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Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation Interview with Cobra by Sisterhood of the Rose

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Sisterhood of the Rose organized a recent interview with Cobra about the importance of the upcoming Age of Aquarius Activation meditation on January 12th at 6:11 AM UTC. In this interview, they discuss why it is so important for as many people as possible to do this meditation at the same time, astrological configurations, the current financial situation, and the power of the divine feminine Goddess energy.

I would like to express here deepest gratitude and appreciation to our sister Debra Gano for having carried out the interview and thus brought more awareness and insights into the community.

Below is the recording and transcript of this interview. Times and instructions for the Age of Aquarius Activation meditation are at the end of this post.

Here is the recording of the interview on Sisterhood of the Rose's Youtube channel:

Here is the transcript of the interview:

--- Beginning of transcript ---

DEBRA: Hello, I am Debra and I am leader of a Sisterhood of the Rose group in the United States. Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Cobra about our upcoming Age of Aquarius activation meditation taking place at 6:11 a.m. GMT on January 11th and 12th depending on your time zone.

The Sisterhood of the Rose supports this meditation very much. We have many questions and things to discuss today to bring clarity and to emphasize the importance of as many people as possible doing this meditation.

So, let’s get started. Welcome Cobra and thank you for doing this interview.

COBRA: I think it is important to do this, and I hope everybody will join us because we have a real chance to create a breakthrough.

DEBRA: Absolutely! Yes, there are so many people excited. So you are calling this meditation the Age of Aquarius activation, with the intent to trigger the process that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius. But aren’t we already in the Age of Aquarius? And what exactly is the Age of Aquarius? Is it the same as the Golden Age?

COBRA: Coming from the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius is a process which takes many centuries. And right now we are at the peak of that transition. This is the purpose of this meditation, to trigger that, I would say, phase transition into the New Age. This Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius is something that many visionaries have seen throughout the centuries about the New Age that will come and will radically transform society on the surface of this planet and will actually be in a whole new cycle of evolution. This is what many have been expecting and it did not happen, it still did not happen, but right now we are at the moment where real change is increasingly becoming possible.

DEBRA: Wonderful! So to help people visualize, what kind of world will we be triggering with our meditation? Like what would a typical day in the Age of Aquarius look like?

COBRA: There are many differences between what society looks like now and how the society will look after the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. One of the major differences will be the vibrational frequency of the society which will be full of real love and real support and mutual understanding between people which is not present now.

The other difference will be the awareness of the connection with your own Higher Self, with your own Soul.

The third difference will be the widespread understanding that this whole Universe is a Living Being with many different races inhabiting many solar systems and there will be active contact between the earth civilization and other star races. This will be a common occurrence.

We will be joining galactic society, and average day will be completely different from what we are experiencing now. There will be no more need to struggle for survival to do regular jobs in the way you are experiencing now. There will be a completely new paradigm where you will be living each day according to your inner guidance and whatever is the highest purpose for every day, which might be completely different from one day to another.

DEBRA: Wow! So is there a connection to the Age of Aquarius and Atlantis? Did people do mass meditations in Atlantis, and if they did, did it help change the course of events?

COBRA: Yes, actually Atlantis has three phases. The first phase of Atlantis was in the Pleiades. The second Atlantis was the one that Plato was talking about in the Atlantic Ocean, and the third one is the new Atlantis that we are arriving at.

In the second Atlantis, which was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there were periods where life was quite similar to what we will be experiencing in the Golden Age and there were many people doing mass meditations. There was open contact with other star races, and this is something that will return.

DEBRA: Okay, we are definitely looking forward to that! With this meditation, what effects would the average person experience if we achieve critical mass? And would they happen right away or with time?

COBRA: What will happen if we reach the critical mass is that we will shift the timeline. And timelines are like rivers. So now the river of planetary events is running into a certain direction and if we reach the critical mass, we will re-direct that river.

First the effects will be small and barely noticeable, but with time this river, the change of direction will be quite significant and can actually determine how things will develop. For example, in the current timeline there is a war between Iran and the United States. In the new timeline, that war doesn’t happen. That’s just one example of how things can change.

And definitely at some point there will be drastic changes in the daily life of every individual on the surface of the planet if we manage to shift the timeline into a better one.

DEBRA: Wow, that in itself is motivation to do the meditation! And I have to ask, what can we expect to happen if we don’t achieve critical mass for this meditation?

COBRA: If we don’t achieve the critical mass, there will be no breakthrough. But still we will have significant impact on world events because for sure many people will join the meditation. But if we don’t reach the critical mass, we will not have that fundamental shift of timelines. We will not have that massive improvement that we are hoping for.

DEBRA: So, it would have an effect, but it would just slow things down a little bit more than if we achieve critical mass.

COBRA: If we achieve critical mass, we can cut the waiting time quite significantly. If we don’t reach the critical mass, we will just cut it very, very, very slightly.

DEBRA: I understand, yes. So now a few specifics about some of the things that you’ve posted about this meditation on your blog. You have said that “Meditation if it is done in the same moment with a large mass of people changes mass consciousness. Everything that is happening today is the sum of vectors of decisions of people on the planet. 7.7 billion people making daily decisions. If we put a coherent signal for one moment in that whole lump of free will vectors we can change what happens.” Can you explain a little bit more how this process works?

