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Georgel Caldararu Berlin
Jan 23, 2023
On the 21 of January, we were gathering on a Zoom meeting for the meditation. Previously, I sensed the energetic influence of the New Moon. There was a strong cloud of negative energy that seemed to cover that influence. The last two weeks, after the new year celebration, were very challenging, like the new year would have to be infested with the old poison so that the power that is, can continue to rule. It was like a collective trauma had to be revived. I read in the group: 'this New Moon is a gentle time to plant seeds, set intentions, and consider all you would like to draw close to you'.(Posted by Zeeva Amrita, the whole article from Tanaaz There were many hints that brought me to the conclusion that the etheric war is so intense and there is a decisive battle taking place. On the other hand, I realized the Light Forces could not win this time, as there was again a switch in energies. It happens over and over again, and somehow I felt helpless. This is but the actual mind programming to date. These energies are meant to provoke these feelings in me, and I guess there are many others who feel the same. There was something missing, maybe the Light Forces needed more help on the surface of the planet. I was unprepared for this meditation, but I felt I have to do it as something important is happening. They scheduled two meditations, the first one conducted by Mea Maa, and the other by László. I went together with the guidance and I saw 10 people dressed in white clothes sitting in a circle, hand in hand, and it was like a blue-white bubble which surrounded them, everything was dark around them like they were in a separated dimension. Then I saw a pillar of light and a very dark place, which was probably the place of the execution of Louis XVI, 'Place de la Revolution'. As I've never been to Paris, I can't say for sure, but it seemed to me a place of sacrifice and a very dark and cold energy emanating from that place. There was blue and violet flame pouring from our meditation down into that place but was not enough. I couldn't notice the energy of the Goddess until the end of the meditation when I saw the spiraling pink red cloud upon me. The Second Meditation was extremely emotional, I was transferred into a completely innocent and highly elevate emotional state, from which I could almost hear the thoughts like crystal water pouring into my mind. It was told about manifesting wonderful things from a place of total innocence, which remembered me that abundance and prosperity are states of being and not related to senseless gains and accumulation of undeserved wealth. Real spiritual and cleansed prosperity brings joy and wonders, while the evil accumulation of wealth through crimes and corruption brings only more corruption and more crimes. The good things manifest from a clear, innocent heart and uncorrupted thoughts. I understood the real meaning of the public assassination of King Louis XVI. The real occult meaning of this act was to humiliate the noblesse, the dignity of mankind, and to throw the whole civilization of Europe into the dark night of atheism. It could not have been made only through the theoretic infestation of the culture and the annihilation of the spirit through materialistic delirium, it had to be an act of total humiliation, an act that should reveal at the end that the belief in spirit, in gods, and in the dignity of mankind and its cosmic roots is a disgrace. It was such an evil act that its consequences are incalculable anymore. I have also been brought to the understanding that this timeframe it's a pattern that is repeated over and over again since then. It is probably the way they reinforce darkness upon European civilization. I see that the execution of Marie Antoinette 9 months later, had a clear ritualistic intention. In this way, any attempt to liberate European society may be always switched for the darkness, at least, this seems to be the main intention of the dark forces. The east revolutions after the fall of the Iron Curtain, even the Arab spring, have elements of this collective trauma. It may be that in one case or another, the timeframe is a bit different, but the energies seem to be in the same way manipulated. The Davos conferences, the outbreak of the pandemic, and so on are in one way or another connected with it. How to counteract this pattern of evil? It should be made with consequence and insistence. There is nothing more to do on the physical plane, but to connect with the etheric realm and to allow the Violet Flame of St. Germain and the Blue Flame of Archangel Michael to cleanse these places. The energies come when we are connected and begin to vibrate in unity. I thought about what would happen if a huge number of meditators would gather each week and meditate in the same way with a clear focus to cleanse the collective trauma caused by the French Revolution. What will happen then? How long would take until the real liberation will be triggered?

Georgel Caldararu Berlin

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