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Communities, Soul Families and Sisterhood of the Rose groups are coming more and more to the forefront to step into their divinity and mission. In order to strengthen this and the sacred unity among us, we are guided to organizing an international gathering, which we hope will bring together many of our Sisters and Brothers from all over the world.

The date is: 17-18th of August, 2024.

Location: House of the Divine Light Foundation, Domonyvölgy, Hungary

We would like to organize the 2-day program TOGETHER with all of the members of the international Sisterhood of the Rose groups.

Therefore, We are looking for all those who would like to participate...:

- actively in the organization process and the preparation of the programs

-who would like to hold a presentation/workshop/meditation/ music and dance performance related to the program

-who would like to exhibit/sell their Goddess inspired handicrafts, clothes, oils, crystals, sacred objects etc.

- who would like to offer holistic, alternative therapy to participants and have their own small tent for this purpose.

Deadline for applications is July 1. Please send it to: houseofthedivinelight@gmail.com

The event will be held in English (with Hungarian interpretation)

Tickets for the event will be free of charge for the participants, (registration is required for participation))but it will be possible to purchase a donation ticket if someone wishes to support the Foundation, as we will need to hire technical equipment for the programm and so on.

Registration for participants from now on: 

Accommodation is recommended to look for and book as soon as you can in Domonyvölgy (the nearest is: https://szellotanya.hu/or Gödöllő.)

Detailed Programme coming soon...

Hope to see you soon beautiful Souls!

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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the existence of the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network, as we may read in Cobra’s post from May 27th 2014 here:


and 12 years since the Return of the Goddess activation at the Venus transit, a rare cosmic event when planet Venus passed in front of the solar disk on June 5th/6th 2012 (next Venus transit will be in about 100 years):


At the moment we have 105 active Sisterhood of the Rose physical groups worldwide:


You may read encouraging words about doing your life mission, which may certainly be the creation of the Sisterhood of the Rose group and Goddess Temple in your part of the world, in a story of a Light worker here:

Light worker Story 4

— Gather the Strength of Members in Physical Meetings, We Are One

“In the past seven years, we have held nearly 300 SOTR physical gatherings. If there is no SOTR group in your local area, we encourage you to form one and stick to this mission. In order to anchor Goddess energy, it is important to gather the strength of team members in weekly physical meetings. You can find more information on the website of SOTR planetary network: https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network

1. Did you have any special experiences in your childhood?

When I was about one year old, I felt that the world was strange, and it was strange to see that my parents needed to open their mouth to speak, and they needed to eat. When I was six years old, I dreamed about my past life for the first time. In that dream, I was a European woman brushing hair in front of a mirror. I looked into the mirror and thought “who is she”? Suddenly I realized that it was myself, and I woke up in shock. I also like mirrors when I grow up, because mirrors can convey information across time and space, and mirrors are both entrances and exits.

2. What about your awakening experience, why did you want to explore the truth, and did you have any special feeling when you saw Cobra’s message. Compared with various channeled messages why do you think Cobra’s message/intel from the Resistance Movement is more trustworthy?

In February 2016, I dreamed about flying out of the Earth during a nap. I saw the moon and other planets, which shocked me again. From that day on, I continued to have dreams of aliens, ufos, white dragons, angels, dolphins, galactic wars etc...All these things led me to explore spirituality. In 2018, I came across Cobra’s message for the first time; it was exactly what I was looking for because it precisely matched what I saw in my dreams.

3. After your awakening, did you receive support or experience interference from your family, if it’s interference, how do you cope with it?

I have not experienced interference from my family, because I have been good to them, so my family members trust me and give me a lot of freedom to do what I want.

4. What types of Light work do you mostly do and from your experience, is there anything that deeply impresses you?

My work include organizing a local Sisterhood of the Rose (SOTR) group, sharing truth, burying cintamani stones and building Goddess temple. Throughout these years, two things impressed me the most. Firstly, I dreamed of being on the mother ship of Ashtar Command after the first SOTR gathering, and secondly, I dreamed of Goddess Isis after the second SOTR gathering.

5. Do you have a clear understanding of your talents and energy characteristics, combined with your interest, what kind of work do you think you are suitable for, and what contribute to your happiness the most?

My energy is Goddess energy and my talent is organizing activities. I am very happy to get together with soul family members and to work for the Light together.

6. Did you experience any major setback after awakening? If so, how did you overcome it and what are the reasons that made you continue to work for the Light?

I have not experienced major setbacks after awakening. I have been relatively lucky and realized many of my dreams, so everything goes rather smoothly. The only interference now is the difficulty I encounter when sharing truth in my country.

7. Have you met any soul family members and/or soul mates after awakening? If so, do you think meeting them changes you and what have you learnt from the relationship?

I was lucky enough to organize the local Sisterhood of the Rose activities soon after my awakening. As a result of this, I am able to meet many soul family members. Through the interaction with soul family members I can see my shortcomings more clearly and transform them. And meeting a soul mate is like looking right into a mirror, enabling me to see my shadows more directly so that I can learn to transform them.

8. How do you balance your material life and spirituality, do you have any advice?

I set three goals for myself since the day of awakening: 1. Establish a local SOTR group, 2. Share truth and 3. Purchase gold and/or silver on a monthly basis. Since we are still living in the physical world, money is very important to us, and we need to balance it well. You can find out more about your interests, learn more about yourself, then perhaps you can turn your hobbies into a career.

9. Do you think self-healing is important after awakening? Please share some lessons, feelings or short stories if you like.

Healing is very important. You can take some time to meditate each day, go into the nature, go see some flowers, climb mountains, go near the water, feel the wind, feel the nature, feel the soil. Don’t focus on the cell phone too much and do not social only on your phone. Go meet some like-minded people in real life is also good for you to learn and heal.

10. If you could share a message with everyone, what would you say?

An' Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will;That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do ye miracles of one only thing;We are ONE.”

Original post:


<![CDATA[SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE INTERVIEW WITH COBRA “USA SOLAR ECLIPSE”]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/sisterhood-of-the-rose-interview-with-cobra-usa-solar-eclipse6606a00042c35a3517efa3beFri, 29 Mar 2024 19:14:50 GMTHoshino

Sisterhood of the Rose organized an interview with chief intel provider "Cobra" to discuss the importance of the upcoming total solar eclipse taking place in the United States on Monday, April 8, 2024. In this interview, Cobra and Debra, a leader with the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network, discuss how this eclipse is an opportunity for the people of the United States to decide the optimal future for the USA; and how it presents a significant moment of decision of what their future will be.

To take advantage of this powerful moment, there will be a 20-minute global mass meditation on April 8th at exactly 6:18 PM UTC, and Cobra and Debra talk about the importance of as many people as possible participating, so that a new cycle of manifestation may begin to create the most positive timeline. They also discuss the power of eclipses, restoring the Constitution of the United States, the role that Saint Germain played in the creation of the United States and the role he plays today, the USA 2024 elections, the astrology of Pluto in Aquarius, the “Great Awakening”, the Statue of Liberty, the Age of Aquarius, Native Americans, the Goddess Equator and Goddess energy, and more.

You can listen to the interview on the Sisterhood of the Rose YouTube channel here:


Below is the transcript of the interview:

Debra: Hello, my name is Debra and I'm a leader with the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network. Today I again have the pleasure to speak with Cobra, who is the chief Intel provider for the Resistance Movement, where he offers important planetary and galactic information at his blog, 2012portal.blogspot.com. Welcome, Cobra, and thank you for doing this interview.

Cobra: Thank you for the invitation. And hello everybody.

Debra: Yes. Today we are speaking primarily about a very popular topic in the United States and around the world…the upcoming total solar eclipse that takes place in the United States on Monday, April 8th. And to take advantage of this powerful moment, there will be a 20-minute synchronized meditation taking place at the peak of the eclipse at 6:18 PM UTC, which is 2:18 PM Eastern Time here in the US. So, Cobra, to start, can you please explain why is an eclipse a powerful time to do a large, synchronized meditation? Like what is the astrological significance of an eclipse and the resulting energy it creates?

Cobra: Okay. All eclipses, especially solar eclipses are very powerful moments. And the power of that moment is that an eclipse, solar eclipse especially, creates a doorway through which you can amplify your free will. So all free will decisions made at the moment of a total solar eclipse are far more powerful, and focused intent at that moment is extremely powerful. So, having a mass meditation at the moment of a solar eclipse is magnified many, many times. And the path of totality will go through the United States, so this particular eclipse will be especially important for the United States.

Debra: Yes, yes. You've said that there are two events in 2024 that will have the most impact on the future of the US. One is this April 8th solar eclipse, and the other is the presidential election on November 5th. So how is it that this eclipse presents the opportunity for a moment of decision for US citizens to decide what our future will be? What's the purpose of doing this mass meditation specifically for the United States during this eclipse?

Cobra: This eclipse is an opportunity for a critical mass of people within the United States to decide the optimal future for that country. So to visualize, and invoke, and start manifesting the optimal future for United States; it's actually to begin a cycle of manifestation of that optimal future. So this is the opportunity that this eclipse gives to the citizens of the United States.

Debra: And as you mentioned, the eclipse is an opportunity to use our free will, and so that's what we would be doing at this point, correct?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: And we understand that the critical mass, the goal is to have 30,000 US citizens doing the meditation. Why is it important that these people are US citizens?

Cobra: It is because it is the future of this country to be decided, and only people who are residents of the United States, or I would say rather US citizens, are the ones who are most empowered and are the right people to make that decision.

Debra: Okay. Will people from other countries also doing their meditation help support the impact of this?

Cobra: Yes, of course. People from other countries will also be doing this meditation and they can support, but the main focus and main decision need to be made by people from the US.

Debra: Okay, good. What effect will reaching this critical mass of 30,000 have on the US, and how will it affect the overall situation? Will it put us on a positive timeline moving forward?

Cobra: If we reach a critical mass of 30,000 people meditating, this will begin a new cycle of manifestation through which a more positive future will start manifesting, and this will start shifting the timeline for the United States into a more positive direction from that moment onward.

Debra: So, we definitely want to reach critical mass, so we're encouraging everyone to participate as well as share as much as you can with other people so that we can reach that critical mass of 30,000 people on April 8th.

So, let's talk a little bit about the history of the United States. One veiled aspect is the role that Saint Germain played in the creation of the United States and in the development of the Constitution. During this meditation, we will be invoking him to assist us in this transition. Now, many people are not aware of Saint Germain. They may know of his incarnation as Comte de Saint Germain in the 1700s, where he received much notoriety in European high society, but they may not be aware of him as an Ascended Master, nor of the important role that he played in creating the United States. Would you share information about Saint Germain's role in this? And is it true that he together with Benjamin Franklin created the Constitution?

Cobra: Okay. In the 18th century, he was quite active in France and there was a quite strong connection between France and the United States, and there was a lot of support in French high society for the creation of independent United States. And there were some people who were positioned in French masonic lodges at that time. Some of them were quite influential also in the creation of the United States and in the creation of the Constitution. And one of them was Benjamin Franklin, who was a member of quite an important French masonic lodge, and he had contact with Saint Germain. Saint Germain actually appeared once or twice in the formation period of the United States on the physical plane, and he gave inspiration for the creation of the Constitution and for the creation of the Declaration of Independence. He knew that the United States as a country has great potential. And I will be speaking about it later during this interview.

Debra: Okay, good. Yes, Saint Germain has stated that “America is the jewel of my heart” and that he has a very special fondness for America. Why is this, I mean, what's so important about the United States?

Cobra: The United States as an independent country is actually a project, a part of the project of Saint Germain called the New Atlantis. His purpose was to recreate the civilization of Light that existed on this planet in the time of old Atlantis tens of thousands of years ago. And his mission was, and still is, to recreate that civilization of Light. And as the United States was formed as an independent country, it was a huge potential to bring liberty and freedom to its population, and in that way to create a foundation on which this new society can be born. This was his project, and still is his project, and this is why the United States was so important, and still so important for him.

Debra: Is the purpose of the upcoming eclipse meditation to reestablish the United States as the New Atlantis? And how will this benefit the rest of the world?

Cobra: Actually, one of the purposes of this meditation is to reactivate this archetype and then reactivate that plan again, so that I would say the most awakened people in the United States can start anchoring the Light for the New Atlantis and to reconnect with that archetype and start building a civilization of Light that was meant to be in the United States. And it was meant to be the role model for the whole world. That was the original purpose.

Debra: Ah, the role model. That's interesting. So what is Saint Germain's role for this now, both for the US and for the planet?

Cobra: Okay. What he's doing is he's reactivating the Light grid around the planet. I would say there is a network of etheric currents which encompasses the planet, and maintaining that Light grid and stabilizing the Light grid can ensure the most possible positive timeline for the planet. And also, he is inspiring those who are ready for his inspiration to recreate that civilization of Light, to rebuild that civilization of Light again on the planet.

Debra: How would you best suggest we connect with Saint Germain to do this?

Cobra: The first thing is for everybody to become more familiar of who he was and who he is, and to meditate upon his presence, call upon his presence, and he will respond.

Debra: Interesting, thank you. As we understand it, Saint Germain was also creating the new financial system, funding money in a special account called the Saint Germain Trust, and this money accumulated to 40 to 50 trillion dollars and that it will be released for the whole of humanity after the Event that brings down the cabal. Can you tell us a little more about this? And also, is there any chance that any of this money could be released before that?

Cobra: Okay. Saint Germain has created this trust in the 18th century, and this money has accumulated, of course, a lot of interest, and now it amounts to, at this moment, more than 50 trillion dollars. And this money will be released when the new financial system is introduced, and this will be given to humanity for, I would say, as the initial kickstart fund for New Atlantis.

Debra: Okay, good. And so, I'll ask you again, is there any chance that any of this could be released before the Event?

Cobra: It is extremely unlikely.

Debra: Okay, thank you. Wanted to get clarity about that. Let's discuss the second decisive time for the USA in 2024, which is the presidential election on November 5th. Why is this upcoming election also a significant time to chart the course for the United States, and what is most important for people to understand about this?

Cobra: I would say that this is a moment of great potential; great potential for good, and also a great potential for darkness, depending on what timeline will be decided and what people will do about that situation. The dark forces have plans to divide the country more and more, and the Light Forces have plans to bring more unity and more inspiration at that moment. So it is not decided yet what will happen, but it'll be one of the key moments to decide the destiny of the United States.

Debra: Will the eclipse meditation, if we reach critical mass, will that have an impact on helping the situation between now and the election?

Cobra: Of course, if the critical mass is reached, then the United States will start gravitating towards the most positive timeline.

Debra: Okay. Can you give us any further ideas of what we might expect here in the US before, during, or after the election on November 5th?

Cobra: It is a time of epical battle between the light and the dark. And this battle will intensify. There will be more and more polarization, but there are also quite important breakthroughs possible. The astrology for the United States is actually much better than expected, so it is not as bad as most media presented. It is actually much better, so there are many good things happening behind the scenes, and that energy can be used to hold the light for the most positive timeline, to visualize that, to hold the vision for a positive timeline and for the positive outcome of this experience.

Debra: Okay, very good. That's exactly what I want to talk about next is the astrology of this time right now. So, we've discussed before about the significance of Pluto's journey into and out of Aquarius during these times. Pluto has now moved back into Aquarius, which it only does approximately every 250 years. And when this occurs, it's generally a time of monumental change and transformation. So, what is the significance of Pluto entering Aquarius now, especially since Pluto was in the same position in Aquarius as it was at the birth of the United States nearly 250 years ago?

Cobra: Okay. One aspect of the Pluto in Aquarius archetype is the bringing of the new age, the bringing of the Age of Aquarius. It is a moment of spiritual renaissance. And in this particular cycle we are now in, the energy of Pluto in Aquarius brings First Contact. It brings contact between the surface humanity and extraterrestrial civilizations, one way or the other. And as Pluto is entering Aquarius this year, it'll stay in Aquarius for two decades, and those two decades will be the timeframe during which that contact needs to happen.

Debra: During this year, 2024, Pluto makes a final brief return into Capricorn from September 1st to November 19th. And then as you said, it turns back into Aquarius for the next 20 years. So, when Pluto is in Capricorn, it also signifies change, but often where what is in the shadows comes to light. So what is this last period when Pluto goes back into Capricorn for a few months this year look like, and how to prepare for it? And by the way, it's interesting that the US elections fall into this window of time. Will there be any impact from this, and if so, how?

