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A Letter to the worldwide Sisterhood of the Rose groups

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I wish to convey the following message to the worldwide Sisterhood of the Rose groups with intent that it serve you as a tool, support and inspiration for your work.

First I would like to thank you for your engagement and work with the divine feminine during the process of planetary liberation. Your presence and work is of utmost importance, immeasurable and priceless, although you may be thinking this is an exaggeration or you are even considering yourself and your work rather insignificant. I can assure you, that this is absolutely not true.

You are a representative of the divine feminine energy on this planet, embodying and anchoring the presence of the goddess. Your physical bodies possess the ability to be the vessels of pure goddess energy when you invite her into your bodies:

How do we embody the energy of the goddess? We do this by simply invoking her presence into our body, through the mental process of invocation, during meditation or dance or other activities you are performing.

First, it is important that you consciously awaken the Presence of the goddess in your bodies and your physical groups. After you do this, you send her presence into the planetary Light grid. You send it throughout the planet to all living beings, to the areas, people and situations where her energy is needed the most, to your loved ones, your families, animals, plants, mineral kingdom, to Gaia herself. You can use the pink egg visualization, a visualization with the pink flame, a visualization of the planetary Light grid shining with brilliant white (or other colors) light, or the Flower of Life visualization.

For this purpose, to send the goddess energy into the planetary Light grid, we perform the Goddess meditation and other different meditations. We awaken our kundalini life force with different techniques, like dancing. You can explore more about the kundalini dance here:

We unite in a sacred circle. We can chant and include other tools and activities which incorporate the energy of divine feminine as well. In our physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups we nurture and share the qualities of the divine feminine. We can share tenderness through physical touch. We create a safe space to express ourselves, our emotions, our deep truths. We create a sacred space of acceptance with no judgement, no comparison, fighting or competition, only of pure acceptance from the heart generating unconditional Love.

When Sisterhood of the Rose groups meet, they create the Temple of the goddess, this is the purpose. We enter the temple from our heart space and with our connection to the divine through our crown chakra.

Respect, mutual support, guidance from the heart and clear, uncompromised mind, should be our virtues guiding us during group meeting. Also Giving space to each other, holding space for one another, adoring divinity in every one by words and deeds and by being fully connected to the goddess spirit within us.

Always remember, the goddess is present and close to you when you connect with others from your heart space. She is actually within you, you are opening the doors to her through your heart. This comes quite naturally for women, it should not be too difficult. However, this can sometimes be quite challenging for men; in this case, they require help and guidance of other women from the circle. The true heart connection and activation comes down from your crown chakra, thus you need to be aligned with your crown chakra. Therefore you need to work with your crown chakra and your soul star chakra (which is situated 30 cm above your head) along the way.

Again, you need to bear in mind that when you attend a Sisterhood of the Rose meeting, you enter the sacred temple of the goddess. You create a sacred temple of the goddess by your awareness and by your performances and activities which you are unfolding and being a part of.

You need to know that the Sisterhood of the Rose group meetings are highly supported and protected by the Light forces. They are under constant shielding, guardianship and mentorship of the goddesses and other highly advanced Light beings of different star origins, like the Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian and Andromedan women, who reside in Light ships or are positioned on different planetary, lunar and asteroid bodies throughout our solar system and beyond. In the past, Cobra mentioned that the women from the Pleiadian fleet and Resistance movement, the ones inhabiting the asteroid Chariklo and a wise woman named Ariel, who is stationed on the dwarf planet of Eris, transmit the energy of the goddess to our planet. The same support comes from the divine feminine groups of the underground Resistance movement.

You can connect with all those beings during your group meetings and receive their guidance and healing energies.

During your meetings you can also connect with Isis Astara and ask her for her presence and guidance. She was the one, who actually initiated the worldwide Sisterhood of the Rose groups through her connection and embodying the presence of the Goddess. Now she is working from higher planes conveying the Goddess energy to all who were initiated by her and to all who connect with her.

Cobra gave basic guidance and instructions for the Sisterhood of the Rose group meetings.

He instructed us to perform the following meditations:

1) Return of the Goddess Meditation

2) Goddess Vortex Meditation

3) Merging the Heart and Sexual Energy Meditation

You can find them on his blog:

on Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network website:

and under active meditations on WLMM blog:

Merging the heart and sexual energy is an advanced healing technique. You can do this kind of healing if you are so guided. Nevertheless, this is a very important step in the process of healing with the goddess energy. The sexual energy, which is actually the kundalini or the life force energy, has been suppressed for millennia in women on this planet, so it is time to reawaken and reactivate this energy, to heal all trauma, fear, shame, guilt, etc. connected to the sexual energy which is in itself a natural energy whose flow has been blocked within the second chakra. As a result, the life force in women has become blocked, preventing the kundalini to rise through the chakra system all the way up to the crown chakra.

The Sisterhood of the Rose groups are working on two levels: on a personal level and on the planetary level. You, as a part of the Sisterhood of the Rose group, are fully aware of the situation on planet Earth and are taking an active role in the planetary liberation process.

It is of the utmost importance to strengthen the planetary Light grid, as was conveyed to us so many times by Cobra and the Light forces. Active Sisterhood of the Rose groups are those who are playing the important role of sustaining and strengthening the Light grid.

It was recommended by the Light forces to visualize the planetary Flower of Life extending upward and downward throughout the planet as often as possible. You are invited to perform this visualization at your regular group meetings. You can use this guided meditation:

Also, it is important to regularly visualize a bright new future on our planet, the Golden Age, the New Atlantis, with return of the Light and return of the goddess back to the planet on all levels, especially on the physical level, with all negative forces removed from our planet and all anomaly healed. It is important to hold the vision of the New Gaia in our hearts and minds.

You can simply visualize the Golden Age and then breathe in this energy from the future into your heart by visualizing the energy of the Golden Age streaming into your heart through the rainbow vortex of Light.

Here I’m adding a short meditation for inspiration or use:

Ascension Timeline Meditation

“Visualize the Ascension Timeline in front of you. Visualize it as a large bright golden river flowing close to you. Now let yourself become attracted to its bright Light, slowly approaching it. You are right on its shore. Feel its immense brightness and power. Then, slowly plunge into it. See the golden Light embracing all your bodies. See your physical body shimmering in its bright luminous substance and as you rise up, you see luminescent stars all over your skin. The river is flowing, but actually you do not feel its flow once you are submerged in it, all you feel is an overwhelming brightness, calmness and soothingness.

See all negative timelines outside of that river falling apart and fading away. See a bright future for you and for the planet in front of you. Align yourself with the vision of the new golden age.

Last, but not least, the Sisterhood of the Rose groups are holding important keys for the planetary liberation and ascension process in regards to the planetary Soul Family mandala.

I’m quoting Cobra’s words from his post in June 2018:

“Time has come for a huge number of physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups to be activated on the surface of this planet.

From now on, those groups will be supplementing the planetary Cintamani energy grid in transmitting the energies of Compression Breakthrough. They will also serve as vortex nodes to activate meetings of Soul Family members, which will facilitate the spiritual activation of the planetary Soul Family mandala.

Positive emotional connections between members of the planetary Soul Family mandala will speed up the process of the Compression Breakthrough.”

We would appreciate your responses to this letter. We would also like you to share with us your experiences and propositions regarding your Sisterhood of the Rose meetings, as well as to share with us your photos from your group meetings, which will be published on our Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network website.

Goddess Blessings to all

Mea Maa

from Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network Admin Team



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