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{UPDATED} Sisterhood of the Rose Gathering: Versailles, France

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Sisterhood of Rose gathering in Love Temple 2018 August 25th

Site: Love Temple (Marie Antoinette estate, Petit Trianon, Versailles, France)

Date: August 25th Sun, 3:00 pm

Temple of Love: Versailles, France
{UPDATE} It is an amazing experience and beautiful day that we accomplished this wonderful Sisterhood of Rose gathering. We were successfully anchoring Goddess energy and were all sharing one goal and one dream! During this gathered all the participants was felt strong energy of Goddesses, Pleiadian, Andromedans and light forces, we would love to bring back the reconcile of harmonious to Petit Trianon and Versailles.
Marie Antoinette is a queen who she was aware of the goddess mysteries. She was initiated by her best friend Princesse de Lamballe and she has the inheritance spirit connected with St. Germain. So we reconnected with her presence and Princess de Lamballe, we claimed our free will and we want The Event to take place.
You may see those pictures are full of pure joy with love. We have 13 lovely people, 7 women and 6 men, plus an adorable baby coming from very various countries: Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Mexico and France joined this gathering.
From the start, the Temple of Love filled our heart with the energy of the Rose; soft and powerful. We also felt a lot of Light and protection around us. In the garden, we united our heart and consciousness to meditate as one in order to anchor the Goddess energy. Each of us had her/his own beautiful experience through visions, feelings…
We celebrated this blessed day by sharing a meal in a vegan restaurant. Eventually, we enjoyed going back home at night with the light of the Full Moon.
Thank you so much to everybody attending or supporting this wonderful day!
May the Goddess always be with you 🌹
Ira, Monique , & Céline


Hello everyone,

My name is Ira and I am from Sisterhood of the Rose Taiwan IGAG (International Golden Age Group). I would like to give you this invitation to join a Sisterhood of the Rose gathering at the Temple of Love. If you’re available and have the willingness to participate, please contact me at the following email: I truly hope to meet you in person and make beautiful memories of history with us at our lovely SotR gathering!

We'll be performing three consecutive Goddess meditations: Return of the Goddess Meditation, Goddess Vortex Meditation, and Sexual Healing Meditation. We'll meet each participant at 3:00 pm, the meditations start at 3:30 pm.

Throughout the whole twenty-four minute session we will invoke all forces of Light to support us. If you’re not able to join us physically, please send us Light and blessings for this beautiful activity. A smartphone will play the guided audio meditations and there will also be precious crystals, roses, and flowers. You may also consider bringing personal items. Afterwards, you are welcome to join a vegan dinner as well!

Temple of Love | Versailles, France

Active Content:

i) Goddess meditation

ii) Goddess vortex meditation

iii) Sexual healing meditation

Notices: As our activity will be held in the public area (Temple of Love) it might attract some attention from tourists. We’ll stay humble and as low-key as possible. Due to the accessibility conditions of Versailles and Marie Antoinette Estate (Petit Trianon), entrance has to be a purchased ticket between USD $14.31 (3 hour pass) - $23.85 (1-2 day pass), therefore it is suggested that you prepare to buy the access ticket for Marie Antoinette Estate in advance. The following links are for ordering your ticket online:

Please Contact:

See you at the Temple of Love

Best Regards, Ira



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