Cobra: Pluto in Capricorn brings transformation, or I would rather say destruction of the old controlling systems. Pluto in Capricorn in the last, I would say, about two decades brought into light a lot of corruption and a lot of anomaly that exists in the controlling system on the planet. And the period between September 1st and November 19th is a period when the last impulse for that destruction of the old, this awakening of what really exists in the controlling system, will come to humanity. And as the election is in that timeframe, a lot of what was hidden before will come to light. A lot of negative aspects of the controlling system will be brought to light, and that is also a time of the greatest polarization. So that time is full of potential, and also a possibility for destruction. So we have to uphold the Light and visualize the best possible outcome for that timeframe.

Debra: Okay, thank you for that information. So there could potentially be a lot more disclosure coming out at that time. Let's speak again about Pluto in Aquarius. In history, it's also been a time of rebellion, revolutions, and significant societal changes. I mean, it was after 248 years ago that the American Revolution occurred. Will any type of revolution be necessary to instill changes in the United States, and how likely is this to happen to any degree?

Cobra: Okay. Pluto in Aquarius this time will transform the Earth's surface humanity as a whole. It'll not be limited only to the United States. So the societal change will happen everywhere, and I would say it will be beyond the scope of revolution as people understand it. It will be a complete transformation which will leave no stone unturned.

Debra: Okay, wow. So, it is important for people to understand the mass infiltration of darkness that's taken place on the planet. And one of the most effective tactics used by darkness is to divide and polarize the people, as you've mentioned, by creating opportunities for them to fight amongst themselves, which distracts from what's really going on, which in the case of the United States is the dismantling of the Republic itself. What can citizens do to address this?

Cobra: Okay, this is in a way a tricky question, because most people forget what is really important here. Everybody is a human being. The dark forces have created an artificial divide between Democrats and Republicans on the mental plane, and they are putting the focus of the people on the mental plane. And people forget that there is a soul in every human being. And focusing on that human soul is far more important than any political label that anybody can have. And focusing on that, humanity will bring the necessary change on the surface of the planet.

Debra: Okay, good. So maybe just being more in touch with your soul and your heart and feeling more compassion for other people?

Cobra: Yeah, you can put it that way.

Debra: Okay. Many people have been awakening to the reality of nefarious beings taking over all aspects of government as well as other areas of our life, not just here in the US but also globally. And many people call it the “Great Awakening”, which happens on an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual level. Part of this will include releasing information about the cabal, about extraterrestrial life, and the release of greatly improved technology. So as more information gets disclosed, as more people awaken, and as you mentioned, potentially more chaos ensues, after April 8th what should we focus on between now and the election?

Cobra: The focus should be what kind of society you wish to create, what kind of society we would like to have. To have a positive vision for the future.

Debra: Okay, so rather than focusing, you know, on being fear-based and focusing on what's wrong or what could potentially go wrong, hold the vision of the society and the life that you want to have.

Cobra: Exactly, because many people are already aware of what's wrong. Of course, it is good to have that awareness, but we need to go beyond that at this point.

Debra: Okay. With this Great Awakening, people are doing their own research to become better informed about the truth of our reality, which is a good thing, but hopefully they're using their own discernment, since there's also much disinformation out there. Can you tell us what role spirituality and self-reflection play in this process? And how would you recommend people better discern, as well as grapple with some of the hard truths that will surface?

Cobra: The key is to use common sense, combined with intuition and higher guidance. Because there is so much disinformation out there, it's very important to use common sense, to use a sane mind, and also to use your intuition and train it every day, and it will get better and better, and more and more precise.

Debra: In spite of the Great Awakening, there unfortunately still are many people asleep, especially in the United States. How can we get these people to love America, rather than work to destroy it? And are there enough awake people in this country to counteract the energy of the negative effects that the asleep ones are having?

Cobra: You cannot awaken somebody who does not want to awaken. So if you would like to have a positive effect, spread the Light to those who are willing to receive it. And unfortunately, there are not enough awake people now, but this can change in the future.

Debra: Okay, thank you. So, regarding the day of the solar eclipse, there has been so much talk. It increases every day in the mainstream media, as well as some alternative media, where people are talking about potential disaster taking place and urging people to prepare for one to two weeks of supplies, and that phones and internet may go out. Why is this? Is there a nefarious agenda at play, such as a biological attack to create another pandemic? Should people be concerned? Do we need to prepare for anything?

Cobra: No, no, no. This has been overblown completely. During the eclipse, many people will travel to the zone of totality, and there will be a lot of people moving to other locations. So there will be extreme traffic congestion, which can lead to minor supply chain disruptions. And also, certain states are relying on solar electricity and that can create some power grid disruption on the day of the eclipse. Nothing serious, but there might be minor disruptions because simply there will be too many people doing the same thing at the same time. So nothing to worry about. It's just a practical concern of too many people migrating on that day into the zone of totality.

Debra: Okay, thank you for that. I feel like a lot of people will be relieved to hear that, so thank you. So, we can't have a discussion about America without talking about Native Americans. There are dark and painful periods of American history that do need to be brought into the light and healed, particularly regarding those that took place with tribal and indigenous nations. And we do acknowledge that this has also happened globally. So, from your perspective, what is the most important thing that we can do right now to address the current and past suffering that's been unleashed? Is there a message that you have for cultures like the Native Americans who have suffered, they've been genocided, they've had their land stolen?

Cobra: At this moment, the most important thing would be for people to learn about the rich culture that those Native Americans have – legends, myths, that strong and rich culture – which has been almost forgotten because that is the strength lying behind all that. So much of this has been destroyed, but it can be revived, and this will be the power of the new regeneration. And from this, real forgiveness and real healing can happen.

Debra: Okay, great. I would think it would also be beneficial for Native Americans to really seek to go back to their roots and their deep spirituality. And I feel like that could also anchor a lot of positive energy into the United States. Do you agree?

Cobra: Yes, absolutely.

Debra: In the Eclipse meditation, in addition to our intent being to restore the Constitution of the United States, we are also intending to usher in the new era of the Age of Aquarius. So, you mentioned this earlier, but for those of people who don't know much about the Age of Aquarius, can you explain a little bit more about what it is? And we talked about visualizing the future and what we want, and could you explain more of what that looks like?

Cobra: Okay. Age of Aquarius is, I would say, the new age that will come after the completion of the current one, and it means the rebirth of a new society that will be based on true spirituality, and I would say a much more harmonious human society. And this is something that we can visualize, and this is what we were born to create in this life.

Debra: Okay, good. Do we understand it correctly that we have already started moving into the Age of Aquarius?

Cobra: Yes, we are in the transition period right now.

Debra: Will it only fully really kind of blossom after the Event?

Cobra: Exactly.

Debra: Okay. Will restoring the US Constitution move us closer to this? How do you see other nations responding if the US is able to restore our own Constitution, especially if we're able to do this within a short window of time?

Cobra: I think if that would happen, other nations would have much more respect for the United States.

Debra: Yeah, we could use a little more respect right now. And so, restoring our US Constitution, I assume it will move us further into the Age of Aquarius.

Cobra: Yes, it's part of the same process.

Debra: Okay. And we discussed earlier the importance that Saint Germain has put on the United States, but can you explain any further what is the intended role of the USA leading up to and during the Event, the following Golden Age, and in overall Planetary Ascension? It seems like the importance of the United States is a big reason why there's such a focus on destroying the Republic right now. Is this true?

Cobra: Actually, the great potential of the United States was fully blossoming in the 1980s and to a degree 1990s, when there was a big spiritual awakening in the United States. And then this awakening was heavily suppressed by the dark forces. And I would say the potential is still there, but it has not been fully utilized.

Debra: Okay, thank you. And as we near the end of this interview, I'd like to talk about Goddess energy, especially as it relates to the United States. So first, let's discuss the Statue of Liberty. The statue is a figure of Libertas, the Goddess of Liberty and Freedom. In her right hand, she holds a torch. And in her left, a tablet inscribed “July 4th, 1776”, the date of the US Declaration of Independence. And the statue was given to the US as a gift from France. Can you speak about the connection to France? You've talked a little bit earlier about that. And the true significance of this iconic statue that sits in the New York Harbor?

Cobra: Okay. This statue was a gift of French masonic lodges to the United States. But I would say here, I would stress the positive masonic lodges. This statue is a very powerful anchor of the Goddess Libertas. Libertas was a Roman Goddess of Liberty and Freedom, and that energy is being anchored in the New York Harbor, and this is, I would say the entry point for that energy. And it is a very important positive anchor, which the dark forces tried to misuse, but they were not successful. So as long as that statue stands there, it'll keep anchoring the energy of liberty and freedom there.

Debra: Okay, good, thank you. That was my next question…has the statue ever anchored Goddess energy in the US, and what the current status is of that?

Cobra: Yes, yes, it has been anchoring that energy for over 100 years, and it will keep doing that.

Debra: Wonderful, thank you. And just to explain, Goddess energy is the Divine Feminine representing qualities of love, compassion, peace, and more. But we do know that this feminine energy has been suppressed for so long in our country, as well as all over the world. And we're at a point where that healing energy of the Divine Feminine is very, very much needed. So, what is the role and importance of anchoring Goddess energy in the United States at this time?

Cobra: Okay, this is part of a global process because much, much more of that energy is needed worldwide. And since the focus of the Planetary Liberation processes is in the United States for this year, this is the focal point for that energy to be reactivated, especially during this time.

Debra: Okay, thank you. And I would like to take this opportunity to mention that a very powerful way to help anchor Goddess energy is to get involved with the Sisterhood of the Rose. Everyone can find a list of groups that meet around the world on our website: sisterhoodoftherose.network. And so Cobra, during the recent Phoenix Conference, you stated that the solar eclipse will activate the Goddess Equator, which in the United States runs almost parallel to the line of the upcoming eclipse. Can you explain to those who aren't aware what the Goddess Equator is, as well as the significance of these two paths being so close and so similar?

Cobra: Okay. The Goddess Equator is the old equator that the Earth had in Atlantean times in the time of the old Atlantis before the Polar Shift. And along that equator, there were very powerful Goddess temples, which anchored Goddess energy at that time. And one part of that Goddess Equator runs through the United States almost parallel to the line of the upcoming eclipse. So those two lines will communicate with each other and interact with each other at the moment of the eclipse, and it'll be a very powerful energy dynamic which will bring super powerful energies through the United States.

Debra: That's really good to know that they will be kind of feeding each other. Is it a coincidence that these two paths are so similar?

Cobra: Of course not. This is part of the, I would say, great design of the Divine plan, part of the New Atlantis plan.

Debra: Love that, thank you. And before we close, I would like to acknowledge the Patriots out there who feel passionate about restoring the Constitution and who work hard to awaken the masses. We very much hope they will all join the eclipse meditation because restoring the Constitution is one of the main goals of the meditation, and we really hope that they will share with their audiences. As we know, the more people that participate, the more powerful the results will be. And I'd like to address that some Patriots are not necessarily meditators, so Cobra, how best can we reach them and inspire them to participate in the meditation? If they're not inclined to do the synchronized meditation, would it still be beneficial for them to visualize the freedom they want for the US during the time of the meditation?

Cobra: I think it'll be easier for many people to join the meditation if they become aware that many scientific studies have proved that mass meditations do have impact on society, and this might be a good motivation for those who otherwise would not join…to join this time and sacrifice 20 minutes of their time for this. If they do not want to follow the official meditation guideline, they can of course use their own visualization or their own way of doing it, although it'll not be as effective because we need to focus intent. Every participation is welcome and will be much appreciated.

Debra: Wonderful, thank you. Do you have any other recommendations and final words of inspiration for us?

Cobra: Okay, at the moment of this interview, we have a little bit more than two weeks to go before the eclipse. I would invite everybody to share this with those who would be open, who would be interested, and to share the Light and anchor the Light in those two weeks, because we're approaching one of the key moments that can help us decide and create a better future. So thank you everybody, and Victory of the Light.

Debra: Yes, Victory of the Light. Thank you so much for this inspiration. We encourage people to check out your blog at 2012portal.blogspot.com, as well as the We Love Mass Meditation website at welovemassmeditation.com for further information and updates. I would like to thank the USA Eclipse Meditation team and the We Love Mass Meditation team for their support with this interview, and especially to you, Cobra, for joining this interview. We appreciate the information that you share and how you continue to hold the Light for humanity. Thank you again.

Cobra: Thank you, and goodbye.

Debra: Goodbye. Victory of the Light!

Cobra: Victory of the Light!

It's important that as many people as possible participate on April 8th, so please spread the word!

For more information about this important meditation, please visit


Click here for guided audio for the April 8th meditation:



<![CDATA[Sisterhood of the Rose Gatherings for United States of America]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/sisterhood-of-the-rose-gatherings-for-united-states-of-america660342501fb6e5c215485557Wed, 27 Mar 2024 11:50:19 GMTMea MaaDear Sister of the Rose,

I am contacting you with regards to the Sisterhood of the Rose and the importance of the Rise of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Goddess Light in the United States of America.

Can you feel the Light entering?


As you may know, the United States is destined to become the new Atlantis.

We are reaching a significant point where our light is truly needed to help anchor the Divine Feminine energy of the Goddess  in this nation as we hold the sacred blessings of the heart of the Goddess for all those around us.


The new Cosmic Cycle is upon us and we are met with Great Light, that will beam through from the Galactic Central Sun, through our planetary Gates on the Earthly plane and through all beings of Light, towards the core of our planet.

During the next upcoming months and years, an invitation is sent to you dear sisters, to gather  together with the Goddess, and to hold sacred circles of Unconditional love and light in your communities, to bring flowers, candles, sacred crystals, oils, blessings from the elements and the mother earth, divine guidance from your hearts and sacred wisdom you have held within.

To gather as One in Sacred Ceremonies and to collectively birth into existence, for the Goddess to flourish, for the Divine Feminine to be nurtured and held in the highest light, for the love of the nature of the Goddess to be fully restored throughout the United States of America and also the planet and within all inhabitants of this realm.

Each one of you have created a sacred space for sisters together and it is now time to reach out to one another, to hold the hands of the sisters around you and to rise together in sacred circles, to bless each other with love and kindness, to honor one another and to gently remind one other that we are here as a blessing, to collectively bring forth the Return of the Goddess.

It is very important for all Sisterhood of the Rose groups in the United States to have constant weekly/monthly meetings together and to hold the light together, to start anchoring light from the Galactic Central Sun within your Wombs, together as One.

Now is the time dear Sister.

Please look into the upcoming and important astrological dates and please initiate meetings during those critical moments.


Now is the momemt to rise sister, to stand in your Power and your Light, 

and to bring forth all that you have embodied with the guidance of the Goddess within.

The beauty, the light, the inner truth, the embodiment of the Goddess in her true nature as she is within you,

The Goddess is all around us,

she is in the Water,

she is in the Air,

she is in the Earth,

she is in the fire of our sacred hearts,

she is in the animals,

she is in the eyes of another and

she brings life to all things.

The Goddess is within us, feel her essence and now she is with you throughout your and day she's guiding you in every moment.

Remember dear one, remember dear sister!

Please take a moment to initiate the Goddess within you Now. [ You may practice this with your circles]


Close your eyes take 3 deep breaths

Concentrate on your breath.

Feel the light of your heart. Radiant, Strong and Filled with Love.


Now close your eyes and place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your womb.

Feel yourself becoming centered and grounded.

Breathe in and out.

You are safe protected nurtured in a space of Unconditional Love, Peace, Joy and Pure light.

Now, focus on the mind,  lower the mind to the womb.

Breathe in and out.

Focus on the senses, and lower the senses to your womb.

Breathe in and out.

Feel the heart, lower your heart to your womb.

Breathe in and out.

In this moment visualize spiral Galaxy radiating pure unconditional love and  Goddess light.

See yourself entering into the center of this spiraling goddess Galaxy.

Breathe in and out.

Feel yourself connecting to the goddess within the core of your being.

Feel your whole body radiating the light of the Goddess.

Here you feel safe, Pure unconditional Love,  Divine Peace, Joy, Compassion, Beauty, Creativity, and Divine Healing.

Connect with the Heart, bring the Heart back up.

Connect with the Senses, bring the Senses back up.

