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Invitation to unite as a soul family and join live streamed meditations

Greetings everyone! ❤️

This is an appeal and invitation to everyone who would like to contribute to the planetary liberation, unite as a soul family and actively join the meditations, which are streamed live every day in the morning and evening on Telegram by a team of Light workers.

Live stream is much better than doing the meditations alone through Youtube guided meditations for example, as we come together as a soul family and we can participate more actively, feeling each other's presence and presence of the divine feminine through us which is uniting us in togetherness as One Being of Light, all with one purpose - to anchor the Light, Love and bring liberation to the planet.

Big majority of the streamed meditations are the active meditations from WLMM:

Equally are live streamed the meditations published on Sisterhood of the Rose website:

Here is a short description of the Telegram group:

"This group is formed for English speaking International Lightworkers & Lightwarriors to meditate together for the Victory Of The Light 💛 💫🌟✨ Daily from 8:10 am UTC we do different meditations together to contribute actively to planetary liberation."

Besides is also everybody invited to create his own Telegram group for streaming the meditations in his own language.

Everybody heartily invited to participate!

Victory of the Light!



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