, there are a written notes about that on my blog somewhere, people can find it and study that. It's not that easy, I know, but it's possible for us to make our conditions better, regardless of all those external effects and influences. The law of manifestation is still valid, so we can utilize that.

Debra: That actually was exactly my next question: do these techniques that you teach in your conferences still work? Some people are feeling like there's just way too much interference by the dark forces in the lives of lightworkers to be able to fully manifest joy and abundance—but you're saying that they still do work and it's still worth putting energy into?

Cobra: Yeah, there is a lot of counter interference or counter current, I would say. It's not that easy to manifest complete joy and abundance, but you can have partial success at least, which is better than nothing at this moment.

Debra: Do you have any extra tips that you can add to your original protocols that could help us at this point?

Cobra: I would say if you really study those protocols and utilize them, you have more than enough.

Debra: Okay, good. I'd like to speak to you a little bit about the situation on the nonphysical planes, like the status of those planes being cleared. You said that most of the plasma anomalies have been removed. Does this mean that many of the plasma scalar weapons have been removed?

Cobra: The plasma anomaly has been almost completely removed. What is remaining is etheric anomaly, which has basically the same scalar weapons, the same technology. And this has also been cleared to a degree. So I would say there is substantial progress in the last few months.

Debra: So you said the etheric and astral layers are being cleared as well?

Cobra: Astral layer as well. Yes.

Debra: And the implants, and how does this clearing affect us?

Cobra: Well, it's an end time madness because all the programming is being triggered, or I would say most of the programming is being triggered. So this is the reason why people react so strongly and sometimes without any common sense. And I would repeat here, the key here is common sense. People need to start utilizing common sense, especially lightworkers and lightwarriors.

Debra: Right! That was an upcoming question—that people are experiencing heightened reactions, negative emotions in many cases, not acting like themselves. So you're saying it is because of the dark’s mind control or the influence of entities versus some astrological influence or galactic waves that's causing a clearing of suppress things coming to the surface that are being healed to prepare for Ascension. So is it primarily more of just the programming and the influence of entities that's causing some of these crazy reactions in people?

Cobra: It's both; it is being triggered and also it's a process of removal and healing. So if people use this opportunity to clear the programming, they will be much better off. And again, common sense.

Debra: Okay. Why can't the light forces take out the dark forces in the sublunar space? Is this because of the toplet bombs still in existence?

Cobra: It is simply there is so much direct technology present in the sublunar space. It's much harder than we expected, so this is tough. It a last fortress basically the dark forces have, and they are really defending it as much as they can. So the light forces have to proceed cautiously because humanity is taken hostage, and the light forces would like people to survive this intact. They need to dismantle this in a way that would not endanger human species.

Debra: Is there anything you want to share with us about the status of the toplet bombs?

Cobra: Not at the moment.

Debra: Okay. If more people perform the protocol of deprogramming of the implants, such as the "I AM God, I AM not God" exercise, would it help the light forces to remove the toplet bombs more easily and quickly?

[Crack the Matrix - Implants Triangulation Exercises:]

Cobra: It would help the light forces with ALL of their operations.

Debra: Good to know! How would a person feel if their head implants are gone? Would they be more clairvoyant, or would it open their third eye completely?

Cobra: Well, this is basically not possible at the moment because the implants are tied to the planetary energy field. If you would like to clear the implants, you would have to go beyond the veil. But if you did clear your implants, you would have the enlightenment experience; basically you would unite with the Source.

Debra: Mmm, beautiful. Are the bubbles of heaven expanding? You mentioned in our last interview that they can be found in nature, especially if we are 30 yards from other people. Are there other ways that we can experience them?

Cobra: If you really want to experience them directly, you have to go to nature at least 30 yards away from other people. Because this is a very pure energy, very high frequency, and the implants and technology people have in their energy fields disrupt that. But bubbles of heavens are starting to work directly on humanity as a whole, by triggering slowly the kundalini of humanity. And this is one of the reasons why the riots are happening. Everything is not engineered; it’s also a genuine wish for humanity to break free. And this bubbling below the surface of human consciousness will get more and more. We are now in the last phase of the phase transition before the Event. So you can expect more and more humanity being ready for the change, wanting to change, desiring the change, and finding creative ways to trigger that change.

Debra: Yeah, I'd like to speak to you in a moment about those riots. I just have a couple more questions around the nonphysical aspect. Some people are saying that the split is now happening, with the old Earth separating from a new Earth. Is this actually happening? And is it happening on all planes—physical, plasma, etheric, astral, mental—and are we able to experience it now? What can we do to live more of our daily lives in the new Earth?

Cobra: This is not happening. It's a false concept.

Debra: Okay, because there is a lot of talk about that taking place, so I'm glad you clarified that. At what point will that happen?

Cobra: There will be no split of the old Earth and the new Earth; the Earth itself will ascend to a higher vibrational frequency.

Debra: Okay, and in a moment I'd like to speak to you more about that Ascension timeline. But I'd like to ask you about the tachyon chambers; are they getting more powerful in helping people heal and anchoring light into the planet? And what about those people who cannot reach a chamber in their area? What do you suggest they do to get this kind of healing?