Connect with the Mind, bring the Mind back up.

Connect to the Higher Soul and the Higher presence of your being.

Merge your higher self with your Physical Self, Plasma self, Mental self, Astral Self,  Etheric self, Emotional self and all the many parts of your being.

Feel yourself Embodied in the true nature of your Higher Soul Self/I AM Presence.

Breathe in and out.

Feel yourself radiating the divine feminine and divine masculine within.  Balanced in sacred harmony.

Feel your body filled with Soft Gentle Glittering Stars as you are radiating Shimmering Rainbow Light.

Thank you for creating a temple of divine light.

The Goddess is present and she's here now.

And so it is.

Please continue anchoring the the Light via the Goddess meditations in your sacred circles:


Please continue to activate the Goddess Vortex meditation in your area as much as possible.

If you are so guided, please gather online meetings for sisters all over the states and let us gather and unite as One.


In Sacred Light and Gratitude.

Goddess Blessings,


Maria Nesa

<![CDATA[New Atlantis Workshop on April 8th, 2024 in Rochester, New York by Cobra]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/new-atlantis-workshop-on-april-8th-2024-in-rochester-new-york-by-cobra65f8b6755abf936c9ad0d2edTue, 19 Mar 2024 10:40:01 GMTMea MaaHello Everyone,

Anyone interested in a powerful group workshop & meditation experience, please join us on April 8th, the day of the Total Eclipse! People are joining us from all over the world Tickets are going fast.

"You're invited to attend the New Atlantis Workshop & Ray Initiations by COBRA on April 8th 2024 in Rochester, New York from 10 am-7 pm.

April 8th is the Total Solar Eclipse event happening directly over Rochester NY, the largest city in the path. The exact time of the Eclipse is 3:20 pm.

Help us anchor these cosmic energies into the Planetary grid and Cintamani grid. Please join us for this incredible & enlightening experience to expand your Ascension path & help the Planetary Liberation. The path of the Eclipse will follow the same path as the Goddess equator activating the energy of New Atlantis! We will be outside for the Eclipse, bring a jacket! Eclipse glasses provided. Lunch Buffet optional for $20 all you can eat!"

For tickets & Ray purchases email 'Demetra' for payment details: Venmo, Zelle, Wise, SWIFT Bank Transfer (international only) ACH Bank Transfer (domestic only)


Mimi Hambas

<![CDATA[New Atlantis Workshop on April 4th, 2024 in Sedona, Arizona by Cobra]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/new-atlantis-workshop-on-april-4th-2024-in-sedona-arizona-by-cobra65f8b8794c3b56388074aa1dTue, 19 Mar 2024 10:38:14 GMTMea MaaGreetings Family of the Light,

I invite you all to a special gathering in Sedona, Arizona on April 4th, 2024. The New Atlantis workshop and Ray Initiations by Cobra.

This event will be a one day workshop (with Ray Initiations at the end of the day) which will help to prepare the energy field of the New Atlantis for the eclipse which will be occurring four days after. Sedona is one of the most important vortexes in Arizona and Arizona is a focal point for the Galactic Wave of Love. In 1996 the Sedona vortex fell to the dark. It is time now that the Light returns there to melt away all curses and blockages throughout that sacred land.

Please consider joining us for this special occasion. Together we may ensure that the cosmic waves of Amor touch down on this planet in the most divinely graceful way possible, for the highest purpose. For the Highest good of all.

The New Atlantis is destined to rise in the Highest Light *

And so it is.

~ ~ ~

For tickets & ray initiation purchases please email Patrick for payment details:

Venmo, Zelle, Wise, SWIFT Bank Transfer (international only) ACH Bank Transfer (domestic only)


A lunch buffet may be available (vegetarian/vegan friendly). Further information on that as well as venue location can be provided to those interested in attending.

Amor Vincit Omnia!

Patrick Schulte


<![CDATA[INTERNATIONAL SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE and SOUL FAMILY Reunion - HUNGARY ]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/international-sisterhood-of-the-rose-and-soul-family-reunion-hungary65aeca0292fb98eeb7b8a6ffMon, 22 Jan 2024 20:05:59 GMTMea MaaNote on March 6th 2024: Your applications are still being accepted, regardless of deadline in text below

"We all look forward to 2024 with great hopes. Communities, Soul Families and Sisterhood of the Rose groups are coming more and more to the forefront to step into their divinity and mission. In order to strengthen this and the sacred unity among us, we are guided to organizing an international gathering, which we hope will bring together many of our Sisters and Brothers from all over the world.

The date is: 22-23d of June, 2024.

Location: House of the Divine Light Foundation, Domonyvölgy, Hungary

We would like to organize the 2-day program together with the leaders and members of the international Sisterhood of the Rose groups.

Therefore, We are looking for all those who would like to participate...:

- actively in the organization process and the preparation of the programs

-who would like to hold a presentation/workshop/meditation/ music and dance performance related to the program

-who would like to exhibit/sell their Goddess inspired handicrafts, clothes, oils, crystals, sacred objects etc.

- who would like to offer holistic, alternative therapy to participants and have their own small tent for this purpose.

Deadline for applications is March 1.

Please send your applications to: houseofthedivinelight@gmail.com

We will be able to answer registered mail after this date.

The event will be held in English (possibly with Hungarian interpretation)

Tickets for the event will be free of charge for the participants, (registration is required for participation))but it will be possible to purchase a donation ticket if someone wishes to support the Foundation, as we will need to hire technical equipment for the programme and so on.

Registration for participants from the 1st of April:


Accommodation is recommended to look for and book as soon as you can in Domonyvölgy (the nearest is: https://szellotanya.hu/ or Gödöllő.)

The programme of the event will be announced in early April 2024.

We welcome your applications and looking forward to see you all!

Nagy Katalin"

<![CDATA[Cobra Ascension Conference Coming to the United States!]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/cobra-ascension-conference-coming-to-the-united-states65a70bc7f76d05fcb2f6f6c4Wed, 17 Jan 2024 12:53:57 GMTninanovak236

Join like-minded people for two full days of new intel and information, healing and ascension tools, networking, connection, and more at the first Cobra Ascension Conference in the USA in over 10 years!  

The conference takes place in the beautiful city of Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, February 3 and Sunday, February 4, 2024, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm MST. Cobra will also be doing his popular Stellar and Ascended Master Ray Initiations Workshop the day before the conference on Friday, February 2, 2024, beginning at 10:00am MST to those who would also like to attend. See below for more details.

Throughout history, the United States has been intended to be the “New Atlantis” and now plays a very important role in planetary liberation. After a much-anticipated wait, Cobra has determined that it is now time to hold an Ascension Conference in the USA. Phoenix was selected as the city for this significant event because it is a double Ascension/Goddess vortex, and a special Sisterhood of the Rose ceremony to honor the Goddess will take place to anchor this powerful energy!

Cobra states, “2024 will be the key year for the United States influencing the planetary situation, with total Solar eclipse coming on April 8th and election on November 5th. It is very important for the Lightworkers to anchor the Light as much as possible during this year in the USA. For this reason, I am inviting everybody to participate in our Ascension conference in Phoenix, where important intel about USA and 2024 will be released.”

The conference will be conducted in English (with translation available for Japanese and Chinese) and will include new advanced intel integrated with energetic work! Below is a schedule of topics: (topics presented may be subject to change)

Saturday, February 3rd, 10 am to 1:30 pm:


*New Cosmic Cycle

*Dynamics of the Portal 2025

*Galactic Superwave and Solar Micronova Event



Saturday, February 3rd, 3:30 pm to 7 pm:


*Subquantum Anomaly and Lurker

*Physical Scalar Matrix

*Tektite Insertion Points


Sunday, February 4th, 10 am to 1:30 pm:


*Collapse of Metastable Society

*WEF Reset Versus Galactic Reset and Aldebarans

*Reality Shaping Breakthrough




Sunday, February 4th, 3:30 pm to 7 pm:


*Meditation of Light

*ATVOR / Ascension Protocols

*Return of the Goddess

Cobra will also be conducting Levels 1 & 2 Ray Initiations the day before the conference for those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity. These healing rays were given to the surface population by Archangel Metatron with the purpose of assisting humanity to prepare for the planetary transformation that is awaiting us. Now humanity is ready to receive heightened stellar energies that will accelerate our evolution.

“People are also welcome to be initiated into Stellar and Ascended master healing rays, which will open their central channel and prepare them for the strong energies which will hit this planet in the coming months and years,” Cobra adds.

There are 13 healing rays in total, of which seven are Stellar rays and six are Ascended Master rays. Stellar rays connect us with the energy of a particular star system, whereas Ascended Master rays connect us with the energies of a particular ascended being.

Here is a description of each healing ray available for initiation:

Stellar Healing Rays:

PLEIADES: Manifests harmonious soulmate love relationships in our life, heals broken heart and all wounds related to self-love

SIRIUS: Brings joy and happiness in our life, erases karma through forgiveness and self-forgiveness

ORION: Helps us integrating shadow aspects of our subconsciousness, transforms fear, hatred and resentments

CENTRAL SUN: Brings us closer to our purpose and divine destiny, guides us towards the mission we were incarnated for, strengthens our free will

ANDROMEDA: Guides us towards mastery of the physical plane and towards abundance, assists us in the manifestation process

ANTARES/ALDEBARAN: Elevates our consciousness from our personality towards our soul, erases traumatic records from this or past lives

LYRA: Encourages creativity, awakens sleeping abilities, talents and potentials

Master Healing Rays:

SANANDA: Presence of this Master connects us with unconditional Love

KUTHUMI: This Master brings us wisdom, understanding and harmony

ASHTAR: This cosmic Being accelerates our path towards Ascension

SAINT GERMAIN: This Master assists us in manifestation process and in inner transformation

SERAPHIS BEY: This great Being connects us with Angelic and Devic evolution

DJWAL KHUL: This Master assists in all healing and self-healing processes

Participants may be initiated in up to three rays in Level 1 and up to three rays in Level 2, for a maximum of six rays per person. You must have already received Level 1 of a ray (and practiced it for 3 months) before you can receive Level 2.

Tickets for the Ascension Conference are $310 USD for two days (this price includes facility entrance fees for two days). Ray Initiations (Level 1 & 2) are $180 USD each (this price includes facility entrance fee for the day); up to three Ray Initiations are allowed per level. An optional lunch buffet is also available Saturday and Sunday for $25 per day per person, you may select one or both days and a vegetarian option is available.


Seats are limited so it is suggested to get your tickets early! Conference tickets must be purchased no later than January 28th, Ray Initiations tickets must be purchased by January 28th for the first ray, additional rays may be purchased up until the day of the workshop. Lunch buffet tickets must be purchased no later than January 21st.

For more information on this important event, please visit 2012portal.events

For more than 12 years, Cobra has been bringing information, esoteric wisdom, sacred initiations, Ascension conferences and workshops, global meditations, healing modalities, and more to spiritual truth-seekers worldwide. His work can be found at 2012portal.blogspot.com


Victory of the Light!

<![CDATA[Help us enhance the US grid of the Light]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/help-us-enhance-the-us-grid-of-the-light65a08025ae3a65865fbc0380Fri, 12 Jan 2024 00:25:34 GMTMea MaaOriginal link here:


In 2023 a special project was initiated which has multiple purposes:

To dissolve anomalies and remnants of the darkness. To help bring peace and harmony. To anchor the pulse wave of Cosmic Love from the Galactic Central Sun. To assist in harmonizing, purifying and stabilizing this planet and its inhabitants on a multidimensional level, in order to ensure the most graceful transition possible into The Event and years following that.


About Us

Imbued with a strong sense of purpose, inner calling, and unswerving connection to the Source, we are a group of beautiful souls and warriors from North America. We feel called to embark on a sacred mission and journey to harmonizing, purifying and stabilizing the energetic points, leylines, vortices on the North America and Mexico with the burial of Galactic Cintamanis stones along those above mentioned points and lines.

Galactic Cintamani stones (we will refer to as GC stones for the fidentiality of the Mission) will also be activated along the old Atlantean equator (see picture below) . The purpose of those GC stones will be to dissolve and clear out subquantum anomaly and bring in the energy of the goddess lona.

All this is a part of the New Atlantis project which was initiated by Ascended Master Saint Germain years ago.


We invite you to contribute to our mission - as we initiate on the Blessing Projects in North America covering the range and length of the ancient time Old Atlantean Equator. We are looking for worldwide donations for GC Projects. So embark on the journey with us by contributing to our North American GC Grid Blessing Fundraiser! Your support of $9,000 USD will aid us in acquiring these powerful potent stones, facilitating a profound purification and healing of the Earth on multidimensional levels, ensuring a graceful transition into The Event and beyond.

Money will be collected for the purchase of GC stones, as well as covering accommodations costs and transport costs are integral to our quest. Donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and remembered. Should you have any questions, please contact us here:

e-mail: roselight@tutanota.com

By joining us on this extraordinary GC Grid Blessing Project, you also actively facilitate the positive spiritual evolution of collective consciousness and actively give a boost to the planetary network of Light in North America, energetically the shift is already happening. Together, let’s co-create and manifest a harmonious transition into the Age of Aquarius for the betterment of all that is and ever will be.


Star Family, If you have read thus far, we want to thank you!

…in a nutshell:

This mission process requires quite a bit of money spend to enhance the Planetary GC Light Grid. Cost of tachyonized GC stones and travel expenses quickly add up. Therefore we are humbly requesting financial support from anyone in the position to assist, who feels the guidance to do so. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will help anchor more Light into our worlds.

All sentient beings involved in the Earth prison situation are very much in need of relief, so make every effort to minimize any potential delays. If you can do something to help, whatever you can, not only Cintamani, make moves and your Higher Self will take care of the rest.

Ways to contribute to the Event:

  • Self healing

  • Participate in mass meditation

  • Share truth

  • Join Sisterhood of the Rose/anchor Goddess energy

  • Create a Goddess temple

  • Gridwork (Cintamani, GC, Morganite, Aquamarine etc)

  • Tachyon chamber/Healing center

  • Discover your talents

Thanks to everybody who has helped this project since 2015. And big thanks to everybody who is interested in extending your hand of generosity and grace to help us in North America to reach the aim. Let's keep increasing our momentum until the final breakthrough!!!

Victory of the Light ✨

Please go to the original link here if you would like to support the Fundraise:


Besides this one we have also two other fundraising campaigns for strenghtening the Light grid in India and Europe:

Strengthening Of The Planetary Light Grid (in India)


Fundraising campaign for enhancing the Light grid in Europe


Thank you all for your contribution and donations!

Goddess Blessings and Victory of the Light!

<![CDATA[New Year's message - midnight envisionment]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/new-year-s-message659136c8d02fed4107c63003Sun, 31 Dec 2023 09:48:02 GMTMea MaaGreetings beloved Sisterhood of the Rose!

Happy, Blessed New Year 2024!

May it be the last year in matrix and may it show big cracks in quarantine with huge amount of Light pouring in, ending all suffering and darkness and bringing the event!

Let’s hold this vision in our hearts today at the moment of old year passing to the new one.

Let's envision cracks in the matrix and immense Light pouring through in year 2024, leading to the event. Let's envision this together for a few minutes at the midnight.

Victory of the Light and Goddess Blessings!

<![CDATA[Events by Sisterhood of the Rose Hungary/HODLF in year 2024]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/events-by-sisterhood-of-the-rose-hungary-hodlf-in-year-2024656c404fade035f7d793c58bSun, 03 Dec 2023 08:55:23 GMTMea MaaGreetings dear ones!

We are happy to announce that Sisterhood of the Rose in Hungary, more precisely House of Divine Light Foundation, which hosts the Goddess temple Atargatis, has begun to organise the international spiritual, Goddess events which will take place next year. Here is their invitation.

Dear Ones!

We have begun to organise the international spiritual/Goddess events of the House of Divine Light Foundation, which will take place from 22-24 March and 21-23 June 2024, and we would like to involve our sisters and brothers living abroad, therapists and performers, artists who would like to cooperate with us, to offer our visitors  high-standard programmes and wonderful experiences, while helping the Foundation to develop and achieve its goals.

We would like to offer again the opportunity for artists, craftspeople who wish to sell their quality, unique and handmade clothing, decorative and home furnishings (crystals, sacred geometries, mandalas), natural cosmetics, handcrafted gourmet products and Goddess-inspired creations.


