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Interview with Cobra in preparation for our Age of Aquarius Final Activation

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Greetings dear Sisterhood of the Rose!

Debra Gano will do one other interview with Cobra on behalf of Sisterhood of the Rose. As you know, there is an extremely important mass meditation taking place on December 21st 2020 at 6:22 PM UTC:

Information on Cobra's blog:

and on WLMM blog:

so this interview will help to support that, as well as answer many questions that people have.

You may send your questions at within the next few days (by Thursday, December 3 if possible) and many of them will be answered.

The following topics will be included: current events, Dec. 21st meditation, Age of Aquarius, cosmic activity, healing, the Event, Ascension, etc., and especially since this is an SotR interview, questions related to the Goddess, Sisterhood of the Rose, and the Divine Feminine.

We will discuss topics with Cobra that will help assist Lightworkers/warriors and all of humanity during these challenging, yet exciting, times.

Much Love and Blessings of the Goddess!



Picture used for this post is a Grid/Mandala Poster which has been created for Light workers who would like to create a physical Crystal grid or Cintamani grid for the Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation:



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