COBRA: We have as I said more than 7 billion people on the planet, and most of them are just blindly following the major vectors, which are the mass media, which are their financial situation. But there is a small number of people that are using their free will, and scientifically it is proven that there is a certain number of people that needs to be reached to influence the planetary situation and this number is the square root of two times the planetary population, which is right now around 120,000 people. But because not everybody is doing the meditation 100% efficiently, we are using this symbolic number of 144,000. So if that number of people meditates at the same space in time, it creates a coherent signal. It means a signal which is like a laser beam. And when you have a laser beam signal in the planetary consciousness field, you direct, you dictate, you drive the river of free will on the planet. You shift it into a certain direction, and if we are visualizing the Golden Age, this is the way we are shifting that river.

It is important to understand that we need to do this at exactly the same moment if you want to have a physical change; the physical plane is dictating with the laws of space and time. And if we want physical change, we need to do it at the exact same moment.

This is why timing of this meditation is so critically important. It is very important that everybody does it at the same moment throughout the planet. If you do it two hours later you will not add to the critical mass.

DEBRA: I am glad you made that point, because there is actually a science behind this that we are working with, as you said, the actual physical. So do these free will vectors interact with the plasma fields from the solar system? Is that what creates the resonance that changes the course of events?

COBRA: What is happening is basically that the plasma fields from the solar system influences the masses because the masses are not using their free will, they are just responding to tendencies. And I have explained in detail what are the astrological configurations at that time so people react to that. But if we use our free will to put a laser-like signal in that plasma interference pattern, we can dictate the outcome. We can actually shape the outcome towards the Golden Age.

DEBRA: So specifically, as it relates to what is going on the planet, how can this affect the financial markets or the exposure of the child abuse networks?

COBRA: What will happen is if we put that signal into the grids at the moment where the plasma interference pattern is triggering the financial system, this is the moment where we can influence the financial system the greatest. We can actually start revealing all the irregularities in the system. If they can become part of the public common knowledge, and when this becomes part of the common public knowledge, the system needs to change.

If we determine that we want to change it into a fair financial system, this where it will have to go according to the laws of physics.

DEBRA: I would like to address the child abuse—abuse of the child abuse networks that you mentioned too. So with these coming disclosures and others, you mentioned in a recent interview that people would become, and you used the words, “very, very, very angry”. What can we do—obviously children are very much in the heart of the Sisterhood of the Rose—what can we do, all of us, to help soften and stabilize this situation or any other chaos that may occur? Can you explain how the energy of the Goddess can help with this?

COBRA: Energy of the Goddess is the energy that brings balance, it brings harmony, it brings healing, and if as many people as possible channel that energy and transmit it into the planetary energy grid it will begin to calm down the surface population. And this is exactly what is needed for us to survive this transition intact and without too much violence.

Because this anger, the violence that is now suppressed, will be released, and it is actually a suppressed masculine principle, which can only be healed by the presence of awakened feminine principle. So the energy of the Goddess is the energy that can calm down people, that they will not start killing people randomly on the streets, but they will rather take informed and enlightened action.

DEBRA: Good, okay and I’d like to speak a little later too more about some of the divine feminine as well. But let’s continue a little bit where we were. How will exposing the child abuse networks force the black nobility families to give up control?

COBRA: It will not force them to give up control, this is just the first phase. So when there is enough awareness among the surface population about the existence of child abuse, and the extent of child abuse, it will be harder and harder for those people to hide behind their masks. It is a matter of exposure, and when exposure reaches the critical mass, when there is enough exposure in the consciousness field of humanity, then the Light Forces can take physical action and arrest those people.

DEBRA: So you are suggesting people to help expose some of this Truth.

COBRA: All of this Truth.

DEBRA: Right. There have been recent issues with a lot of the social media shutting down accounts, and there’s been something on Twitter about how you can be subpoenaed for certain information. Do you feel it is safe for us to really speak our Truth, or The Truth, on some of those social media platforms?

COBRA: What you need to understand is that we are in a war, and in a war nothing is safe. It is a matter of making choices, personal choices. I will not force anybody to do anything against their will, but I would say that those people need to be exposed. It is time.

DEBRA: Yes, yes. And of course, you have given us protection protocols to use as well, which should be used daily. Let’s get back to the timing of this meditation because it is so important. You keep bringing up how important it is. Why do we work with these astrological configurations? And what do they do? Do they open a doorway to the Light Forces to help us?

COBRA: Those astrological configurations, as I said, they are plasma interference patterns throughout the solar system, and when there is a very powerful astrological configuration, whatever happens at that moment is magnified many times.

So if we have a laser-like signal, right at that moment, it becomes magnified many times. And this particular configuration is very favorable towards exposure. So this Saturn-Pluto conjunction actually can expose a lot. It can expose more than most of the other configurations, and we have a very explosive mix of planets joining up together and important cycles ending and new cycles beginning. So we are at the exact insertion point where this New Age can begin to happen.

DEBRA: Right. I am going to quote something you said in your blog. “First there will be a penumbral lunar eclipse on January 10th, creating a very tense and rigid energy pattern. Then on January 11th, both Uranus and Eris will turn direct, this will release a lot of previously suppressed planetary kundalini energy. January 11th is a very powerful timeline day and in the last few decades there four powerful events that took place on January 11th that changed the destiny of this planet. Two of those I can mention, the opening of the doorway on 11/11 on January 11th, 1992 and the archon invasion of January 11th, 1996. Then on January 12th, we will have an extremely powerful Saturn and Pluto conjunction that will crack the global financial system open”, which you just mentioned.

With all of this going on that weekend, why is it that this meditation is taking place (for a lot of us here in the USA it is on the night of the 11th), why that particular time out of all the aspects that are happening over the weekend? Why was that time selected?