We welcome applications from all those who would like to participate and/or volunteer their time and support in any way.


The Spring Goddess Event will take place on 22-24 March 2024.

You can apply until 31.12.2023.

The programme is expected to be announced on 1 February 2024.

The summer event will take place from 21-23 June 2024.

Applications are accepted until 01.03.2024.

You can register for the events by e-mail: houseofthedivinelight@gmail.com


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address mentioned.

With love and gratitude,

The House of Divine Light Foundation Team

<![CDATA[House of the Divine Light Foundation/HU video]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/house-of-the-divine-light-foundation-hu-video652d160a671f4acc41f3e996Mon, 16 Oct 2023 11:54:50 GMTMea MaaGreetings dear ones!

House of the Divine Light Foundation in Hungary, in Domonyvölgy, just released their video about the opening celebration of the Foundation.

The center has been opened recently together with beautiful Goddess Atargatis Temple, hosting many sacred masculine and sacred feminine events, hosting also Sisterhood of the Rose weekly gatherings, bringing unity and healing to community and to the world.

As Mimi expressed it, the work, that Hungarian teams have been doing, it’s really going to set the tone for a new vibrational frequency of the Goddess energy across the planet and ripple it through the vortexes, that are already here and assist in liberating the planet and assist in raising the vibration of humanity. They are pioneers in working and doing something that is extremely important.

Hungarian team: "We are proud to announce that we have released our wonderful presentation film, which was shot during the opening of the foundation! Many thanks for your professional work Zoltán Imre Szabó and Gilbert Taylor!

So enjoy it and we look forward to seeing you all in Domonyvölgy!"


Here you may watch the video presentation:


Goddess Blessings and Victory of the Light!

<![CDATA[Reports and experiences with the opening of the center and temple of Atargatis in Hungary ]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/reports-and-experiences-with-the-opening-of-the-centre-and-temple-of-atargatis-in-hungary652066e692ef2bdc4625319dSat, 07 Oct 2023 00:02:48 GMTMea MaaDear ones,

on September 23rd 2023 the Grand Opening and celebration of a new center in Hungary took place:


To present to public more closely the occurrence, I've gathered testimonies of people who were attending, organizing or co-creating the event. In the Temple of Goddess Atargatis, which energetically presents central part of the center, initiations and ceremonies were held.

I wish you to enjoy the reading and beautiful pictures and feel the uplifting energies manifested there.

First testimonial is from Kata Nagy, who founded together with Andrea Takács the House of the Divine Light .

"The opening of the centre and the temple was an even bigger success than expected.

Defying the weather reports, many people visited us not only from Hungary, but also from Egypt, China, England, America, Germany and Switzerland. The day was spent in a fantastic atmosphere, with colourful programmes, dancing, singing, meditation, presentations and ceremonies.

On the opening day, Natali Horváth held a fantastic ceremony in the temple of Atargatis, where the participants experienced various activations and releases, and then the next day, our wonderful sister Mimi Hambas held a very special initiation and ceremony for our brothers and sisters from abroad, which also included extraordinary experiences and messages. The change and shift that was brought about was felt almost immediately and has been felt ever since.

The centre and the temple are filled with wonderful joy and energy and will be open to all visitors from mid-October! We welcome visitors with a variety of treatments, workshops, ceremonies and a wonderful advanced technology tool called the Orynoco, donated to our foundation by two wonderful souls Cat and Malcom Bosher.

We welcome you all to come and experience this wonderful place and its energy for yourself!

More information will be coming soon on our website and facebook page and we are already preparing for the spring of 2024, when we want to organise an international event for all of you, together!"

Kata Nagy


"The ceremony in the temple was beautiful. Natalie, the priestess, brought a rose essence mix and put it into a tea, and everyone drunk a little cup of tea at the beginning. It was very delicious and we came into a higher state. Then she invoked 13 rose lineage leaders, we really could feel the presence of them! A little later she invoked the goddesses and the strongest connection we felt with Atargatis. Also crystal beings were in the room to feel. It was for me kind of activation and blessing.

The whole event was really beautiful as we danced together and connected with each other through our hearts."

Eszter Györi


"Hello Friends,

I was invited by the Hungarian team to join the Temple of Atargatis Celebration & Opening on Sept. 23,2023. The property is located within the Goddess Vortex. They’ve created a stunning Goddess Temple dedicated to Atargatis. It is beaming with beautiful spirits of the land and water.

The celebration event was incredible. Many people enjoyed the blessings, community & energies created together with song, dance and meditation, etc.

A few days later, a small group of 12 of us, key Hungarian team members, friends from Egypt, England and other places, gathered inside the Temple altar room to activate the property and heal the Goddess vortex from the unfortunate collapse years ago.

I led the activation by creating sacred space, and connecting with Goddess Isis for direction. Goddess Isis, Hathor, Sehkmet, Kuan Yin, Osiris, the Galactics and others joined us to heal the vortex. These powerful beings came through with incredible intensity! They blessed us, as well as the vortex with Goddess light and Divine Masculine codes and other important frequencies. The ceremony was not planned ahead, I simply listened to my guides and held space to allow the healing energies to come in and do their work. Each of us had deep & powerful heart-opening experiences. This activation rippled through to other key vortices across the planet.

As awakened beings, it is our mission to create communities for Lightworkers/Lightwarriors to gather, heal and connect for the purpose of empowering the network of light on Earth. It is of CRITICAL importance for everyone to do their inner-work to release fear, anger, negative patterns that created deep wounds. Rather than attacking each other when one doesn’t feel good, ask for assistance or advice to help clear or understand what you are experiencing.

In Hungary, I witnessed firsthand a beautiful group of awakened and mentally clear people work together efficiently to create an important planetary stronghold of the Goddess. They treat each other with respect & love, not ego or attack energy. This IS the blueprint for the New Paradigm for the Lightworker teams/communities and SOTR groups worldwide. If we want a better world, we must begin with ourselves and change internally what does not serve. This is the key to expressing and relating with others through the heart center. Unity comes through love, grace and understanding.

Thank you to the Hungarian team for your dedication and accomplishments.

With Love & deep gratitude,

Victory of the Light!"

Mimi Hambas


"On the 23rd of September I was among the few helpers and the many participants who attended the House of the Divine Light grand opening. It was a full day experience filled with a lot of anticipation on both sides. I was only a minor helper who arrived just a day before the actual event but there has been a constant preparation for this coming together for 3 months before the actual date. Nevertheless there was a huge momentum being built in the last day so that everything would be ready.

The organizers made preparations physically, meticulously preparing the venue, cleaning everything, refurnishing certain parts of the houses and most of all creating a Goddess Temple that is truly worthy of visiting with esthetic design, beautiful serene atmosphere and soft energies. They also tried to create a full day programme which catered to different kind of people with activities like performances, chanting, concerts, meditations and group dance. Also, vendors, craftsmen and craftswomen were invited to sell their gorgeous handmade products while a buffet served to provide healthy food.

On the energy plane, there were also many rituals which meant to anchor a peaceful and loving atmosphere where people could gather, rejuvenate and connect. Because of the weather forecast that had predicted a stormy day, the organizers and helpers like myself had spent extra energy work on creating a mild and sunny day, and that is what we got. A comfortable day with even temperature mostly with gentle sun and very little rain towards the very end of the day. And even that was refreshing and enjoyable.

All of you who were not able to participate may see from the glowing faces of the people, all dressed in white creating a serene ambiance that most everyone had a good time and that this event just like many other that are planned for the future are meant to bring people who resonate together.

So we gathered, the people came, old good friends met and new connections were forged in the blink of an eye. One of the first activities was a profound group chanting around the sacred lake of the venue with the intention of fine tuning the frequency of the place, making it ready for all the great events to come. Later we could hear inspiring words of male and female presenters sharing insights about the current evolutionary shift we and the planet is going through, about the divine feminine and masculine and about our roles in this process. In the meantime you could also try advanced healing technologies and alternative healers offered their services to those interested. And then there were great musicians bringing the uplifting vibes and a group dance event where we celebrated life, love and each other with the totality of our beings.

One of the longest and most anticipated part of the day was the activation of the Goddess Temple itself where the appointed priestess was guiding about 20-30 people through a deep and intensive inner journey, channelling multidimensional positive beings and blessing the temple with different benevolent frequencies. I could see many hearts touched and eyes crying from joy after the songs of the amazing singers, the temple initiation ceremony and the dance celebration. Most people if not everyone experienced a deep oneness with the others. One of the last thing people could do was sending their wishes out to the world by lightning a floating lantern on the lake which was followed by the very last musical performance where even though there were only a few dozen people left, the spirit was still just as alive and happy as in the beginning. I so loved and enjoyed the shamanic style of the performer, talking about the elements and seasons in life, reaching back to the natural cycles of nature and implementing them in her music to an audience of the current world.

These gatherings and events are always about the community for me. They are about connecting, reconnecting and feeling the confirmation that life is the best when we who resonate come together and create precious moments with our laughter, tears, dances, songs and vulnerability. I am grateful for this day, for the people involved in making possible that such a center and Goddess temple has opened its doors and I hope to spend many, many more amazing blessed hours with all of you in the future!"



"Dear ones,

I was at the opening of the goddess temple in Hungary. This project of all its aspects: the place, the temple, the foundation are all PURE BLESSING for our planet.

I experienced it while I was there.

On 24.09.2023, we made an initiation in the temple. It reached into far-away dimensions. Mimi guided it beautifully and carried our group energies so gracefully.

At one point, our open-heart energies were so deep and encompassing that we came into tears from the Love and the high energies that were purged upon us from above.

I experienced a very ancient sacred reality that is back to our planet."

Michal Greenberg


"My experience during the initiation was celestial. The ceremony took place in the Temple of Atargatis, a very energetically powerful space which marked the core sacred atmosphere of our group’s meditation there.

As we sat in a sacred circle, we have put out our intentions of fully connecting ourselves with the Light Beings, while invoking not only the Violet Flame, but multiple Goddesses that have descended to us and their almost physical presence could have been felt very palpably.

An outstanding point of the initiation for me was the when we visualized a blue crystal and held it to our hearts, I felt an amazing release there, which transitions into its full bloom at the end of the meditation, when Mimi held the sacred Ankh to our forehead. That was a very calming feeling.

Above all, the sensation that was the absolute best during the meditation was a deep feeling of interconnectedness, which I felt between the Light workers present and in general, for a clear, bright vision and for each other’s support on the road towards this dream, as after all, we are doing this together."

Sarolta Nagy


I would like to thank all for answering my call and sharing their precious experiences and reports at the opening event and ceremonies in Temple of Atargatis.

Goddess Blessings,

Mea Maa

<![CDATA[Opening of the Taipei Goddess Temple]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/opening-of-the-taipei-goddess-temple6509f8a28c20e1789141947eTue, 19 Sep 2023 21:01:19 GMTMea MaaGreetings dear ones!

We are happy to announce that the Goddess Temple in Taipei, Taiwan opened its doors to the public!

Here is the notification of our Rose sister Clarisse Weng from Taipei, Taiwan:

"Taipei Goddess Temple was opened on September 16th, we have the most dedicated of goddesses’ love and strength of people gathering, you’re very welcome to visit here and join us."

You will find Goddess temples opened until now listed here:


Goddess Blessings!

<![CDATA[Temple of Atargatis - Invitation to the Opening ]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/temple-of-atargatis-invitation-to-the-opening64fa33b08204075a185aa672Thu, 07 Sep 2023 22:10:18 GMTMea MaaWe invite you to a very special event organized by our Sisterhood of the Rose soul family from Hungary :


You may purchase your ticket on


About their vision:

The vision is to create an alternative healing center that would not only host therapies but also a Goddess Temple, a venue for fantastic events and would serve as a meeting place for like-minded souls. In addition, they are also planning to purchase a piece of land nearby that in the long run could become an Island of Light, in alignment with the Divine Plan, as you may read in their explanation here:


Consequently the vision is in the course of being implemented and you can follow the progress on fb page here:


The space (center) is located in Hungary, within the outstandingly important Goddess Vortex of Gödöllő. The estate is surrounded by forest and has a fish pond fed by the Egres River. The spirit of the place exudes peace and tranquility. The area has two large buildings. One of them would house individual therapies and the Goddess Temple.

International cooperation and financial support are welcomed. The community welcome the help of anyone who feels a calling to become actively involved in or support the center and future plans for a greater shared prosperity and a brighter, more heart-centered vision for the future.

You will find further information where to send them your enquiries and donations in the publication here:


Goddess Blessings and Victory of the Light!

<![CDATA[The Goddess Equator]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/the-goddess-equator64aabcfc46d07ee67d56d77bSun, 09 Jul 2023 14:06:24 GMTHoshinoPosted on The Portal blog on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023


As the Light Forces are trying to bring as much Light as possible to the surface of the planet in their project of Return of Spirit, the old Atlantean Light grid is being reactivated.

One very important aspect of that process is reactivation of old Atlantean Goddess vortexes, connected to the old Atlantean equator:

In times of Atlantis, powerful temples were built across equator and they had direct connection with the motherships of the Galactic Confederation which were parked directly above them in geostationary orbit. Those temples were anchoring divine Goddess energy on the surface of the planet, whereas polar temples were anchoring divine God energy. Goddess temples always had a sacred lake situated nearby, where the Goddess vortex was anchored through a female angelic being under guidance from Iona.

The locations of those Atlantean Goddess temples are now being reactivated by the Light forces. One of the primary reactivated location is Baalbek, where there was a Goddess temple with a mystery school since the times of Atlantis:


Long time after the flood, Goddess Atargatis returned from Sirius to the region and reactivated Goddess mysteries:


Many temples to Atargatis with sacred lakes were built in the area, with primary temples in Hierapolis (modern Manbij in Syria, the sacred lake converted into a football field), Ashkelon, Qubbet el Bedawi (the sacred lake destroyed and overgrown with urban settlement), and Edessa (modern Urfa, the sacred lake still exists and has a tunnel leading deep underground):

Aside from the vortexes connected with Atargatis, the Light forces are also reactivating vortexes connected with triple Goddesses Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat, that originate from preislamic Arabia. These vortexes are also located at the old Atlantean equator:




Entrances into Agartha are also being reactivated energetically along the old Atlantean equator, such as this one near Ephesus:


Also being reactivated is the European Goddess Vortex triangle with double vortexes of Venice, Paris and Budapest, all of them close to the Atlantean equator. All these three double vortexes have the main vortex in the city, and the secondary vortex about 10-30 miles from the main one. Both vortexes are connected with each other with an infinity number eight energy flow.

The Venice vortex in anchored on the Rialto bridge in Venice:

The Venice Goddess vortex birthed the Goddess mysteries during Renaissance through Ordo Bucintoro:


Loredan and Mocenigo White Nobility families were carrying Goddess mysteries in Venice. Both families have roses in their coat of arms. Loredan family was also expressing Goddess mysteries through Accademia degli Incogniti:


The secondary vortex of Venice is anchored at Villa Dei Vescovi in Euganean hills. This villa is actually an Ascension chamber:


This secondary vortex is also connected to Atargatis:


There are many smaller Goddess vortexes in northern Italy not far from the Atlantean equator, such as one in Arezzo and another one in Parma, where Marie Louise (Maria Luigia) was an initiated priestess of the Goddess:



The Paris Goddess vortex is anchored in the crypt of the Notre Dame church. There are many other smaller anchor points of this vortex throughout Paris, such as the original Dendera zodiac in Louvre:


and its modern counterpart in the Louboutin store:


The secondary vortex of Paris is anchored at the Temple of Love in Petit Trianon in Versailles:


The statue in the middle of the temple was originally a statue of Venus and was later replaced with a statue of Cupid. A small sacred lake around the temple anchors energies of Atargatis.

Bourbon White Nobility family was supporting Goddess mysteries in Paris and Versailles, through two high priestesses, Madame de Pompadour and Princess de Lamballe:


The Budapest Goddess vortex is anchored in the crown of St. Stephen, currently in the Hungarian parliament.