Cobra: Yes, the tachyon chambers are getting more powerful. We are constantly upgrading them, developing technology even further in cooperation with the Pleiadian fleet. And I think there are many chambers now throughout the planet, so it should not be too difficult to reach them. And of course, we are inviting more people, especially in the areas where there are no chambers yet, to establish a chamber in their area. So we need a strong planetary network of those chambers to heal people and to strengthen the planetary energy grid as well.

Debra: So the healing they offer is unique in themselves and we really can't duplicate it on our own.

Cobra: There is no shortcut here.

Debra: Yeah, I've experienced them, they are very wonderful. I would like to speak to you now about some world events. Of course, you know, a lot of people are wondering about some of these things that are going on. Can you tell us how the eradication of the COVID-19 virus is doing—are the Pleiadians able to abolish it? How is this going? This has adversely impacted people's lives, causing unemployment and depression. People are asking, how long might this go on? Can we expect a second wave? If so, when, and would it be wise to prepare by stocking up on supplies that get hoarded? Can you speak a little bit about the whole coronavirus situation?

Cobra: Yeah. The Pleiadians are developing more effective protocols; I'm expecting some results next month. We'll see how it goes. They would like to completely eradicate the virus. I cannot guarantee that, but this is their goal. So we'll see how it goes from July on. At this point they are not expecting the second wave, but again, it depends on how successful they will be in developing 100% effective stardust technology. This is quite a challenging thing on this planet.

Debra: Is Command RCV Stardust still effective?

Cobra: Yes, this is the protocol. They use the same protocol. This is the protocol for the coronavirus and it will stay the same

Debra: And they just keep improving it. Okay, good, we look forward to that. Let's get some clarity about what is really going on with the protests and the riots. Was the situation with George Floyd planned as a false flag to instigate the Black Lives Matter protests, which have then led to the violence and riots? You mentioned that the recent riots have been plotted by the cabal, so we are wondering if it was all planned from the beginning or if the dark forces took advantage of a police brutality situation to create this chaos? And what is the motive behind the recent defund the police movements?

Cobra: Basically the Jesuits have a plan to create civil war in United States; this is a plan that is active for a few years already. They are using situations as they arise to polarize people in United States, so there is greater and greater divide between the Democrats and the Republicans. This is exactly what the Jesuits want.; two opposing camps that hate each other. And this is the same pattern the Jesuits have used throughout history. If you study history, you will see all major wars have been engineered the same way. You have two camps of people opposing each other, and then the Jesuits polarized this more and more and more until a violence starts. And they tried to trigger this with those protests, which were happening last week. And the light forces have managed to contain this last weekend. So hopefully they will not be successful this time, but they will keep trying.

Debra: Are you saying that this situation with George Floyd, that it was an actual murder basically, and that it wasn't set up or staged?

Cobra: It was an actual murder, but the situation behind this is not so simple so there are many elements of this situation that have not been revealed yet. But I would simplify it by saying any trigger could be good to create a situation like this. There are thousands upon thousands of situations taking place every day that can be used as a trigger for something like this.

Debra: Yeah, they definitely took it and ran with it. With all of this civil unrest, you mentioned before that there is some positivity in it in that people are waking up and they're taking action. So in this situation with this civil unrest, are there positive effects, like a possible purification before the Event?

Cobra: Yes, actually there is. For the first time, there is a serious public discussion about police violence. This was a problem all the time and it was never discussed, and it is discussed now. Of course, the cabal tries to steer the discussion towards racial divide and they try to manipulate the public opinion, but there is more awareness and more disagreement. There is more opposition towards police violence, which was never acceptable, but now people want solutions to that. People want things to change. And this is the kundalini energy of humanity that says "No, we don't want that anymore. We, we deserve something better, something different.”

Debra: We just need them to stand up and fight for the right things, for planetary liberation, yes? Can you imagine if the energy of all of those people was directed toward liberating the planet? Wow!

Cobra: Actually it will be more and more, because people are aware more and more what's going on. For example, many people are aware of what Bill Gates is doing or what Dr. Fauci is doing. And this is now common knowledge. It's not just a conspiracy theory anymore. It's like a public knowledge throughout the world.

Debra: Yes. And in fact, that was coming up on my next question. So has Bill Gates been arrested or Dr. Fauci or anything?

Cobra: No. When those people are arrested, it will be big news in the media.

Debra: Okay. And we know that many of these plans of the dark are to create civil war, as you said, martial law, surveillance and contact tracing, mandatory vaccines and implanting. People are becoming increasingly concerned about all of this. Can we get an update on where we are with all that and what the light forces are doing to help us?

Cobra: What is interesting here is that people were not concerned when they were implanted with the first vaccination programs after World War II, and they were not concerned when they were implanted with the second implant vaccination programs since 1996. What is different now is people are more aware of what has been going on for decades. Also this COVID virus is a biological weapon; there have been many biological weapons released before and nobody was so worried about it. It is true that this situation has been engineered and manipulated, but the other aspect is that people are much more aware of all that has been happening until now. So finally they are getting worried. They were not worried before when the same things were going on for decades or even centuries.