The secondary Budapest Goddess vortex is anchored in Godollo castle, the home of Queen Sisi, who was also a high priestess of the Goddess:


The Light forces have communicated that after more than 1500 years of suppression, Goddess temples need to be recreated again on the surface of this planet. Sisterhood of the Rose has been given this sacred task. Public spaces that bring the Goddess energy to the general surface population need to be created. This can be your private space that is open to the general public at least a few hours weekly and can bring Goddess energy to the people though meditations, dance, readings, and music, such as this ode to Isis:


One example of a modern Goddess temple is here:


These temples need to be created as soon as possible to support the energetic transition of this planet.

To connect with the Goddess energy, you can also read this book:



Or remember Isis Astara and her work to bring the Goddess back:


Victory of the Light!

<![CDATA[Sisterhood of the Rose Interview with Cobra: Portal of Light Activation Part 2]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/sisterhood-of-the-rose-interview-with-cobra-portal-of-light-activation-part-2649bf8e178ff050233892b89Wed, 28 Jun 2023 10:06:39 GMTHoshinoSisterhood of the Rose organized another interview with chief intel provider "Cobra" to follow up about the results of the important and successful Portal of Light Activation mass meditation that took place in May.

In Part 2 of this interview, Cobra and Debra, a leader with the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network, discuss how the positive timeline is now much more stable and what we might expect moving forward. They also discuss current events, planetary liberation and the "Event", the Galactic Superwave, Ascension, twin souls, the Divine Feminine and Goddess energy, healing, protection, and much more!

You can listen to the interview on the Sisterhood of the Rose YouTube channel here:

This interview is Part 2 of a two-part series; for Part 1, go to:



For more Cobra information, please visit: 2012portal.blogspot.com For more information about Sisterhood of the Rose, please visit: sisterhoodoftherose.network

Below is the transcript of the interview:

Debra: Hello and greetings! Welcome to another Sisterhood of the Rose interview. My name is Debra, and I'm a leader with the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network. Today I welcome back Cobra, who is the chief intel provider for the Resistance Movement, where he offers important planetary and Galactic information at his blog, 2012portal.blogspot.com.

We are continuing with Part 2 of our Portal of Light Activation interview, where we'll discuss results of the very important Portal of Light Activation mass meditation that took place on May 1st, as well as talk about important topics like current events, planetary liberation, Ascension, twin souls, healing, and much more. We hope to bring some clarity on some much-asked questions and offer some practical advice for these very important times. So, welcome back Cobra, and thank you for joining me again for this interview.

Cobra: Thank you for your invitation.


Debra: Absolutely. So let us start by discussing some of the results and progress after the Portal of Light Activation. As we know, it was a big success. We had a global mass meditation on May 1st and critical mass was reached, and we would like to thank everyone who participated and helped to promote it. So, Cobra, your report regarding this activation indicates that the positive timeline is now much more stable. The toplet bombs have been destroyed, and now the remaining obstacles to planetary liberation can be removed easier, faster, and with less risk. The mental plane is clear and control of the astral plane was broken. And then in a most recent update, you shared that the etheric plane is now practically clear. So all of this is very good news. In our last interview, right before this activation, you indicated that with this activation with Pluto in Aquarius, we would have two steps forward, but then after Pluto temporarily returns to Capricorn after this portal closed on June 11th, there would be one step back. So are these positive gains some of the two steps forward? We’d love for you to elaborate a little bit about the results of that meditation please.

Cobra: Actually, you have just described what the main effects of the meditation were, and there was a lot of progress and this progress has stabilized the positive timeline a lot.

Debra: Fantastic. Alright, well, let's continue to talk about some of those important gains. But what about the one step back? What might we expect in general regarding that?

Cobra: Okay. One step back is basically clearing of the subquantum anomaly. This subquantum anomaly is much more intense than previously expected. And this is why right now we are in a state of kind of a limbo, because a lot of this anomaly has to be cleared because we can make substantial progress again.

Debra: Okay, and we'll talk a little bit more about that too. So, it is great news about the etheric plane clearing, even though you said it still looks like a war zone. How long before the cracks of light begin to appear in the etheric matrix that you mentioned in a previous update? And what impact will that have?

Cobra: Okay. It was expected for those cracks to appear quite soon, but as I said just before, the subquantum anomaly is still creating problems also on the etheric plane and other non-physical planes. So this will take some time. And when those cracks begin to appear, this will change the rules of the game on this planet, this will begin to finally trigger the changes we have all been waiting for for so long.

Debra: Any idea how long that might take for those cracks of light to appear?

Cobra: Even if I would have that, it would be classified information at this point.

Debra: Okay. So in the preliminary report that you put out immediately after the activation on May 1st you announced DEMATRIX activated, and then a month later in your State of Mission report you stated DEMATRIX attempt failure. So what can you tell us about DEMATRIX and the status of that?

Cobra: Nothing yet.

Debra: Okay, I thought you might say that. As we understand it, the remaining implants were mainly in the etheric plane. However, now that that is much more clear and the black holes inside the implants have been evaporated, what are the implications in regard to the implants – their existence, their durability, and the effects on the surface population? Will we be able to get signs that they're weakening?

Cobra: Actually those implants are disintegrating very fast because they have no substance anymore. What is not dissolving are the belief systems which have been created through those implants and through the past experiences inside of the quarantine. And even when those implants dissolve, the belief systems which were held by those implants need to be consciously transmuted by each particular individual.

Debra: So you're saying that the implants are dissolving, but people are still holding onto these belief systems?

Cobra: Exactly.

Debra: And that's what they'll need to work on, okay. You know, we often do exercises to help dissolve the implants; are these still important to do? Or will we be given instructions on how to modify those to deal with those belief systems?

Cobra: You can still do those exercises, they're quite effective. And I have posted a link about mind clearing technique. There is a book that is quite interesting and quite profound, I would say, and that knowledge can help you with clearing the belief systems, which is the next step right now.

Debra: Okay, good, thank you. You've indicated now that all the nonphysical planes are cleared and that the only location under dark control is the physical plane on the surface of the planet, with the biggest problems, as you mentioned, being the subquantum anomaly as well as the physical biochips. So let's discuss these. With these biochips you mentioned that they are the physical anchor point for the three main plasma implants, which are located in the front lobe [of the brain] and above the naval. Do these biochips work in sync with the implants, and how does the weakening of the implants affect the biochips?

Cobra: Actually the biochips were working in sync with the implants. And as the implants are dissolving now, the main problem are the physical biochips themselves and what they do; they disconnect the connections, the neuron connections, in the brain. So it's like a blockage in the brain, the physical brain. So people cannot make certain connections between certain parts of the brain. That's the main problem now about the biochips.

Debra: Hmm, interesting. I know you said they also are the main source of surveillance since they can see and hear everything that we experience, and then the information is then communicated to the mainframe DARPA computer. Can these biochips also help the dark forces to read our thoughts?

Cobra: To a certain degree, yes, they can. If you are not trained in clouding your thoughts, I would say, with most people, they can, to a certain degree, read human thoughts.

Debra: Yeah, I mean, most people don't consciously think their thoughts, right? So that's interesting. While I'm on this topic, what about the Light Forces, can they see and hear everything we experience and can they also read our thoughts?

Cobra: They can, if you give permission, and if it is beneficial for your protection or for your growth. Debra: Okay. Is there a way that's best to communicate with the Light Forces? Is that by talking to them out loud or talking to them in our mind? Cobra: It is mainly better to talk in your mind because then the dark forces cannot spy on this so much. So it's easier and better to just do it mentally at this point.

Debra: Right. What about with the protocols, the command protocols that we were given from the Pleiadians? Because that, as we understand it, we say out loud. Is that still okay to do?

Cobra: Yeah, that's a different thing, because with those protocols you are actually opening a channel for a manifestation process.

Debra: Okay, great, thanks for that clarity. You've mentioned that other races like the Resistance, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, and the positive Andromedans, have become free of biochips by completely mastering physical etheric body transfer. So what is a physical etheric body transfer, and are the Light Forces using this technology to clear our biochips?

Cobra: This is a certain advanced teleportation technology, which can basically teleport or transfer your physical body completely to the etheric plane, remodel and harmonize it there, and put it back onto the physical plane. And with this process, they can clear the biochips. Unfortunately, this technology is not working yet on the surface of the planet because of the subquantum anomaly.

Debra: Okay, well, we hope there's some gains made on that soon. As you mentioned, you did offer on your blog a mind clearing technique that can reduce the power of these biochips on the human thinking process. Did you say this also works on the subquantum anomaly? Because this, as you indicate, is the main source of negative experiences and feelings due to the presence of dark entities. Or is there anything else you can suggest to help us reduce its power over us?

Cobra: At this point, the Light Forces are still developing technology and protocols to counteract the subquantum anomaly. That's quite much of a problem still. They are developing individual Hammer of Thor technology, which would actually clear part of this subquantum anomaly from human energy field. But this is still in progress, this has not been finalized yet.

Debra: Okay. And I know you can't reveal too much regarding the subquantum anomaly for now, so unless you have anything further to share about it, we can refrain from discussing it too much today. But there's a question about how the subquantum anomaly blocks the flow of Light from the Buddhic plane to the planet; can you tell us how much effect does doing Buddhic column meditations for various places and people around the planet help this blockage?

Cobra: If you actually manage to make a contact with the Buddhic plane through those meditations, that can help a lot. So even a small fragment of genuine Buddhic presence inside of a quarantine clears a lot of this anomaly. So this is a very good thing to do. And I would strongly recommend doing those Buddhic column meditations as much as you feel guided.

Debra: Okay, good. Should they be done for the planet in general, or are there specific recommended areas that we should put our attention on when we do a Buddhic column?

Cobra: You can do it for yourself, for your loved ones, for the Lightworkers, for certain areas. Right now, it would be good to do it for Ukraine, because there is a huge conflict there and many people are in an extremely negative and stressful environment, a lot of violence, and Buddhic energy over that area would help a lot.

Debra: Okay, wonderful, thank you for sharing that. I'm sure a lot of Lightworkers will get on that right away, so thank you for that. And for now, you indicate the focus in the next few months will be on clearing the subquantum anomaly and the biochips. Does this mean that the subquantum anomaly and the biochips could potentially be removed by this fall?

Cobra: I cannot give any timeframes about that, but I would say that subquantum anomaly will not be removed in such a short period of time. There will be layers upon layers of this being removed, and when enough of this is removed, big changes can begin to happen. Because as long as this universe exists, there will always be a small, small, tiny fraction of subquantum anomaly still present. We just need to decrease it to the point where we can start manifesting big changes.

Debra: Do both the biochips and the subquantum anomaly have to be cleared in order for the Event to happen?

Cobra: As I said, for the subquantum anomaly, no, it has to be cleared to a certain degree. But the biochips, I would say, it's almost the condition they need to be cleared. There are certain extreme circumstances where the Event could happen, even if the biochips are not cleared. I would not go into that right now.

Debra: Okay. Regarding the biochips, you indicated that most of humanity received them from vaccination campaigns from the late 1940s to the early 2000s, as well as through soft drinks. So for people who have never [been] vaccinated or consumed soft drinks, how does their life experience differ from those that have?

Cobra: Many of those people have been targeted in other ways, because when the dark forces realized there is a certain tiny percentage of people who are not vaccinated, they tried to reach them in other ways. For example, through certain foods, through certain other means. But yes, there is a small, tiny percentage of people who are not, who do not have biochips. And most of them live in Africa, and they are, I would say, completely off the grid. They have a different life perspective for sure.

Debra: Yeah, obviously. Can we assume that some people have more biochips than others? And if so, how does this impact them? For instance, are biochips embedded more in asleep people versus awakened people? And can they be passed from person to person?

Cobra: I would say that the most powerful Lightworkers have received stronger biochips because the dark forces wanted to control them more. And I would say that most of the regular surface population have just, I would say, generic basic biochips.

Debra: But Lightworkers may have stronger ones <Laugh>. Wow, okay. Well, hopefully the Light Forces are putting extra attention on the Lightworkers in clearing those within us. And what about can they be passed from person to person?

Cobra: No. No.


Debra: Let's focus a little bit and talk more about the situation on the physical plane. In the past, you have said that much of the interactions between the dark forces and the Light Forces were on the nonphysical planes. So really most of the surface population have not had any idea of what's going on. But now that the only location under dark control is the physical plane on the surface, does this mean that we'll see more physical visible manifestations of these interactions? And if so, what will that look like?

Cobra: Actually, you can see that already, I would say “end times madness” is a manifestation of this: political polarization, threats of nuclear war; all that is a manifestation of the physical clearing.

Debra: Okay. Recently you shared that from September/October, things may begin to get more interesting. Would you elaborate what “more interesting” may entail or look like?

Cobra: I cannot talk about it yet. I may talk about that as we get closer to the timeframe, or maybe not, because this is still sensitive.

Debra: Okay. Yeah, that's a question a lot of people had <laugh>. In that update, you also made an educated guess for the Event to happen during 2025. So with the dark forces panicking and their agenda accelerated, much can happen between now and then. And, all these unknowns do cause much anxiety for people, especially awakened Lightworkers who are trying really hard to hold the Light. I know that such situations fluctuate, but would you please speak about what we may expect during this time period before the Event, as things currently stand, both short term and long term? For instance, will the Cabal continue to lose power and will conditions improve, or will they increasingly tighten their grip and make matters temporarily worse? Like, what will the surface population find easier and what will they find harder?

Cobra: Actually, both will happen at the same time. As we get closer to the breakthrough, the dark forces will panic more and more. They will escalate more and more. And as the Light gets closer, that will escalate also. So we'll have, I would say, bigger volatility, more oscillations, more polarization. We will have quite intense moments. It is impossible to predict exactly how this will play out, because there is much free will involved still. And it has not been determined yet how exactly the situations will play out. So, in a way, things will be getting harder, and, in a way, things will be getting easier. But when we really get very close to the breakthrough itself, then things will finally begin to improve.

Debra: Well, that right there sounds like the “more interesting” could happen. So, you stated that the Portal of Light activation has removed most of the dark scenarios with only two still remaining: global conventional war and a hard financial crash with CBDCs [Central Bank Digital Currencies] implementation. While it's encouraging to hear that most dark agendas won't happen, both of these remaining possibilities are significant situations that could cause much chaos and hardship on the planet. And we understand that with the success of our Portal of Light Activation meditation on May 1st, it helped to reduce these scenarios: World War was reduced from 33% to 27%, and a hard financial crash went from 37% to the possibility of 32%. So, this interview comes out approximately two months later, and things have been progressing quickly – have these percentages improved at all since then?

Cobra: I would say there was a slight improvement for the hard financial crash. Maybe it went down to 30%, but otherwise it's almost the same.

Debra: Well, let's talk about that financial situation. You recently stated that the Cabal is pushing hard for the implementation of the CBDCs. And as people are becoming aware, this is not just about using digital currency, it's really about full surveillance and control over our lives. As Ben Fulford calls it, a “digital prison”. This could potentially restrict access to our money, food, travel, and mandate things like forced medical treatments, et cetera, for anyone who doesn't comply with this imposed agenda. In our last interview, you indicated that in the long run, the CBDC system will not be successful, but what could happen in the short run before the Event can happen?

Cobra: There might be attempts to implement this, similarly to the attempts that happened during the pandemic to create this digital prison. So there might be attempts like this. With a hard financial crash, that could go quite far. And if the Light Forces manage to, I would say, change the situation, I will not discuss how, but if they manage to change the situation, this digital prison will not go so far. So this is still up in the air. It's not possible to predict exactly how far this will go.

Debra: Okay. Is that the “surprise” that you were talking about in our last interview, that if the dark forces engineered this hard financial crash, the Light Forces could potentially create a surprise?

Cobra: Oh, yes, oh, yes. They have a surprise.

Debra: Right. But you can't tell us anything about it yet?

Cobra: No, no, not yet. If it happens, you will see. If it doesn't happen, you will not see.

Debra: Does this have anything to do with Dreamland, which is now so close to version 1.0, or even Dreamspace? I know last time we talked, you couldn't discuss it, it was classified. Is it still classified?

Cobra: Again, it is still classified, and if it gets declassified probably you will have some really direct experience about it.

Debra: We look forward to that. So, if these restrictions do occur, or even hyperinflation, is it advisable to stock up on supplies that may be needed over the next year or so until the Event can occur?

Cobra: You need to use your own inner guidance about that.

Debra: Okay. And last time we talked about with the potential financial crash, you advised to buy some precious metals, such as silver and gold. Is one of the reasons in case someone is restricted from buying food and necessities due to their digital passport being declined, if they don't comply?

Cobra: Actually, by buying silver and gold, you are creating an alternative system which cannot be controlled.

Debra: An alternative system, oh, that's interesting. So we're sort of supporting that concept, that's interesting. What would happen to people's debt in a digital currency system? And when might be the earliest that debt jubilee could occur? Cobra: Okay, this hard financial crash can include debt forgiveness, but then all of your financial assets will be digitalized, and this would be a total control scenario. So this can possibly happen still.

Debra: Interesting. You've stated in the past that the moment of total meltdown of the current financial system is the last possible moment for the Event to occur. Has this

changed, and what qualifies as a total meltdown?

Cobra: Yes, unfortunately, this has changed because of many factors. One of them, subquantum anomaly. The second one, the state of consciousness of the surface population. And the third one, the amount of darkness on this planet. So I would say this situation is a little bit different now.

Debra: Okay. I'm glad we clarified that because there would be people that, you know, if the system crashes, they would think, “Oh my gosh, the Event's happening tomorrow!”, you know? So thank you for that clarification.

Cobra: It can, but there are not guarantees.

Debra: What's the likelihood that the new positive quantum financial system could kick in prior to the Event, especially if there is a financial collapse?

Cobra: I cannot comment on this question.

Debra: Can you tell us if it's currently running parallel behind the scenes with the negative reset agenda?

Cobra: I would say the positive quantum financial system is ready to be implemented, and it can be implemented as soon as the dark forces lose their control. It's not running parallel because it's not operational, but it can be activated at the moment's notice.

Debra: Okay, good. Is there anything we need to know about this positive financial system, like how it will operate? I mean, does it have a consciousness, like will it be aware of people's intent?

Cobra: This is not necessary at this point. What is necessary is to have a robust, stable financial system during this transition period before the polar shift happens. That's all.

Debra: Okay. So regarding the biochips that we spoke about, we understand that over the years, these continue to be updated to be more powerful. In May 2021, you indicated that a new technology was still in development and was not present in existing covid vaccines; that current vaccines are only a Trojan horse for a potential future technology that the Cabal wants to develop, which is a biochip that would be inserted into the body and would be tied to a global online digital currency system after the great reset for all financial transactions, the so-called ““Mark of the Beast”.” But you also said that this “Mark of the Beast” would not be successful. Would you update us on the progress of this technology, and if it still looks like the “Mark of the Beast” plan won't succeed? And what are the chances of another pandemic worse than covid being unleashed to try to facilitate this digital system?

Cobra: Okay. This plan has been completely stopped. This technology was destroyed by the Light Forces. The Resistance Movement has completely destroyed this new biochip technology. So it's not existing anymore.

Debra: Wow, we love you Light Forces, thank you, <laugh>. You've mentioned a sci-fi novel titled "Breaking Dawn" that you said includes both the pandemic and the Event. A description of this book talks about an attack that crashes the investment market, brings down economic systems, and divides the world. One part dominated by mass surveillance and mass data systems. The other part is abandoned without services with limited communication and shoved 50 years behind the times, but where human minds are left to their own bearings. How likely is it that we will move into this dystopia-type situation, with our choices being to either comply or having to live a rudimentary lifestyle without services 50 years behind the times, you know, what people would consider an off-grid lifestyle?

Cobra: Many people are believing in this timeline, but I would say this timeline is extremely unlikely. I would say 2% or 3% possibility of something like this to happen.

Debra: Okay, because, you know, to move to the middle of nowhere and buy land, it's a lot of work. But I know that's been a question that a lot of people have had, like, should we be doing that? So thank you for that clarification. This [next question] is a big question that many Lightworkers have asked... will (specifically) Lightworkers be able to experience any tangible improvements in the coming months? And if so, will those improvements keep growing as we get closer to the Event? I know you said, that as the Event becomes quite close, situations will improve. But what about before then? You know, many Lightworkers are experiencing financial hardship and health issues, so, as I mentioned, this was a very popular question.

Cobra: I'm not expecting any big improvements in the next, I would say two months or so. Then we'll see.

Debra: So there is a possibility of things improving after that time?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: Okay. At the Taipei conference, you said about creating abundance, “Once you start doing your missions, you can use the energy of St. Germain to get the abundance you need.” Many Lightworkers who think they're doing their life mission lack prosperity, so would you please speak why this is so? And what can assist, including how do you use the energy of St. Germain to help? Is there any chance that the collateral funds created by St. Germain for the active Lightworkers could be released before the Event?

Cobra: Okay. I would say that Lightworkers have a lot of things to process inside. The state of consciousness of Lightworkers is not as good as it was expected. There is a lot of inner work that needs to be done, and after that inner work is done, then the Lightworkers can have a channel strong enough and pure enough to manifest abundance. So, inner work is number one at this point.

Debra: And a little later in the interview, we're going to talk about some of that healing and inner work too.

Cobra: And about the collateral funds, it's extremely unlikely this will be released before the Event.

Debra: Thank you for clarifying that. In addition to the biochips monitoring us, we understand that the physical plane is further monitored and mind controlled through scalar network, created with cell phone towers, cell phones themselves, and Wi-Fi networks. Is there anything we can do at this point to decrease this? And also, what's the update on 5G and its dangers?

Cobra: If you feel so guided, you can do a mass meditation to counteract those networks. That's always beneficial. 5G network is growing. It's not being stopped,

but it's growing slowly. It is growing slower than the dark forces wanted. So there are some operations in place to counteract that, but not much can be said about it at this point.

Debra: Okay, thank you. And just to get a little bit more clarity, you mentioned doing a mass meditation for some of these, you know, Wi-Fi and cell phones and things like that, this control through the scalar network. Would you suggest that we just surrounded ourselves in like a bubble of light that doesn't allow those scalar waves to reach us? Or how do you suggest this meditation be done?

Cobra: It can be part of the meditation, it can be your own protection, creating a bubble around your energy field. And the second part can be putting all those networks into the Violet Flame and visualizing them being disintegrated.

Debra: Fantastic, thank you. And so, poisoning is taking place all over the planet, you know, our air, food, water. How can we best protect ourselves? Is there any chance that the Light Forces will come up with a protocol to help us cleanse and detox ourselves so that we can stay as healthy as possible before the Event?

Cobra: You can always use the Violet Flame. You can drink as pure water as possible, and you can spend some time in nature.

Debra: Good. thank you.Can burying cintamani stones help, even with things like weather modifications or decreasing harmful insects like mosquitoes?

Cobra: Yes, of course. For example, in Beijing the Lightworkers have created a strong cintamani grid. And as a result, there is much less fog. In Taiwan, they have deflected typhoons. There are now almost zero typhoons, zero harmful hurricanes reaching the island in the last few years. So cintamani grids can influence the physical reality.

Debra: Thank you. And as you know, there's so much disclosure disinformation out there, even from alternative media sources. How much of this is the White Hat's great awakening disclosure, and how much is accelerated New World Order agenda?

Cobra: Since the collapse of the alpha timeline in 2018, there is almost zero intel out there. So, in that vacuum, most of what is out there is disinformation. And in a way, it will be better just to switch off social media, switch off the internet, and spend your time with your higher self. You will be much better off.

Debra: Yeah, thank you for saying that. I mean, people are going crazy… “Oh, this person's been arrested and this person's a clone and …” Yeah, I agree. What about, though, some of the big players on the world stage that we really can't ignore? You know, many people are confused as to which side they're on, and you've talked about them in the past, fluctuating between light and dark … I'm talking about Donald Trump, Elon Musk, and Vladimir Putin specifically. Can you give us an update on the current status of each of those?

Cobra: Basically the status of all three is they are fluctuating between light and dark still.

Debra: Well hopefully the movement will go toward the light as more light comes to the planet. And you recently mentioned Tucker Carlson in an update and how he addressed the issue of media censorship about UFO phenomenon. Can you tell us if he's working on the side of light or is he simply controlled opposition?

Cobra: Again, there is a mixture of light and dark within him, but some of his actions are quite okay. Recently, he has addressed some issues that nobody else would inside of the mainstream, which is good.

Debra: Yeah, very good. And just recently, very recently, the Schumann resonance showed a very odd, unusual pattern. We're wondering is if this is anything of significance? People are speculating it has to do with solar activities and geomagnetic movement of the poles, possibly actions of the Light Forces, collective consciousness, or even possibly just a glitch. Can you offer any insight on what that was about?

Cobra: It's a glitch.

Debra: Thank you for clarifying. Okay. Are there still two time timelines? And if so, what's the biggest distinction between the two? And can you describe what each of them looks like?

Cobra: What two timelines?

Debra: Well, like will we coexist in two different timelines? Some people believe that there is a positive one and a negative one, and we'll be simultaneously living together in these.

Cobra: No.

Debra: No? Okay, thank you. And before the Event, are Bubbles of Heaven still a possibility even with all the chaos on the planet?

Cobra: After the collapse of the beta timeline, this is not possible anymore. 3. THE EVENT AND GALACTIC SUPERWAVE

Debra: Thank you for clarifying that too. So, speaking of the Event, I'd like to move into speaking a little more specifically about that, and also the Galactic Superwave as well. Can you explain more why the Light Forces have communicated that the process of the Event may be much more chaotic than originally expected? You know, many Lightworkers have imagined the Event as being a glorious moment where everything suddenly becomes better, which sounds like a rather unrealistic expectation at this point. So can you offer us clarification that may be a little more realistic?

Cobra: Okay. The Light Forces have underestimated the amount of darkness on this planet and have overestimated the amount of light inside of the Lightworkers. So as a result of all this, it'll be much more chaotic. The whole process will be quite chaotic. People will go through quite intense processing. There will be a lot of dysfunctional behavior, but also there will be a lot of light, because light has not been present on this planet for thousands of years. And it'll be a big contrast between the light, which will be present and a very strong purification. So this is what is expected now.

Debra: Is it safe to say that awakened Lightworkers, you know, those who have been aware of the situation and have been doing their inner healing and working on themselves, will they have a much easier time? They won't have that dramatic shock and everything that will take place?

Cobra: They might not have a shock on certain aspects, but they might have a shock on other aspects, which they have neglected in the past. I would say there are almost zero Lightworkers on the surface of the planet which are ready at this point completely. And they will still need to go through their inner process. They will still need to face everything inside. And it'll be in a way very beneficial, very healing, but also quite challenging.

Debra: Okay. Because I think many think that they'll breeze through it and they'll be helping people and having a calm head. And, by what you're saying, they may be experiencing their own stuff, at least for a while, initially?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: And I assume that there will be support, Galactic support, you know maybe also from the Resistance Movement? But the Light Forces themselves will be helping humanity through this time?

Cobra: Yes, there will be support and this is why it'll be much easier.

Debra: Right, and I know that's also one of the missions of Sisterhood of the Rose, at the time of the Event, to anchor much light and to meditate for a very calm transition. So what will be distinct signs be that the Event is near? Can you give us a clue to that?

Cobra: Okay. There will be very strong energies of light flowing through, which will be undeniable. There might be some quite drastic news in the media, but basically those who are connected with the light will feel, there will be a certain very distinct and very clear feeling that something very strong is going to happen.

Debra: So it'll be more of an intuitive internal sign versus physical signs?

Cobra: There might be physical signs, but it's impossible to predict because the situation is quite unstable and chaotic.

Debra: Okay. Will we be telepathically contacted or possibly physically contacted by the Light Forces prior to the Event as Lightworkers?

Cobra: I would say certain people will be energetically contacted. About the physical contact, I cannot talk yet.

Debra: Okay, thank you. Regarding the graph that you posted showing the increased entropy of the surface society intersecting with the decreased entropy of the Event, how extensive will the entropy on the surface of the planet have to go before this intersection point can occur?

Cobra: Okay, this is the question everybody has. This is the question the Light Forces have, this is the question I have, and this is the question some people have. Nobody knows.

Debra: <Laugh>, I'm laughing because, yeah, I’ve had a lot of people submit something like that, like how bad will it get? So, okay, thank you. In a recent update, you did offer some clarification on the timing of the Event and the chronological order of things, so we do thank you very much for this, since there's been so much confusion regarding this timeline and chronological order. But I'd like to go a little deeper, a little further clarification. So you speculated the Event happening during 2025, with the process of mass arrests, financial reset, intel release, et cetera, taking a week or two. Then after this one to two week period, the surface population will be gradually informed about the coming polar shift. And human society will go through a rather brutal awakening process, as you called it.

And this is when the Islands of Light will be created, and they will be really the only peaceful zones on the planet. You indicated this is expected to take a few months, and then the Galactic Superwave that triggers the polar shift hits the planet. So initially, we were expecting several years between the Event and the polar shift, but now it appears that the timeframe to be very short, like only a few months. In the past, you've talked about a convergence point of many cycles that will erase darkness from this universe taking place in 2025. Can you speak about more about the significance of 2025 and the convergence of these cycles?

Cobra: Can you be more specific? What do you want to know?

Debra: Well, basically, so many people are talking about 2025, and why 2025? And you seemed quite clear, you made your educated guess that the Event and potentially the Galactic Superwave would happen in 2025. So why 2025?

Cobra: Okay. As I said many times on my blog, it's a convergence of quite strong cosmic cycles. There is the Sirius cycle. There is the Neptune, Uranus, Pluto cycle. There are other cycles taking place, and all those converge in 2025. So this is a very strong marker and the energies coming will be extremely strong. So this is the marker we are waiting for.

Debra: Okay, thank you. So it's very much centered around astrological alignments and such. Is there a chance that the Event could not happen until after 2025, or even much, much later than 2025? Or is it quite certain it would happen before 2025 passes?

Cobra: I would not speculate on the timeframes.

Debra: Okay. And I'm going to ask the same thing about the polar shift. Is there a chance it could happen much later? Or even, let me ask you, is there a possibility that the cleansing of the planet caused by the polar shift, such as this mile high tsunami and major earthquakes, is it possible it will not need to happen and that planet Earth and humanity can cleanse and evolve without this dramatic shift?

Cobra: No, this is not possible. It will have to happen. There is no way this civilization can be transformed without the polar shift and the tsunami. It's not possible.

Debra: Thank you for clarifying that. Does our behavior after the Event affect the timing of the pole shift? And is there any benefit to speeding it up or slowing it down?

Cobra: I would say just use your inner guidance. Connect with the light as much as you can, and don't worry about everything else. Things will proceed as they proceed. It's not beneficial to artificially speed up or slow down the whole process.

Debra: Okay. So to clarify, are both the Event and the polar shift triggered by Galactic pulses or solar flashes? With the second one, the one that triggers the tsunami being referenced as a Galactic Superwave, just a bigger one than the first, correct?

Cobra: Yeah, exactly.

Debra: Okay. Does the three days of darkness refer to what will happen at the time of the Galactic Superwave? Or if not, what does it refer to?

Cobra: Three days of darkness refer to a certain phase of the micronova process when the star which goes through a micronova phase drastically drops the visible light visibility. And it appears to be dark for a few days. This is just before the solar flash happens. The sun appears to be dark, appears almost not to shine, and then the sudden flash happens. So this is referring to that particular phase of the micronova process.

Debra: And you're referencing the second solar flash, the Galactic Superwave? [Yes.] Okay, thank you. Will this Galactic Superwave, this polar shift, take the planet to the fifth dimension? Or is it just an end of era geological or astrological shift?

Cobra: It is an end-of-era geological and astrological shift, combined with a cosmic cycle conversion, which involves the planetary Ascension process. So this is a convergence of geological, astrological, and cosmic cycles. It's all, all in one.

Debra: Wow, very big. Astrologers and biophysicists talk about the fact that because of the magnetic field weakening, more people will awaken and realize that truth is easier. Is there really a connection between magnetic field weakening and easier awakening?

Cobra: I would not agree with that.

Debra: Okay, thank you. So obviously the dark forces know about the pole shift. So why are they going through all the trouble to depopulate the planet and set up all their surveillance and control systems? Is it to create fear and negative emotions so that they can keep their energy strong, or is there another benefit to them to push these nefarious agendas?

Cobra: There is a need-to-know structure within the dark forces. Only the top, very top members of the dark forces know about the polar shift. The rest of them, they don't; they are expecting this show to go on and they believe through depopulation of the planet, they can keep the control. And I would say the number of people in dark networks that have an evidence about the pole shift is less than a few thousand. Everybody else is just speculating.

Debra: Interesting. Wow, I mean, more intel will be leaking out about the pole shift, and it just makes you wonder how people will react to this, I guess we'll find out. So with the timeframe shortened between the Event and the pole shift, will things like free energy, food replicators, and med beds still be released to the surface population, or will the focus be primarily on just managing the chaos and the brutal awakening of the surface population?

Cobra: Free energy, food replicators, and med beds will be very much needed to reduce the suffering of human population. So they will be distributed as fast as possible after the Event.

Debra: Fantastic. And also, with the timeframe shortened, how likely would First Contact occur? In the past, it was speculated it would be about a year after the Event. But could it now happen shortly after the Event, or possibly even before?

Cobra: The Light Forces are now leaning towards making the First Contact as soon as possible after the Event. I would say as soon as the surface population can process much of the fact this can happen. There might be incidences or individuals contacted even before, and there are certain plans to push that even sooner. So I would say that many, many groups have an interest to make this First Contact happen as soon as possible.

Debra: Okay, good, thank you. So let's talk about the Islands of Light that'll be created by the Pleiadians on the planet after the Event. How will it be determined who can go to these prior to the pole shift, and how many inhabitants could they host at that time?

Cobra: Islands of Light will be surrounded by certain vibrational technology, and if you're able to sustain that particular frequency without harm to your body and energy field, you'll be able to go there.

Debra: Interesting. So basically it's about raising your vibration and doing your inner work, right?

Cobra: Yes. And this will be small communities. This will not be a lot of people. This will be just for those who are ready.

Debra: Can you give us an approximate number when you say small?

Cobra: I would say, planetary speaking – it’s not easy to predict because we don't know how the status of awakening will be – but I can guess a few tens of thousands of people throughout the whole planet.

Debra: And will there be multiple Islands of Light or one central location?

Cobra: They will be growing organically as the consciousness awakens.

Debra: Will these people living in the Islands of Light still have interactions with the rest of humanity? I mean, will they be still involved and play a role in helping society transition after the Event and to prepare for the polar shift? And will they be able to take their loved ones with them?

Cobra: Some of those people will be in contact with the outer world. Some of them will anchor energies inside of the Islands of Light. And they will only be able to take their loved ones inside of the Island of Light if those people will, again, be ready to sustain that vibration.

Debra: Oh, interesting. And from the Islands of Light, if they are interacting with the human society, will they be playing a role at that point in helping people prepare and transition?

Cobra: Yes, of course.

Debra: Okay. In 2019 you wrote, “This mile high tsunami wave will effectively purge from the surface of the planet all impurities that still need to be purged. Needless to say, all Islands of Light and all Areas of Light will be completely unaffected by the tsunami wave as they will be protected with advanced technologies given to us by positive races after the Event.” So will these people witness the cleansing of the planet as well as be able to return after it's safe to build the New Earth? And any idea how long that would be?

Cobra: They will be able to witness the cleansing of the planet. They might be teleported on the ships or they might stay inside of the domes of the Islands of Light for the time of the tsunami wave. And they will be able to return very soon and build the New Earth.

Debra: And I assume that at that point there will be much support from the Light Forces in terms of technology to do that, because obviously there won't be anything left on the planet?

Cobra: Oh, yes, of course. At that point, the Light Forces, the Confederation fleet, the Pleiadian fleets, will be quite active.

Debra: Okay, good. So as we understand, the majority of people will not be in the Islands of Light, as you said, before the pole shift, but those that are ready will have the opportunity to be evacuated from the planet by the Light Forces to their large motherships, and then will be transferred to a planet similar to Earth in the Pleiades. What does it mean to be ready for evacuation and what will happen to those who are not ready to be evacuated?

Cobra: It means that you are willing to go. It means that you're not afraid. There is a lot of fear, a lot of programming among the so-called Lightworkers, about the evacuation process, which has been done in the last few decades. And people who are afraid will not be lifted. And if they are hit by a super wave, of course they will have to leave their physical body behind and then they will be evacuated without a physical body.

Debra: What if someone is aware, but let's say they are a nefarious person – I’m not talking like really bad, like Cabal or anything – but I'm just saying if they're not a good person in their heart, but they're willing to go, would they still be able to be evacuated?

Cobra: They would be evacuated, then they would be taken to location, I would say, the planet that is intended for such beings and they will not be able to return to Earth.

Debra: Okay, thank you. So before the general evacuation of the surface population takes place, is it possible that some Lightworkers who are sufficiently healed and fully aligned with the light could already be teleported to the Galactic Confederation’s mothership via the ATVOR technology of the pillars of light?

Cobra: Yes, that's possible. Actually it's part of the plan. There are no guarantees it will happen, but it's part of the plan.

Debra: And so it's a possibility to either be teleported to a mothership prior to the evacuation or go to an Island of Light?

Cobra: That might be possible, but I would say most of the teleportations before the Event probably will happen through the Islands of Light.

Debra: Okay, thank you. Are the anti-gravitational pillars of ATVOR technology the only means of planetary evacuation envisioned by the Galactic Confederation, or will there be other evacuation devices such as the underground bases being proposed?

Cobra: Of course there are backup plans. Much of this is still classified. I cannot go deeper into this, but I would say there are backup plans.

Debra: Okay. Will those transferred to the Pleiades also have the opportunity to later return to help build the New Earth?

Cobra: If their vibrational frequency will be high enough to exist on the New Earth, yes.

Debra: And what about the population of the Resistance Movement and other Agartha factions; at the time of the polar shift will they also be evacuated, or will they remain in their bases during the cataclysm? And will the majority of the members of the Resistance Movement achieve their Ascension process, or will it only concern a minority of them?

Cobra: The underground bases of the Resistance Movement are strong enough to sustain the polar shift so they will not need to be evacuated. Of course, if they wish they can, but the bases themselves will be safe. And those people are mostly ready to be ascended, so they will go through their own Ascension process by their own free will. 4. ASCENSION

Debra: So I have a few more questions about Ascension. In the revised and updated Ascension plan, the first wave of Ascension is scheduled to occur shortly before the Galactic Superwave and planetary evacuation. In view of the many delays in the planetary liberation process and the fast-approaching polar shift, is this first wave of Ascension still on schedule? Are there any plans for the current version of the Ascension plan to be further revised and updated by the Light Forces?

Cobra: The plan is constantly in flux. At this point, the first wave is scheduled at the moment of the polar shift, but the numbers going through that first wave are a little bit smaller. At this point, it seems that'll be just a small number of people who will be able to ascend. So at this point, it's not possible to tell because the plan has been changed so many times. There are so many factors involved. But the general plan of the Ascension waves is still the same, but the timing and sequence of the events can change.

Debra: So the people on the Islands of Light, are they the people that would make up the first wave of Ascension?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: And then would they come back later as Ascended masters to assist the planet

to build the New Earth?

Cobra: If they wish.

Debra: Will there be some of those people in the Islands of Light that will not, let's say, qualify for first wave? Will they comprise second and third waves?

Cobra: Yes. But current plan is for the second and first waves to be more of a cosmic experience, not just focused on this planet, but I would say more of a Galactic and cosmic experience.

Debra: So the people who were evacuated and transported to the Pleiades would also make up second and third waves?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: Okay. Did you, I'm not sure if I missed it, did you state how many are estimated to be in the first wave? I think you mentioned it was very few. Can you give us an approximation?

Cobra: Before, the original estimate was about 1000 to 2000 people, but most likely will be less.

Debra: Interesting. Yes, I do recall you saying it was [originally] about 2000 people, and it's interesting that it would actually be less and not more at this point. So once ascended, is it being considered an Ascended master, or is there still further training after Ascension that they would need to do?

Cobra: There is no end to growth. So after your Ascension, there is continuous growth and continuous spiritual expansion taking place.

Debra: Okay. But as an Ascended master, you are considered a fifth dimensional being, is that correct?


Debra: Okay, what percentage of Lightworkers were Ascended masters before incarnation on 3D Earth?

Cobra: Actually, all of the Lightworkers were ascended long time before they came here. And they went through very strong implantation process and strong forgetting process.

Debra: So can we assume that for many people this will be their last 3D incarnation?

Cobra: 3D incarnations, as we know them here, will not exist anywhere in this universe anymore. It'll be a different process. It'll be a much more conscious birth process and it'll be different. It'll not be so dense, it'll not be so programmed. This will be gone forever.

Debra: That's interesting that throughout the entire universe, there will be no more 3D incarnations. So what allows some star seed’s veils to be thinner and to develop spiritually at accelerated speeds, like Jesus? Was he able to escape being implanted at incarnation?

Cobra: He was not able to escape being implanted, but he was, I would say, one of the beings who managed to go through their evolution the fastest.

Debra: And why is that?

Cobra: Personal choices, circumstances, many factors were involved.

Debra: Interesting. Was it preplanned that he would be able to have this accelerated speed prior to his incarnation?

Cobra: It was a possibility; it was not sure. It was not 100% clear this will happen, but it was a successful plan.

Debra: Was he already ascended before his physical death? Is that why he could create miracles and such? And what was the purpose of him going through the crucifixion process, was it to teach or demonstrate something for humanity?

Cobra: Crucifixion process was, I would say, a dark initiation orchestrated by the dark forces. And it had absolutely no value or teaching to humanity. It was just a manifestation of suffering, which was not part of the life plan.

Debra: And so why was it he could do all of his miracles, was it because he had already ascended?

Cobra: He had not ascended yet at this point before his death, but he had a strong spiritual channel and he had assistance of the extraterrestrial races and their technology.

Debra: What about Saint Germain, who was known as an outstanding alchemist? Are he and Francis Bacon, who is the author of “The New Atlantis”, are they one and the same incarnation? And did he as Comte de Saint Germain, having achieved his Ascension at the end of the 18th century, did he succeed in dissolving his primary implants by very advanced alchemical processes or by a hierogamic union with one of his soulmates?

Cobra: Francis Bacon and Saint Germain are two incarnations of the same being. And yes, before he ascended, he dissolved his implants by alchemical processes and by Sacred Union with one of his soulmates in France.

Debra: Interesting. Can you speak of the role of Earth's Ascension, like what does it mean for the universe?

Cobra: Fortunately, or unfortunately, planet Earth is the focal point for this cosmic process, so cosmic darkness is being processed through this planet. And Earth's Ascension means actually cosmic Ascension, which regards the end of darkness and the beginning of a new cycle of life.

Debra: So we're pretty famous in the universe, huh?

Cobra: Fortunately, or unfortunately, yes.

Debra: Right, it depends how you look at it. So, some good news, since the successful Portal of Light Activation, is that the reincarnation cycle is no longer controlled by the dark forces. As Lightworkers, we have prepared many lifetimes for this historic time, knowing that we would play an important role. So what now happens if a lightworker physically dies prior to the Breakthrough? Would they ascend and take on another body? Would they be able to come back in either a new body or the body of their last incarnation to help recreate the New Earth? Or would they play that role in the non-physical form?

Cobra: It is not so easy. It means that if you die, you'll find yourself on the “day-after” war zone of the etheric plane, which looks like a desert now. You would probably be quite disoriented. If you're lucky, you would get connection with your spiritual guides. If you're not, there are still some reptilian entities there, so it's not yet heaven there. And you would need to rely to your own inner connection with your own spiritual connection to get to higher planes and then decide either to take a new body or stay there. But at this point, it is much easier to stay in the physical body because this accelerates the process the most. And it's going to be quite interesting, and I don't think we have been going through this just to end it. I think we have been going through this to have finally the big reward we all deserve. So we have to stay here, go through this, and then receive the final reward on the physical plane in this incarnation.

Debra: Completely agree. Are the Light Forces helping us in this way in terms of keeping us protected? You know, because many active Lightworkers are targeted and such. Do the Light Forces … are we on their radar, and are they protecting us in that way to help keep us safe so that we can be here for the big Event?

Cobra: Yes. They protect us as much as they can.

Debra: Yes, of course. Okay, with the reincarnation cycle not controlled anymore, will it now be possible to incarnate with a twin soul and soul families?

Cobra: Theoretically, yes. If somebody's right now on the etheric plane together with his twin soul, they could both theoretically incarnate at the same time, in the same area. That would be possible. 5. SOUL FAMILIES AND TWIN SOULS

Debra: I'd like to talk to you a little bit about soul families and twin souls. Many are feeling called to find their tribe, their soul family. Are there specific things we can do to prepare for this, and how can we create the safest possible place for soul family members and soulmates to meet and heal prior to the Islands of Light?

Cobra: I would say at this stage, people would just need to go do their inner work and make their personalities a little bit more presentable. That's number one right now.

Debra: Make their personalities more presentable. Is that what you said?

Cobra: Exactly.

Debra: Thank you, interesting. In a previous interview, you've mentioned that the Resistance Movement are doing certain activities that will lead to the meeting of soulmates and twin souls, but there's a physical aspect which needs to be addressed first after the Lords of Karma are removed. So can you elaborate about that physical aspect, and is it now being addressed?

Cobra: This is still classified information.

Debra: Okay, thank you. What are the right conditions for soulmates and twin souls to meet physically? Has there been any development that makes it a little bit easier now that some of the darkness is removed? Is it safe, or will chances continue to increase before the Event of making these connections?

Cobra: No, we are not there yet.

Debra: Okay, so are you saying it's likely that most won't meet a soulmate or a twin soul prior to the Event?

Cobra: Exactly. Some people might meet their soulmates, but twin souls, it's extremely unlikely.

Debra: Right. Does this soulmate channel the energy of our twin, is this what a primary soulmate is?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: And we know that soulmate or twin soul Sacred Union can help speed up the path to the Event and Ascension. Can this be done from a distance or even telepathically if we feel our twin is not incarnated on the planet, and especially if we're not being allowed to meet?

Cobra: This can be done from a distance to a degree, yes. Debra: Okay. And if we feel that our twin may be, let's say, in the Resistance Movement or on a mothership someplace, we can telepathically communicate with them and create a type of Sacred Union?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: Is it necessary for twin souls to be reunited to ascend, or what if one is ready and one is not? Can they ascend individually?

Cobra: Actually the very nature of Ascension process will bring the twin souls together, and yes it's possible for one of them to ascend before the other one.

Debra: But I'm sure it happens quicker if they're united.

Cobra: Yes, of course.

Debra: Okay. With the physical planes now clear, are conditions improving for romantic relationships? Many Lightworkers have remained single due to this interference and some even celibate due to the portal created during sex where negative entities can enter. Do dark forces still have that degree of interference they have had in the past to cause problems and disharmony between couples?

Cobra: I would say the danger of entities during sex is much less because the etheric grid has been destroyed, the negative grid has been destroyed. But for the heart connections to get better, there needs to be influx of light, which is not happening yet.

Debra: And I'm sure with the dissolving of the implant in the naval area, that truly helps – you know, the one that was limiting the ability of connecting our heart with our sexual centers.

Cobra: Yes, yes, exactly.

Debra: In the context of a hierogamic union between two soulmates or twin souls, can you explain the occult link between kundalini, the androgynous energy of pure unity that culminates in orgasm and spiritual regeneration? Until the Light Forces began to cleanse our implants, was the powerful androgynous energy of love the only one that could powerfully draw out and dissolve the primary implants, allowing access to Arhat initiation and the advanced phases of the Ascension process?

Cobra: This still remains the most effective and the most powerful way towards the Arhat initiation. This has not changed.

Debra: Thank you. How would you describe a kundalini awakening? Is it sudden and obvious, or can it happen slowly and mildly over time? And is it necessary to have this experience to evolve or ascend? And what can we do to create this experience?

Cobra: Kundalini awakening is a natural occurrence that happens at some point during the Ascension process. It's not the goal. It is actually something that happens along the path. And it is not advisable to force this. It'll happen when you're ready.

Debra: But considering that we are on an Ascension path, it can happen now, we don't have to wait for the Event?

Cobra: Yes, it can happen at any moment.


Debra: Thank you. Okay, let's speak a little bit about the divine feminine and Goddess energy in regard to some of this. How can we explore sensuality and sacred sexuality to anchor more divine feminine Goddess energy? Can you share some ideas both for those with a partner and those without?

Cobra: The key here is for you to be honest with yourself and allow the exploration of your own sexual energy. And when you are familiar with your own sexual energy, you can connect it with the heart energy, with or without a partner.

Debra: And when you say familiar with your own sexual energy, what do you mean by that?

Cobra: By exploring it, by allowing it, by being honest about what kind of energy that is and allowing it to flow. And when it begins to flow, it can connect with the heart energy and create a, I would say, alchemical union within your energy field.

Debra: And you've indicated in the past, I believe, that this exploration doesn't necessarily have to happen through a sexual experience. It can be done through various ways, even such as dancing and such, correct?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: Back in 2018, you wrote, “Sacred Union is merging of spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, plasma and physical bodies of soulmates and twin souls. Such merger creates a moment of no time when the veil is pierced, and this moment if expanded is the key to physical immortality and/or Ascension.” And then you also wrote, “As we approach the moment of Compression Breakthrough, some of the most awakened priestesses will start using the energy of the Sacred Union to heal others and to channel Goddess energies into the planetary light grid.” Is this something that has begun, and does this take place only between soulmates or twin souls? Is the moment of Breakthrough connected to the energies of Sacred Union? Can you elaborate more on this, please?

Cobra: I would say that some beings were able to create those moments of Sacred Union that have created cracks in the veil, but it was much, much less than the Light Forces expected. So at some point in the future when there is enough light present, this will expand, but we were not there yet.

Debra: Okay, thank you. What's the difference between ancient temple prostitutes and modern professional prostitutes?

Cobra: Actually, ancient temple prostitutes were not prostitutes in the modern sense of the word. They were women which were initiated into the Goddess mysteries and were channeling sexual energy for healing. We all know what modern professional prostitutes are; it's far from how it was hundreds and thousands of years ago. This energy has degenerated quite much, especially in the last few hundred years.

Debra: Yes, absolutely. Thank you for clarifying that. Speaking of these mystery teachings, you've said that after the Event that Goddess mystery teachings will begin to be revealed. Is this to everyone or primarily those anchoring Goddess energy? And is there any likelihood that anything would be revealed before the Event?

Cobra: I would say some basic teachings will be open to everybody, and more advanced teachings will be for those who have an inclination and interest in anchoring the Goddess energy. And it is very unlikely that much of this will happen before the Event. Maybe just before the Event, but I would say not much before the Event.

Debra: Is Sacred Union and Sacred Sexuality a primary topic of these teachings? And if so, why is that?

Cobra: It is one of the main topics, but not the only one.

Debra: Okay. And in our last interview prior to the Portal of Light Activation, you indicated that there was very little Goddess energy on the planet. Has there been a shift since then?

Cobra: I would say it's a little bit better, but not much better.

Debra: Can we get an update on how the Goddess temple project is going? And for those who don't have the resources to create a public temple, is a private temple in your own home still contributing Goddess energy to the planet?

Cobra: There are a few Goddess temples, which have been created, so this is nice. And those who cannot create a public temple, a private temple is still better than nothing.

Debra: Thank you. How is it that temples are dedicated to either a Goddess or to a God, but never to a Goddess and a God together? Isn't the goal to bring back the harmony of the divine feminine and divine masculine? So why not create a temple linked to a divine couple to balance the two energies?

Cobra: That's actually a very good idea. And for those who have been able to balance those energies inside of themselves, that's an interesting task in the future.

Debra: You currently indicated that there's not a high priestess on the planet. Will this happen before the Event, after the Event? At any point will this Earth, as we know it now, have a high priestess again?

Cobra: This is classified information.

Debra: Okay. What about a high priest?

Cobra: This is also classified.

Debra: Okay, thank you. In the past, you've talked about female members of the Pleiadian fleet and the Resistance Movement that are positioned on an asteroid in the outer Solar System, and they're there to relay Goddess energy from the Galactic Central Sun towards the Earth to assist in harmonizing humanity. Have these female Lightworkers received reinforcements at all from the Galactic Federation of Light or other star systems and have they expanded their bases of operations? Will they create energetic connections with Sisterhood of the Rose groups on the surface of the planet during the Event, when things will get volatile and Sisterhood of the Rose groups are expected to meditate, to help calm things?

Cobra: Okay, there was a lot of improvement about those members of the Pleiadian fleet and Resistance Movement. Those priestesses have received a lot of support and their network is much stronger throughout the Solar System and below the surface of the planet. And they will contact Sisterhood of the Rose groups after the Event, then give certain instructions.

Debra: Thank you. Do you have suggestions to give Sisterhood the Rose an energy boost? In our current timeline, we've noticed a decrease in groups and participation, and it's more important than ever now to build the Goddess energy.

Cobra: I would say that enough subquantum anomaly needs to be removed so that a new positive energy wave of Goddess energy comes from the Galactic Center to the planet. And this will be a new inspiration to create more groups.

Debra: Okay, so kind of keep going, and as you said, possibly even in a few months, things might improve. Will there be any new invocations or meditations for the Sisterhood of the Rose groups that may help manifest the Event in the most peaceful and harmonious way? Or maybe even to help emotional wounding?

Cobra: That's possible at a later stage.


Debra: Thank you, we look forward to that. So we’re going to end this by talking about healing emotional wounds, some healing and protection questions. In our last interview, you indicated that during the time that Pluto temporarily returns to Capricorn, which it did on June 11th until early 2024, it would be a good opportunity for everyone to work on their shadows and prepare for a final push until the Event. How would you describe shadow work to people? Because many people are confused, they don't understand it.

Cobra: I would say being honest with yourself, and whatever you find inside, just first allow yourself to acknowledge it, feel it, experience it, and transform it.

Debra: Okay, because I was going to ask you, what are some effective ways for people to work on that? Is it about making higher consciousness prevail over our personal wounds?

Cobra: There are many healing modalities, healing techniques. You can use the Violet Flame, you can use certain healing meditations, emotional healing techniques, various therapies. You can use all that to transform those wounds.

Debra: Okay. How can the Goddess help us with this?

Cobra: If you invoke Goddess energy, the presence of the Goddess energy can actually help healing those wounds.

Debra: So that would be an important aspect for anyone doing some shadow work, is to call in the Goddess.

Cobra: Can you repeat that?

Debra: Oh, I just said that might be an essential step in anyone doing healing work of their emotional wounds to call in the Goddess.

Cobra: Yes. Yes.

Debra: Do you know why so many Lightworkers are not willing to do the work to heal their shadows and traumas? In their mind they know it's important, but when it comes to actually taking physical actions and doing the healing, they're simply avoiding it?

Cobra: No, I don't know that. I quite frankly do not understand the surface Lightworkers on this planet. There are many things they do which make no sense. So you need to ask somebody else.

Debra: <Laugh>. Sorry, I'm laughing, but yeah, I agree. Many people, especially Lightworkers, have significant wounding in their heart chakra causing it to close. What suggestions do you have to open and heal this important chakra so that we can fully love ourselves and others, and therefore contribute to the light grid of the planet?

Cobra: First we need to create a safe space where that opening and healing can happen. So this is number one. And when the safe space is manifested, then the transformation can occur and the heart chakra can open again.

Debra: Any guidance on how to create that safe space?

Cobra: First you need to make a decision, and you can go through a manifestation process of the safe space, like with everything else.

Debra: Okay, thank you. How do you explain the dark night of the soul? And is it necessary to experience this to heal?

Cobra: It is not necessary, but unfortunately it happens a lot. Part of this is artificially done by dark technology. Part of this is just a process of facing inner shadows. So it's a mixed situation. And it is absolutely not necessary. It can happen. If it happens, just go through it and then there'll be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Debra: Okay, thank you. In your recent update, you mentioned that if someone raises their vibrational frequency too much, the physical biochips detect this and their vibration will then be lowered by physical and emotional repercussions. Yet our goal is to raise our vibration to heal ourselves and our planet. So what are we to do? Is there a safe zone? And how do most enlightened beings manage this?

Cobra: The key here is balance. So if you are raising your vibration, do it in a balanced way. And in this way, you will not create spikes in alarms in the dark network. You will just raise your vibration in harmony, and this is much less detectable.

Debra: And when you say in balance, can you elaborate a little bit more about that?

Cobra: It means not being overly hyped. It means if you have a very high vibration, you can do it in a balanced way. Simply, the key is balance.

Debra: I see, okay. Does having a strong connection with Source help with protection from this?

Cobra: Yes, of course.

Debra: With the clearing of the nonphysical planes, is it still recommended that we do protection for our nonphysical bodies in addition to our physical self, like we do in the protection protocol meditation? I imagine just by living in the matrix, our nonphysical bodies still need to be cleared. Is that right?

Cobra: Of course. Basically, clearing is still needed.

Debra: Thank you. And with all the positive strides made after the Portal of Light Activation, especially with the non-physical cleared, are the Pleiadian protocols more effective? Like Command 1221 for support and Command 771 for healing?

Cobra: I would not say that the efficiency has increased a lot because there is still so much of this subquantum anomaly present. So I would say it's more or less the same.

Debra: Kind of the same. Will there be additional protocols given to Lightworkers to help us get through this time until the Event? Especially in regard to physical health and financial abundance?

Cobra: For financial abundance, I have given a lot of instructions in my conferences about the manifestation process. For the physical health, there is a protocol for physical pain already. And there is a general protocol being developed right now, and when it's ready, it'll be released.

Debra: Yes, we understand there’s the chronic pain one, Command PB Stardust, but you're saying there's additional coming out?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: Thank you. What else can you share with us about improvements in the situation, such as the veil thinning? Is telepathy increasing? Can the Light Forces hear us more clearly? Are attacks decreasing? Are there any improvements in those areas?

Cobra: There might be some smaller improvements, but bigger improvements will happen when the subquantum anomaly is cleared to a degree.

Debra: Okay, we really need to dissolve that subquantum anomaly <laugh>. And what advice can you give the Lightworker community to heal their collective wounds so that they can work more harmonious together, with less ego, less conflict, and less competition?

Cobra: Very simple. Use common sense.


Debra: Agreed. Thank you. All right, Cobra, so we're closing here. And as always, we would love for you to share any closing inspiration or advice that you have for the community. It sounds like we're coming into some more interesting times and we would love to get some final words of inspiration from you.

Cobra: Okay. What is very important at this point is not to lose the higher perspective, because the higher perspective is the one that will lead us through this period into those interesting moments. And of course, Victory of the Light.

Debra: Victory of the Light, absolutely! Cobra, thank you so much. I'd love to thank everyone at Sisterhood of the Rose for submitting questions, as well as the Victory of Light teams, and the We Love Mass Meditation team. Appreciate all of you so much. And Cobra, we appreciate you so much and all the work that you're doing. We know this isn't easy for anyone and I'm sure especially you. So, we love you, we value you, and we appreciate your time today. Thank you so much.

Cobra: Thank you everybody.

Debra: All right. Victory of the Light.

Cobra: Victory of the Light.

<![CDATA[HOUSE OF THE DIVINE LIGHT, Project of our Hungarian Team]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/house-of-the-divine-light-project-of-our-hungarian-team64961d08031e981de597f503Fri, 23 Jun 2023 22:53:20 GMTMea MaaGreetings dear ones!

We have amazing news from our Hungarian team.

We are sending Light and absolute support to this excellent and beautiful project which aims to build a center in Hungary, within the outstandingly important Goddess Vortex of Gödöllő. Everybody is invited to support and co-create.

Here reposting Nagy Katalin's post about this project, called HOUSE OF THE DIVINE LIGHT :

Dear Ones! We have come to a magnificent milestone in our mission, and we are more than happy to share the details with you, at the link below:


We hope to see you soon!

in Hungarian:

Kedvesek! Küldetésünk egy csodálatos állomásához érkeztünk, aminek részleteit szeretettel osztjuk meg veletek, az alábbi linken, (angol és magyar nyelven):


Reméljük, hogy hamarosan találkozunk!


Victory of the Light!

Goddess Blessings!

<![CDATA[Interview with Sisterhood of the Rose PN]]>https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/post/interview-with-sisterhood-of-the-rose-pn648c4eb1f32e8f42ed8d47bcFri, 16 Jun 2023 12:11:40 GMTMea MaaGreetings dear Sisterhood of the Rose and everybody interested in divine feminine returning to the planet!

We are honored to present to the public the first interview with Sisterhood of the Rose representatives ever!

We thank to Debra, Joanne and Bette for their devotion and endeavor making this possible.

Here is the link to the interview, published on SOTR YouTube channel:


You may also listen to the audio link here:


We would be pleased if you would share it wide so that the word about the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network spreads throughout the planet, reaches many people and inspires them to form new local Sisterhood of the Rose physical groups and also Temples of the Goddess in their part of the world.

If you would like to add your active physical SotR group to the list:


you can use the contact here:


For general information how to create a physical SotR group you write to the mail here:


If you have created a physical Goddess Temple, you can make it public here:


Thank you so much and Goddess Blessings!

And here you may read more information about the interview:

In this interview, UK Health Radio's "Great Awakening Show" host Joanne-Divine Life Yogini speaks with Debra and Bette from Sisterhood of the Rose about the role of the Divine Feminine in the Great Awakening of our planet, the background of Sisterhood of the Rose, the suppression of Goddess energy in our history and why it's essential that it returns, as well as easy and important tips on how to anchor more Goddess energy into our lives and onto the planet as this pivotal time in our history.

ABOUT SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE: The Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network is an international collective dedicated to anchoring all forms of Goddess energy from the highest aspects of the Divine Feminine onto our planet. This energy has been collectively lost for centuries and is now returning and reawakening our world.

Sisterhood of the Rose groups are forming globally to help increase and magnify this important divine Goddess energy that is so necessary to our planet at this pivotal time.

Bette is the Sisterhood of the Rose representative for PrepareforChange.net, which is an organization that brings timely information to help awaken people to our current state of affairs and prepare them for the changes coming to humanity and the planet.

Debra is a leader with the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network where she hosts monthly international livestreams titled “Let’s Heal Together: Preparing Ourselves for Liberation and Ascension”. Debra also conducts interviews for Sisterhood of the Rose, including her ever-popular interviews with COBRA, key intel provider for planetary and galactic information. All of these can be found here on the Sisterhood of the Rose YouTube channel under "Live" sessions and "Interviews".

For more information about Sisterhood of the Rose, including how to join or form a group, visit https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network.

ABOUT UK HEALTH RADIO: In its first 10 years, UK Health Radio (UKHR) established itself as the world’s number one ‘talk HEALTH’ radio station specializing in health and well-being. Now in its 11th year of broadcasting 24/7, 365 days a year, UK Health Radio has firmly established itself, with 1.3 million regular listeners tuning in online, every month. UK Health Radio podcasts cover a comprehensive range of categories, including: General Health, Women's and Men's Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health, Holistic Health, Self-Development, and Sports and Fitness. You can find the "Great Awakening Show" and all other UK Radio Health shows at https://ukhealthradio.com.

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Today we celebrate 11 years since that rare cosmic event of the return of the Goddess, Venus transit in front of the solar disk. We will have next Venus transit in 94 years.

We have had a special meditation - activation at that time, on 5/6.6. 2012:


The last transit of Venus was on 5 and 6 June 2012, and was the last Venus transit of the 21st century; the prior transit took place on 8 June 2004. The previous pair of transits were in December 1874 and December 1882. The next transits of Venus will take place on 10–11 December 2117 and 8 December 2125.


We have had the meditation also last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary on that day:


I’m inviting you to celebrate also today, by doing the Return of the Goddess meditation and Goddess Vortex meditation at any time which suits you the best. What I would advise you the most is to go into the nature and connect to the Goddess in your own way and perform the two meditations posted below. She is with us, more and more present, she is rising. Be gentle with yourself, take on only what is nourishing and uplifting you and spread this energy within your neighbor community and through the planet.

Here is the Guided meditation:


Here are the instructions for this meditation:

1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize a loving feminine presence in the shape of a beautiful Goddess descending from the sky and entering your physical body. If you are female, this presence will harmonize your inner woman and make you more loving. If you are male, this presence will make you more balanced in your actions. Stay united with that presence for a while.

3. Visualize bright new spiritual future for humanity, with men and women in perfect understanding, with our society growing beyond need for wars and conflicts as all dark entities, physical and non-physical, are removed from our planet. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source in perfect balance of their inner male and female aspects.

Here is the Goddess Vortex meditation:


Blessings! ❤

Mea Maa